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2009 Blog In Review

Hey everyone!

We're headed off to my mom's house for a couple of days to celebrate the new year, how nice it will be to get away for a while! But before I go I wanted to wish you a very happy new year's! I'm so excited to get started on 2010 and look forward to accomplishing some big things next year!

I thought for my final post of 2009 I would list some of my favorite posts from 2009. I started this blog in January and thought it would be appropriate to do a sort of year end review, if you will indulge me of course. :D (Post titles are linked to the post, click read and enjoy!)

January - "Scraptastic!" - Total old school layouts of my Toot back in January. She was 3 months old in these pictures.

February - "Whole Lotta Nothing Going On" - Nothing much going on in this post either but I do use Toot as a way to get more comments. I think I'm funny anyway. :P

March - "The Most Dramatic Blog Post Ever" - Like I write in the post, this en…

And To All A Good Night!

Wow and Christmas is over that quick! lol How was everyone's holiday? We had a very nice day just enjoying spending time together. Toot enjoyed playing in all of the wrapping paper and I enjoyed eating all of the food we made last night. lol Now I get to start working it all off! lol

I made another "gift" layout for some friends of ours. I tell you what, next year I'm making layouts for everyone! lol

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Anyone going to make a list of resolutions for the new year?

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas!


A Toot For All Seasons

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post of my newest layout and I have to apologize, this is the worst picture ever! lol But I was in a hurry: this layout is a Christmas present for Chris' aunt so off to New York it goes!

I decided to make her a layout of Toot and picked 4 pictures that represented the seasons:

I totally admit to getting the title from "Grease 2". What? I love that movie! hee hee Thanks for taking a look! I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Friday Night Fab Five Four Three Two One...

Hey you amazing people and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things that I am currently in love with, drooling over or just all around adore. I just realized that this will be the last Fab Five until after Christmas! Can you believe it's like a week away?!

So this week's Fab Five is going to be just like my brain is at the moment: ALL OVER THE PLACE. lol Maybe some last minute gift ideas, thankfulness and a little Pee-Wee thrown in for good measure. Basically, read in amazement as I try to tie in all of these things into something about Christmas! lol Let's get it on!!!

1. The Baseballs

What do you get for the person that loves current music but lives a vintage life? Through my vintage blog, Circle 7-2099 I discovered the sweetest little blogger Miss Emmi who is my new BFF because she introduced me to this awesome German band, The Baseballs who create vintage covers of current songs. (This video is their cover of Rhianna's "Um…

Zombuki and The Search For The Figurative Grail

Over at my vintage blog, Circle 7-2099 I posed the question of "What is your Vintage Grail?" By "grail" I mean that one special obsession. That material object that you've been drooling over but can't just run out and get anywhere. These are things that are typically pricier and/or harder to track down. So you save and you save and you save until that glorious day when you can proudly say, "I'LL TAKE IT!!!!" For instance, Julieposted on her blog about finally realizing her dream of owning her Grail: a Bern Christmas art piece.

In the world of Pullip, Blythe and BJDs (ball jointed dolls), a "grail" refers to your ultimate "wanted" doll, possibly rare and usually more expensive. For me, my Ultimate Most Wanted Not Necessary To Life But Must Save and Buy One Day Grail is a Zombuki.

A little explanation from

"Zombuki, a combination of the words “zombie” and “kabuki,” was a term dreamed up with the help of a…

The Best Things...Happen While You're Blogging...

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

I am so excited because tonight is my First Annual Partying While Watching "White Christmas" and Eating With My Girls Party! WOO HOOOOOO!

A little back story: My friend Corrie and I L-O-V-E this movie! When we were kids we would watch it over and over, whether it was Christmas or not. We'd talk about how teeny Vera Ellen's waist was, whether Bob Wallace was way too old for Betty, sing "Sisters" together and discuss different ways we'd punch out that nosy chick Emma that eavesdrops and messes everything up. (Yeah, where's the scene with her apologizing for that?! And why didn't Betty just say, "Yo Bob, did you set this up as a publicity thing for yourself or what?" That would have saved so much freakin' time!)

ANYWAY, we love the movie. :) So then I was talking to a friend and found she loves it too and it just kind of snowballed from there and tonight I'm having a group of gals over to wa…

Its That Time of Year...

I'm so ready to show you my newest project but its been raining here lately so no pictures to be! So instead I thought I'd share some of our Christmas decorations:

Here's our tree this year:

I love this ornament, it belonged to Chris' Grandparents:

And my crocheted tree skirt in its new home. I'm still so proud of myself for making this! lol

The fabulous Carrie from Tinkering L8 made me this super awesome wreath!

This is a long table in my hallway I decorated with our Christmas odds and ends (and yes, my hallway is orange. lol)

My mom made the next two pieces for me. I had bought these figure sets of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" and "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town". I gave them to her and she made me a centerpiece and wreath. Awesome!

And now for a sad Christmas tale...

I took Toot to see Santa and not only was she not glad to see him, I had to be in the picture to calm her down, her purple socks I thought no one would see are tot…

Inspiration From The East

Heads Up!--->Drop Dead Cute is having a (dare I say it) cute (yep, I said it) giveaway on her blog. A super awesome Momorobo Panda Hat from Punch Brand is up for grabs so head on over to her giveaway post and enter!


Did you know that "Artistic Inspiration" has its own entry in Wikipedia?

"Inspiration refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in an literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour. Literally, the word means "breathed upon," and it has its origins in both Hellenism and Hebraism." -Wikipedia

I'm always fascinated to learn what inspires people, particularly creative people. There's the typical answer of "family, friends" yada yada yada. But what really lights that spark of creative activity, the one where you feel like if you don't get it down (paint it, draw it, write it, scrap it, sew it, glue it) you'll explode?

Lately I have found myself drawn to and inspired by Jpop and Japanese stree…

Friday Night (Actually Morning) Fab Five: Kickin' It Birthday Style!

Surprise Vanessa! :D
When Roo from Roo's Treehouse asked if I wanted to be a part of V's bloggy birthday surprise, how could I say no? After all, V is the Grand Blog Party Queen of Halloween and Mad Tea Party fame so I have to thank her somehow!

Now if you don't know who Vanessa is, she is the Mistress of all things magical at A Fanciful Twist. To celebrate her birthday, I'd like to share with you 5 posts she has written on her blog that are my (current) favorites. :) Vanessa is a unique woman with a hyper-creative soul and even though I don't know her, I'm so happy to know her. (There, that made sense right?) :D

P.S.-Uh Vanessa...I totally took your pictures without permission but I didn't want to ask you and possibly ruin the surprise so please forgive me! Note to you fine readers: blog as a I say, not as I do, stealing is wrong! LOL ;)

1. Vanessa shared a peek inside her creative space.
How could you not be creative in a space like this?!

2. The Mad…


Y'all, I'm going to be honest, this is a long one so you better take a potty break now cause I'm not stopping later so you can go. lol ;)

First of all, I hope you have been having a great week so far! Things are going well on my end (Toot is finally feeling 100%, WOO HOO!) and I've been working my booty off on a new project that I hope y'all will all enjoy! And here it is:

Time for a little (huge) announcement! :D

When I first started this blog (originally called "Katamommy Damacy") it was to have a place where I could talk about things that I felt didn't fit with my video game blog. My aim was to create a blog where I could talk about Toot (then about 3 months old) and being a gaming parent. I think it was within a couple of weeks to maybe a month after that that I really stepped up my scrapbooking and it was at that point that Katamommy Damacy morphed into more of a scrapbooking and crafty blog (which was when I met most of you fine folk :D).


Family Pictures: Album Eight

Holy crow, are we up to album 8 already? What the heck am I going to do when I've posted all 11??? By the way, I should totally be crocheting Christmas gifts right now and instead I'm blogging for you fine folks and watching "White Christmas". What? I've got my priorities you know... :D

Oh and if you're new to my family albums, here's the low down:

These are some pictures from our Family Vault (i.e. the box of 11 albums in our den). You can read about and see the first one here, the second one is here, the third album is here, the fourth album is here, the fifth is here, the sixth album is here and the seventh is here.

As always: I'm sure it goes without saying that these pictures are not to be posted anywhere or used in any way without express permission from me. Period. I can be contacted at katamommy at I promise I don't bite! :D

Ready? Here we go!

I just love seeing these fun silly poses.

Check out the camera she's holding. Th…

Roller Girls and Glue Galore

Hey everyone! Well last night's roller derby was soooooo much fun and today is Chris' birthday! Happy birthday honey!!! But let's back up a minute: here's some pictures from last night which was the last match of the 2009 Charlotte Roller Girls season. First of all, Toot L-O-V-E-D it! lol

Here's a pic of me and the birthday boy:

Because Toot was with us we did not sit in the "Suicide Seats" which is sitting on the floor.  Think of being in the front rows at Sea World but instead of getting splashed with water you could get a roller girl to the head.

Here's a group shot of the team and refs after the match:

They all had cool mean names like "Emmylou Harass" and "Ally Capone".  It was a lot of fun to see the girls play and they are currently recruiting.  Hmmmm...Think I'd make it as a Roller Girl???  LOL  In other news, I played along with a new challenge blog: Nerdy Victorious Scrapbookers. Actually, it was their DT call inspi…

Gentlemen Prefer The Roller Derby and a Wool Suit

Okay, I know I've talked about before and I don't want to sound like one big commercial but I just had to share. I've traded some books since joining up and have been lucky enough to add the autobiographies of Marion Davies, Ginger Rogers and Jane Russell to my collection.

Speaking of Jane Russell, I was watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" the other day and decided to do a little research (this is all leading back to Paper Back Swap, I promise! :D) Come to find out, the 1953 musical starring Russell and Monroe was based on the 1949 stage musical which was based on the 1925 novel written by Anita Loos (who also wrote a sequel called "But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" which was made into a forgettable sequel to the movie starring Russell (as Dorothy Shaw's daughter!) and Jeanne Crain). There was also a silent movie adaptation made of the novel in 1928 which has been lost unfortunately.

ANYWAY, all that to say that I decided to look up…