Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've made scrapbooks on and off for a few years now. Nothing fancy really but being a nostalgic kind of person, I love to scrapbook whenever I have time. Of course now that Toot is here, I make the time since I've taken a billion pictures already and she's just three months in.

My mom (now otherwise known as "Nana") wanted a brag book to show her friends so instead of her buying a regular photo album, I made a little scrapbook for her. Here are a couple of the layouts I did for it. I kept them very simple for the most part:

For this one I wrote a little "Nana" poem and made a border using the little Shutterfly index prints you get with your order. I also had Toot make a hand print to fill up the bottom corner.

This one is pretty simple. Your basic paper and alphabet stickers...

I was really proud of how these two pages turned out. I ended up with a lot of pink backgrounds in this set of portraits so I thought the brown was a nice offset for all the pink. (this picture and the next are a little too long for the blog so right click to view the full image)

I didn't want to do a crazy busy layout for these pictures, so I just cut the corners of the paper and threaded some ribbon through them. (I got the ribbon off of Christmas presents from last year. I knew I saved all that for a reason!)

I love spending time doing this and can't wait until Toot is old enough to look through them all. I've started looking at some scrapbooking sites and blogs and can't believe all of the fancy tools and techniques there are. I thought I was big stuff using plain paper and stickers! I'm looking forward to blowing large amounts of money on new scrapbooking goodies in the near future...


  1. You're so creative!! :) Those are very cool. I'd get into something like that, but I am not overly creative so I don't think the stuff I make would look as good ;)

    Hey, maybe you could start your own business?! ;)

  2. Your baby is so precious. You guys are so lucky...especially since she's starting to look more like you now. lol ;)

    I'll check out Suite101 and see what it's all about. Only thing is I can never keep my interest in this stuff long enough anymore, what with the gym, girlfriend, games, and all. :)

    Speaking of the gym, thanks for the kudos. I'm doing my best to lose my "Baby Ruth weight". :P