Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to Katamommy Damacy!

Here it is, finally! The obligatory introductory post to my new blog: "Katamommy Damacy". Some of you may know me as ICandee from Xbox Live and my gaming blog "ICandee, You Game" over at MSN Spaces. I still maintain that Space as it deals strictly with my gaming experiences. However, now that I am married and recently had my first child, I've been feeling the desire to extend my blog subjects to my life in general...

And for the two people that will read this blog on a regular basis...This blogs for you!

Keep On Rolling,


**Note on the blog title: One of my favorite game franchises is the "Katamari Damacy" series from Japan. It's quirky, strange and oddly fascinating, just like me...

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