Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Boobs!

My mom's best friend is a breast cancer survivor. With breast cancer (or any other major illness for that matter) comes memorials, walks, fund raisers etc. All beneficial things if for no other reason than people can connect with others that are in their same position or know someone who is/has been.

As someone that enjoys being creative in various ways, I always applaud those that use their creativity for a worth while cause. Being able to do something you love and also being able to use that love to help others is always miraculous. Therefore, please to enjoy: The Artfull Bras Project. The members of The Quilters of SC got together and created 50 original bras that are currently touring the state of South Carolina until October 2009.

My personal favorite: "Buttons and Bows and Boobs"

In October, they will auction them off and the proceeds will benefit the Best Chance Network, "a program to provide care and treatment of uninsured women across the state who are diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer". Go check out these fabulous bras by clicking on the picture or the link above.

Keep on rolling!


  1. Oh, this is great! I will go check out the rest of them. Great message too!

  2. thanks for sharing my mom is a breast cancer survivor this year too. Love these bras. Thanks for sharing

  3. This one is amazing I love it! What a fun project for such a great cause.

  4. I tried to post the other day but it did not work! Anyway, what a cute bra! And good for her to be a survior. I am also interested in any help with 3 columns! I think I have tried to do it so much that I totally messed up the whole html area! Thanks