Friday, February 13, 2009

Roll Me in Glitter and Call Me an Ornament

Every once in a while, if you're really paying attention, life hands you an opportunity...a sparkling, glittering, half off kind of opportunity...For me, that day was today...

It started like any other day, I took my husband to work and decided to stop by the craft store across the street from his work since I had never been in there before. I wasn't planning on buying anything until I realized they were having a half off sale and apparently knew I was coming because almost everything on sale was covered in glitter...GLITTER! Here's the haul I came home with:

Oh yes, you're seeing Stickles, rhinestone brads, glitter cardstock and lots of other great goodies and the back...what is that you see? Why that would be my new best friend...a piece of heaven!

Best Friday the 13th ever!

Keep on rolling (in glitter),


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