Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whole Lotta Nothing Going On...

Nothing like sneezing and accidently scaring the crap out of your 4 month old to make you feel all warm inside...

So I was working on a little mini album made out of toilet paper rolls and then I got distracted and starting revamping my blog (ta da!) I was going to work on it for just a few minutes and that was 2 hours ago...oops...

I'm still working on moving my gaming blog ICandee, You Game from MSN Spaces over to Blogspot. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to move and archive 3 years worth of posts? Sheesh. I'm sure there's a easier way to do it but I seem to enjoy doing things the hard way.

My man is at work and I should be doing some housework but instead I'm writing for you fine people (or you fine person...I'm not sure how many people actually read this blog).

Speaking of which, I'm shameless enough to admit that I love getting comments here. Please let me know you stopped by, even if it's just to say, "Yo!" or "Wow, Maggi, how come you're so pretty?" The only reason not to leave a comment would be if I make something you think is this situation, please feel free to follow the "If you can't say something nice..." rule and you will be excused from comment leaving. As for the rest of you, I'm not above guilt tripping:

"Everytime you leave without commenting, it makes me cry. Do you enjoy making precious babies cry? Do you?!"

That's right, I went there...I also have sad kitty and depressed doggy pictures at the ready if Toot doesn't start bringing in the comments...oh yes...I'll do it too!

Anyhoo, I hope everyone if having a fabulous weekend! I'm off to do housework! (And by housework, I mean 1 load of laundry before I get distracted and finish my mini album)

Keep on rolling!


  1. Maggi, I LOVE reading your blog! :)

    Your entry made me laugh; your Saturday sounds much like my Saturday. I've been sort of trying to do housework (and looking after Jeremy, who is still sort of sick...but thankfully on the mend) and getting distracted. My main distraction was making my first apple pie from scratch!

    Now I'm getting distracted by reading my friend's blogs ;). *LOL*

    Well, I best get back to my housework...and perhaps get dinner started. Does it ever end? ;)

    BTW, thanks for the comments you've left on mine and Jere's blog! It's great to know someone is reading it :).

  2. You are too funny!!! I read your blog every time you update it :) And it's because you do create GORGEOUS layouts!!! Plus, I like to know someone else's life is as chaotic as mine :) Sorry, it's the truth.
    Blessings~~~ Danielle
    Is toot smiling now???

  3. You're sooo funny and I am loving your blog! And Toot is such a cutie-I don't want her to cry. :(

  4. How can I not leave a comment on your blog..its FAB!!! And I totally dig your style!!! You have got amazing talent, girl!!
    Trace G
    p.s. Your daughter is gorgeous

  5. You do crack me up Maggi!**this post was no exception** and Toot is adorable! Maybe I should try that with Madi and see if it works!