Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five (and 1 day): Narcissism Edition

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five! Since Toot turned 5 months old this week, I'm going to "toot" my own horn as it were and highlight her! lol First, I just wanted to give everyone an update that she is still sleeping all night in her crib and seems to be fascinated with sleeping there. I'm doing fine...I only check on her 2-3 times a night now instead of 3-500 times. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

On Wednesday, I noticed this white thing in her mouth that she wouldn't spit out and I kept trying to get it out until I realized that "Holy crap, it's a tooth!" A Tooth?!? Already?!?! For the love of...I need this to all slow down! lol Then my next thought was, "Dear Lord, give me strength to bear a teething baby." Luckily, so far so good. No fevers or overly crazy crying.

On to the Five! So for this Friday Night Fab Five I wanted to share some special pictures with y'all. I take a picture of Toot on every "birthday", my goal being to one day put them all together and make the ultimate Toot timeline. There's technically 6 pictures here because the first one is of her on day old before we left the hospital. (Thus the "and 1 day" on the title for this week.) :)

See you here next week for a new Friday Night Fab Five!

Have great weekend everyone!


  1. OMGosh....she's so gorgeous!

    I kick myself for not doing something like this. I think I was in a dazed new mommy mode during the first couple months. Don't get me wrong I already have a trillion photos of my almost 3 year old, but it's not documented properly.

    Welcome to SITS...just stopping by to say hello :)

  2. I really wish I had taken pics of Rachel every month (and notated which month it was). I have tons of pics but I wish I had gotten more the first few months. I was so sleep deprived. My friend had the smarts to prop her son up next to his teddy bear each month to show how much he'd grown for the first year. She was able to put together a calendar of his first year including the dates of when he did what. Oh and by the way, your pics are adorable!

  3. Hi. Came over from SITS to say hi. What an adorable baby!!

  4. oh my... she is so different in every pic! What a cutie! And a tooth?!? Oh wow!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a cutie and a great idea. I need to share that with my daughter who just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago.