Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Most Dramatic Blog Post Ever

Good morning. As you can see, I have no audience and Toot is asleep. The blog you're about to read is so potentially dramatic that I've kept the typing of it as intimate as possible. (this is so much funnier if you've been watching The Bachelor) I'm going to show a layout first and talk Bachelor second so that those of you who come only to gaze upon my wonderous work can head out early. :P

Okay, how are there not 1,000 comments already to win the Cricut over at Life, Layout at a Time? Am I the only one that doesn't have one or something? Dude, get your commenting fingers over there pronto! And mention I sent you! (hey I could get a little something if you win!) Go HERE! Danielle's given us a deadline now, you have until March 10 to win the Cricut!

There's a new challenge going on over at 2 Scrappy Chix Designs called "Make the Most of Your Stash". This is awesome for me because I love buying scrappin goodness and I'm not all that great at using it up before I buy more. There's a new challenge every week with a grand prize up for grabs at the end of the contest. This week's challenge was a sketch challenge and here's my result:

I wish you could see how glittery this layout is! lol I love using tons of pics in my layout and the sketch I chose was perfect for multiple pics!

Thanks for looking!

Now, what you really came here to read: Bachelor by the barrel full!

(warning: spoilers ho matey!)

The general consensus of the Bachelor finale was "Oh he picked Melissa...meh". We all knew he would after all, yes? ABC tried to get Deanna's arrival to be a major thing but, once again, reality failed to live up to the promos. So no biggie, the finale was sweet, we laughed we cried...blah blah blah...

And then...

Oh yes, and then...

The "After The Final Rose" (part 1?!) special immediately started. Now, I've always felt that promos are mostly junk. But for once, Chris Harrison's ominous intro of "potentially dramatic" and "parties involved" speech actually delivered! Finally! That's right, Jason dumped Melissa and asked Molly for another chance. Wha??????

Here's the thing, there's a whole lot of "what a jerk!" and "how could he do this?" going around and I can see why they are saying that. To be dumped is horrible under any circumstances (at least to the dumpee) and I hurt for Melissa as she sat there crying. BUT come on, she wasn't totally surprised by what happened. You can't tell me that she really thought everything was "perfect" before then. I'm not saying it hurt any less but she knew something was coming. I know when you love someone and everything starts to feel "off" you try to hold on and both parties either have to decide to work on their relationship or they bail. Jason bailed. Apparently because he couldn't stop thinking about Molly. Well, what he did sucks but at least he was honest and didn't drag this on forever. Melissa is much better off and if Jason and Molly work out, more power to them.

He's being compared to Brad Womack (who chose no one in the end) and I'm confused by the comparison. Why is it bad that Brad chose no one? Sure, he wasted everyone's time but at least he didn't choose someone for the sake of choosing someone, knowing it wouldn't work. Back on topic, I believe Jason when he said that, at the time, what he felt about Melissa was true and he wasn't lying. Seasons change, people change (wait, isn't that a song? By Covergirl I think...) and people break up. Just because it's televised doesn't give us the right to be incensed that they've broken up and ruined our fantasy of a happily ever after...or does it?


  1. I love that layout, so cute! I would comment about the Bachelor, but have never watched it! Am I the only one who doesn't watch???

  2. No JessiW is not the only one who doesn't watch. I haven't seen an episode ever!

    And I don't own a cricut so I'll head on over and tell em that you sent me!


  3. What a cute layout and what a gorgeous baby! Very expressive!! As for the "Bachelor", I've watched a few parts of episodes since the show started and I just can't get into it. I honestly feel like these shows are scripted and it just gets me aggravated. The fact that they would go on tv to get a man in the first place is just beyond me! LOL They should do what I did and find one in an AOL chatroom! LMAO (yep I did) Anywho... The group that sang that great 80's classic you referenced was "Expose" :)

  4. Expose! You're so right! lol Thanks!

  5. OMG! This is just the cutest layout! I love all the different photos you used. I like to use lots of photos too. It wasn't until recently I have forced myself to downsize how many use - and that was only because I needed to because of blog challenge reasons! oh well! Either way I am addicted! To buying more supplies too! My hubby teases me all the time that I can find a scrapbooking supplies anywhere - even at the gas station checkout! Oh well! I love it! It is my therapy! I have left a blog award over on my blog for all my faithful followers like yourself - go check it and grab it (and then pass it on)- you deserve it!

  6. I didn't get into the Bachelor this season for some reason. (??)
    But, that layout is killer, girl! It looks really great! I love all the photos and the concept is great!
    Talk to ya soon! ;P

  7. oh my gosh... that layout is too cute... love the faces!
    I wasn't following the Bachelor, but great to hear you love Big Bang Theory.
    You need to get your all in one hooked up. Life will be much easier with the scanner. haha!