Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Snap Hallmark!

The "Use Your Stash" challenge for this week over at 2 Scrappy Chix Designs was to make four cards based on 4 different sketches created by one of the design team members, Audrey. You could use one or all of the sketches, it just had to be 4 cards.



Cards are my official crafting kryptonite. I'm not good at making them. Although I am interested in making cards and I've played around with making them once or twice, I don't have stamps, I don't have nice heavy cardstock and in conclusion, I have zero talent with card making. I think I'm going to have to pass on this week's stash challenge...

Screw that, I'm going to make 4 cards!

In your face Stash Challenge for Week 3! Woo hoo!


  1. Your cards are great, you should be proud!

  2. Great cards! I love the tiny treasures one. Way to go!

  3. Girl, you are crazy! Your cards rock!!! But, I know how you feel...that is how I feel about cards. lol
    Thanks so much for the congrats. I am very happy and honored right now that someone finally took my crazy butt and put it on a design team! lol
    I hope you had a great weekend! :P

  4. You did a wonderful job! I think you showed the cards who is boss!

  5. Love the cards!!!! You go girlie!!!

  6. I think you did a WONDERFUL job with the cards! I am amazed at all you crafty ladies out there!!

    Coming over from SITS! Welcome!!

  7. You're so sweet! And your cards rock. I SUCK at making cards, I don't know why, I just do!

  8. I love your cards. They are my kryptonite too!!! I wonder why they seem so hard?!

  9. Love these cards.... I can't believe you would say you aren't good at cards! The colors are so FUN and cheery. They totally made me smile. :o)