Sunday, April 26, 2009

ATC Music Series

Although I should be focusing on making ATCs for the LPS Spring ATC swap, I got distracted (or discrafted may be a better term) by this music note paper I found the other day. So I decided to make a short series of music ATCs.

I'm also working on a series of Kawaii ATCs as well and I have finished one of my Spring ATCs so we're moving forward at least. :P

So let's dish about the weekend! My girls came over last night and we chatted and played some Rock! lol Although I think it was universally decided that our favorite part was the coffee liqueur. So good...I love not being pregnant!!! LOL


  1. Wow! Very cute Maggie! I love the papaer you used for them...looking forward to making the spring ones too!

  2. So glad that you had a great time and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the ATC's!!! You did an awesome job on them!!

  3. Youa re really rOcKiN' the ATC cards girl! Nice job! I still can't quite get the hang of them, but I want to!!!! Coffee Liqueur, YUMMY!!! xxOO deb

  4. wow...your atcs are beautiful...that middle one is my favorite. Sharon

  5. That is so liquor! lol
    Awesome, beautiful ATCs girl! :D
    Happy Monday!

  6. You remind me that I haven't made any ATC's in awhile (for some reason I call them ACEO'). How inspiring that music paper is! Popping in from SITS :)

  7. Love the ATC's and can't wait to see the Kawaii ones! Glad you had a good time with the girls... coffee liquor huh? Sounds delish!

  8. These music themed ATC's are just divine!

  9. LOVE your music ATCs!!! really nice!


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