Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hooking My Stash

It's the final week of the "Make The Most of Your Stash" contest over at 2 Scrappy Chix Designs. That was a fast 5 weeks! I haven't bought anything scrappy (other than adhesive) since we started, go me! It's amazing how much stuff you DON'T run out of when you stop buying and start scrapping. I challenge all of you to try and make a dent in that stash before adding to it! Or at the very least, scrap it forward and give some of it away, no time like the present for some stashy blog candy! Hmmmm...that gives me an idea...

So here are my final 2 pages for the challenge. The final challenge was a "bingo" challenge where you had to choose one line off a card and use those elements on your layout. The line I chose included: bling (yes, I picked a line that included bling on purpose :P), handwriting, felt, 3 or more pictures and tearing your paper. I love using a lot of pictures and had some of Toot's 3 month portraits to scrap so here they are:

In other news, I also finished my very first amigurumi! I made a bear (with arms as long as it's body, oops!) and a cupcake (my dad thinks it just looks like someone wearing a hat, lol). These were fun to do and I'm hoping to get more done soon!

Now don't laugh, I'll get better! :P lol


  1. First off, LOVEEEEEEEEEE the LO's!! You did a great job and the little bear and cupcake are adorable!!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Great LOs and I love the little amigigurumi ... so cute my daughter said she wants one...hehe.

  3. i think you did a great job...way to go!!!!!!

  4. Great layouts and I am so proud of you for posting the pics of your first amigurumi! You go girl! I love the little cupcake, but you knew I would!
    PS Moose says hi, he is in my lap while I type

  5. I love the layout! Great job! And just love the doll with long arms and the cute cupcake with a hat

  6. you did an awesome job on your fab.....and the bear is super cute...and I didn't even notice his/her arms....Happy SITS day

  7. Now following your blog.

  8. Good morning!

    Checking in from sits. It's FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    Zen Cupcake