Sunday, April 12, 2009

SBS Week 4: Patience

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

When I realized that this week's lesson at Scripture Scrappers was patience, my first thought was "oh crap". I am SO not a patient person. It's something I continually struggle with and something I continually strive to conquer.

And it sucks...

So in thinking of the layout I wanted to make, I had no idea in what direction I was headed. lol I have to say that being a mother, I have improved in this area. I think that when you're a parent, you either have to learn patience quickly or go ahead and commit yourself to the looney bin. lol So although I feel like I've improved, I have a looooooooooooooooooooooong way to go! Am I the only one??? (Please say no, please say no) lol

The more I thought about patience, the more I began to view patience, not as a punishment or a way I needed to suppress my feelings, but as a function of letting go. Sometimes I think that the people I know that exhibit the most patience are those that let go of worrying about when things will happen. They just seem to let them happen.

It also occurred to me that patience ties in perfectly with peace. Ever notice that the most patient people are also very peaceful in and about their lives? So maybe the biggest hurdle to my finding true patience is that I've yet to embrace true peace. "A peace that passes all understanding" can surely eliminate an unhealthy need to be first, be quicker, be faster, etc. I'm really just thinking out loud at this point, lol. I really have no clue if any of this is right or makes any sense at all. LOL With that in mind, I'll show you my layout!

I used this picture of Toot and I sleeping because it looks peaceful and to me represents the patience to let it all go...

Now I just need to find out where they sell patience...hopefully I qualify for a discount...


  1. I LOVE, love, LOVE this lo! I liked the ripped look and the the bible message. I also think the picture is adorable!!

  2. Very beautiful and peaceful. Love the pic and the torn edging. Happy Easter! :)

  3. wow fabby layout, loving the torn edging and the papers are fab xx

  4. I love that page! very cool!! I love ripped edges like that!!

  5. haha that is funny! YOu find the store, let me know! lol
    Cool layout!

  6. Just beautiful!!!! What a great way to look at patience as peaceful!!!! I too can do a little work in the patience department!!! Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!!!

  7. I am not patient either. Sometimes I need to take a lot of really deep breaths and say my favorite prayer.

    Stopped by from SITS!

  8. Girl,I swear you are my sister! Patience is definitely a life lesson for me that I haven't quite mastered yet! Love the layout! xOxO deb

  9. Ohh.. I am always struggling to be patient! Very cute layout and such a great pic to use!