Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Etsy Bitsy Spider Ran Up My Credit Card

I've looked around Etsy on and off in the past, mainly by following links of friends to their various shops or finds. I never really investigated the site thoroughly as I am a notorious "skimmer". But the other day, Etsy and I were brought together under tragic circumstances...

Years ago I was in St. Louis and found a hippie shop that sold these cute patchwork coin purses made from old clothes. I got one and have been carrying it with me as my wallet ever since. That was dear sweet innocent husband went to get something out of it and promptly broke the zipper. All his talks about fixing it and the subsequent battles with "the light", hammers, chainsaws and blow torches and still...broken coin purse zipper.

Unable to say goodbye, I've still been carrying it around (fully open) praying my ID, credit card and pocket change don't try and jump ship. I finally cried uncle and since I'm not planning any trips to St. Louis in the near future, I knew I wanted to try and find a handmade quirky something or other new coin purse. The first place I thought of was Etsy and 4 hours later I had 2 coin purses, one crochet pattern and about 100 sellers on my favorite list. Love at first purchase!

So rest in peace sweet friend:

You will be missed.

And move over to make room for your younger cuter Japanese replacements!

Don't cry, it did take two to replace you!

And please remember me in your prayers as I try to crochet this:

Unfortunately my forays into the world of amigurumi have been...let's see if I can find a delicate way to put this...uh...SUCKY. lol But I have faith that anything I buy on Etsy (including this pattern) has magical properties to make me awesome!

Viva la Etsy!


  1. I love etsy too! You did good with buying. Once I start there is NOOOooooooo stoppin'! :-)

  2. Viva la Etsy, INDEED!!!! I can't wait to see your crotched little creature :) Good luck!

  3. Aw, RIP old coin purse! But I have to say the new ones rock too!


  4. I LOVE this post!!! I am so glad to know I'm not the only one to give personalities, as well as a piece of my heart, to inanimate objects! Have you thought about having a seamstress put a new zipper in your old purse? I'm sure a local tailor, or even a shoe repair shop, could do it. They worked magic on purses for me before. Don't know what it would cost, but it might be worth it. However, I do NOT want to take away from your new precious babies. Love those little guys! Good luck with your crochet project! I'm sure you will knock it outta the park!

    BTW, thank you, thank you for the sweet comments you always leave on my blog. You really do make my day!!!

  5. AWWW, I love the new purchases and that doll is soooo stinkin cute!!!!! Keep your eyes out for a package I sent to you!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful comments that you leave me, they are so appreciated!!!! happy thursday!

  6. OMG, seriously...although I feel so sad for the loss of patchy...I have to say that the Cutey McCute japanese ones are very cute replacements! You'll have to post a link to the seller, because...well, my cupcake change purse is also spewing coins and not staying together properly...I think it's time to move on. *sob*

  7. Isn't Etsy the best?! I've spent a fortune on there in the last little while...ha! I love those anoragami (jap) crochet thingies....aren't they cute in a quirky kinda way? You ARE Way too FUNNY!

  8. aww maggie, i love those purses - they are gorgeous!!!! and i love the crotchet thing, i can't wait to see your version xxx

  9. I have an award waiting for you at my blog. Please stop by and get it! :)

  10. RIP ole' coin purse....and HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO new beautiful friends!!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. Hilarious that we both posted about purses. The funny thing is that I even came by here a while ago to look at something else and didn't even notice it. My other friend, Kara, talked about her new bag, too. Small world!

    I cannot wait to see your blog in action!!

  12. Aww poor brown patchwork lost its zippideedoodah and got replaced......the etsy ones are gorgeous though! X