Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again...To Me Anyway...

If you missed my Craftoholics interview with Callista yesterday, click here to check it out!

I have a lot to post about today which is ironic considering that I did squat this past weekend because I was sick sick sick. Yuck! I missed National Scrapbooking Day, I missed Free Comic Book Day and I went through a very cool flea market in a congestion-induced fog. On the bright side, I ended up being coherent enough to get a couple of cool things at the flea market. My mom snagged this for me:

A 1967 issue of Look magazine!

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm obsessively nostalgic and wish I had been: A. Jane Austen's BFF, B. Lucy and Ethel's third wheel or C. a cage dancer at Whisky A Go-Go. So when we found a stack of Look magazines from the 60's, we pounced! I was going to put it to pieces and use it on some projects but I've decided that I can't bear to cut it so I may get it framed instead.

I also found some old pictures:

I actually had a stack of about 40 pictures but I narrowed it down to these five. As much as I love old pictures, I think it incredibly sad when I see a lonely box of them at flea markets. I think that's part of the reason why I scrapbook: maybe Toot will see all the work I've put into them and she'll feel too guilty to sell them to strangers when I'm gone. lol In your face, future Toot! :P I'm going to use the pictures in a couple of projects and breathe new life into them. The lady I bought them from said they all came from the same family in New York but that was all the information she had.

In other news, I'm scrambling to get stuff mailed out before the postal prices go up again (whatever Postmaster for jerks!). I'm starting work on my swap box for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap. By the way, did you know that my swap partner is the fabulous Renee at My Glimpse of Life? The majority of her blog posts are f-u-n-n-y and you must flip through them. I've got my list of favorite goodies I'm going to send her and I can't wait!

In other other news, Callista asked me the other day if I had taken Toot for that walk in the park I promised and I replied, "No, but I made a layout about walking in the park, does that count?!"

I also did another cupcake ATC. I'm not sure I'm crazy about this one but that'll teach me to create when I'm sick, eh?

All right, I had a ton more I was going to add to this post but it'll keep for another day. Please fill me in on all of the fascinating things happening for you right now! I've been confined with the "pox upon my house" and need some sunny news! :)


  1. I'm crazy about that cupcake!!! it's so adorable.

    Thats so sad when people just get rid of pics and family history :( I'm glad you've rescued them from a sad, lonely life.

  2. So sorry you have been feeling yucky too!! Love your finds and that magazine and pics are awesome!!!! Love the LO of TOOT and her walk in the park!!!! The cupcake is just to die for!!!! Why are cupcakes so stinking cute? I found a couple of those old pics the last time we were on the hunt and it just seemed so sad that they were not with their families..... Have a Happy Tuesday!

  3. Ewww...sorry you've been sick....but yeah for flea market...wish I could find a Great Flea market in my area....

  4. A. Hope you're feeling better!
    B. Nice score!!! I love fabulous old stuff. LOVE.
    C. Love the layout of Toot out for a walk. And yes, I say it counts.
    D. Cute, cute, cute ATC.

  5. Maggi, love love love the Hepburn picture beside your personal info profile....I am a huge fan of her. I am sorry you were feeling so sick on NSD but regardless, that cupcake atc turned out sooooo cute!!
    I love how you buy older pictures (and I think it is also so sad that those pictures will not be passed down to family members). True story...sometimes, when teaching a class and I don't have pictures that fit, I will find pictures online and use them.....we call them rent-a-relative. Take care and hope you are feeling better!!!!

  6. What a sad thing to spend National Scrapbooking Day under the weather...hope you're feeling better! Love the layout and the ATC! Too, too cute! While I'm not a big fan of flea markets and antique shops, I ADORE seeing what others find! I just don't have the eye to find the treasures. My mom decided to keep all those genes! lol! I think I just get overwhelmed with the sea of "stuff" and I hit sensory overload. I LOVE the magazines and I say frame them for sure!

  7. How amazing are the items you find and use them for crafts. You touched my heart with the pictures. Pictures are so precious and to have them abandoned at a flea market is so sad.

  8. Cute layout and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old pics and mag!! Such a great find, sweets!
    Hope you get to feeling better. It has been going around here, too.

  9. Hey..just visiting your blog since we are all updating these days. Nice to check in and see what is going on.

    Very cute cupcake!

  10. I am sorry you were sick but glad you recovered! Love that cupcake! So happy and fun!

  11. Wow! You've been busy with your blog since the last time I saw it. I just love all your ATC cards, they're very retro and fun-loving. It's been great chatting with you on LPS.

  12. I love the little signature girl! So cute! I always end up buying photos at flea markets because they look so abandoned. I can't imagine someone not wanting them.

  13. I think the cupcake ATC is cute. I am sorry to hear you were sick. That nasty stuff is getting everybody! Those pictures are really neat, but how sad that old photos are being sold=( You have to check out my post from today, a note I got from one of my students on Monday! Hope your feeling better.