Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's My Party, I'll Collapse If I Want To...

Well I must that say the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party hosted by the fabulous Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist was a ton of fun! I'd never been a part of a blog "party" before (which is really where you make a post for the party's theme and then visit everyone else's "parties" on their blogs) and I happened across Vanessa's blog and thought, "What the heck!" and signed up.

Then I was nervous because I knew I couldn't create a post half as fabulous as hers (have you seen it?!) but then I remembered that I had all of these pictures from my bridal shower and honeymoon and I figured I could pull it off. Speaking of pictures: some were from Disney World, some were from my "Alice in Wonderland" themed bridal shower and the shoe pictures were of an artistic window display I saw in New York City.

So Saturday morning I woke up and decided to start visiting the blogs of those people that signed up. They were listed in alphabetical order and by the time I got to the "C"s, I knew I was in trouble. I thought about stopping but then I thought about all the people that put so much work into their party posts (and believe me, they did!) that I knew I had to visit them all. They had giveaways, stories, pictures, videos, music, history of the story itself and of course pictures of Tim Burton's upcoming Alice movie. EVERYTHING! It was amazing to see all the different takes on a "Mad Tea Party".

I was trying to figure out why I was having so much giddy fun visiting everyone's party and this was my conclusion: I felt like a kid again playing make believe. It was so fun to comment on someone's blog and say, "Oh my that tea was delicious!" and "I'll have another biscuit, thank you!" It brought me back to all that time I played tea party when I was younger and it was a delightful (yet exhausting) day!

I say exhausting because all together I visited over 200 blogs. Of those 200+, I left comments on every one that had a party post so in the end I left 163 comments all together (yes, I counted, lol). And I didn't want to just copy and paste the same thing so I wrote something original on each one (other than the invite to come to my party of course). I wanted them to all know their creativity was appreciated and enjoyed. The only think I grew to despise by the end of the day was word verification, LOL. And thank you to everyone who commented at my party! I appreciate your sweet comments so so so much! I have to say, it was totally worth it and I'm already thinking of what I'll post for the 3rd Annual Mad Tea Party! lol

Anyhoo, I loved the party so much that I was kind of thinking of hosting my own...BUT I would need some people to party with me! Is there any interest out there for a blog party around here? Any theme ideas? I was thinking of maybe "Christmas in July" or ??? Talk to me people!

In other news, I finally bit the bullet (Chris' discount through his job helped me take the plunge) and bought this magazine:

This is "Marie", a Marie Antoinette inspired mixed media magazine by the same company that does Somerset Studio. I love these magazines! They are expensive but so inspiring! While at the bookstore I also got a biography on Elizabeth Taylor to add to my collection. I think I need to add some more males to my shelves, poor Sidney Poitier is surrounded by chicks at the moment! lol

I do have one thing to show you today (I was able to get some creating in between all the blog partying, yay me!). Another layout of Toot this time. I was going for a "shabby chic" sort of look. I'm still trying to find my own style and hopefully I'm getting close. lol

The paper is from the May kit at LPS, the vintage looking embellishments were from a RAK I won a few months ago and the crochet flowers are from Paper Blooms.

I can't stand just gluing or taping buttons on my projects so I sewed the buttons onto the ribbon, lol.

So who caught The Bachelorette??? Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks Jillian has gone off her nut! Let's dish!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Her Name Is Mo And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!

No idea what the what I'm talking about? Go here to find out more!

This week's Craftholic is none other than the multi-talented: Mo!

Please list any crafts you enjoy making. What is your favorite?

"I LOVE scrapbooking! I also enjoy card making and jewelry making. I’m so very forgetful and scrapbooking helps me remember stories. As a teen, I wrote in a diary and scrapbooking is a lot like keeping a diary...a visual one."

What a great point, I love the way you think!

click to watch the video and take a tour of Mo's fabulous craft space!

When did you start making crafts?

"I first got into scrapbooking in 1997 when it was still stickers and paper. I was a college student then so I didn’t have a lot of time for my new found hobby. Through the years I enjoyed looking at craft magazines and I got back into the hobby about 2001. By 2003 after my first child was born and it just became more and more frequent. I was THOROUGHLY OBSESSED by then! In 2007, I discovered card making through Stampin’ Up! and quickly became a Demonstrator to support my craft addiction!"

From Mo: "I love this card! I created it for one of Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration Challenges last fall. So far it is my favorite of card creation."

What do you like to do when you aren't crafting?
"I enjoy working in the garden, watching movies and tuning into American Idol. I spend a lot of time with my parents when they visit twice a week. When American Idol is on, we sit and watch and critique! When AI isn’t on (like now), I tend to scrapbook LOTS more!!!!"

What makes you a craftoholic? What drives you to create?

"I think you’re DEFINITELY a craftoholic when you go to bed anxious for the next day so you can craft again after some well-needed rest. Sometimes, if there is one particular idea I’d like to start on, I can’t even sleep! I’ll toss and turn and finally decide to get out of bed and go to my craft room! I do a lot of card creating when I have Stampin’ Up! workshops to prepare for but what really drives me to create is my friends and family. I hand make most of the presents I give! I even start making presents for the Holidays at this time of the year to have them all ready when the season hits!"

I know what you mean about having an idea that keeps you awake, I'm the same way! lol

From Mo: "Another project I absolutely love is this vintage book I did. It was inspired by Beth Perry's vntage book idea on Vintage Plum's site. It ended up being a mini book of my young chidhood in the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii. I plan on making several "volumes"...he he....as I age and one for each sister! As far as my FAVORITE scrapbooking style, I would say this represents me the best! I can go from clean layouts to busy and cluttered! What can I say? I like my cluttered creations the BEST!"

What is your favorite food?

"I LOVE Korean Food and my mom’s home cooked Filipino food."

What food do you hate to eat?

"Anything raw…specifically, anything that used to be ALIVE…I cannot eat raw! Eeeew!"

How long have you been blogging?

"1 year! Wooohoooo! I just celebrated my blogoversary!"

How fun! Happy blogoversary!

What do you like best about blogging?

"I really enjoy the support and inspiration you get from blog buddies! I go blog hopping and visit them, and also find new buddies along the way! Since I’ve started blogging, I feel I’ve grown a lot as a scrapbooker. I can see a lot of improvement in my layouts! It’s amazing!"

From Mo: "I love this layout because this is the one and only professionally shot baby photo of me. It's a HUGE 5x7 photo and I'm wearing this totally cute crochet hat! I love the lace cardstock and bling I used!"

What craft have you always wanted to try but, for whatever reason, never have?

"Quilting and sewing! Never actually tried it. I got a sewing machine which I used initially to hem a couple pants. I fully intended to take classes…but you know us craftaholics!!! I have too many hobbies I don’t have TIME to learn a new one even though I really want to! Now, my sewing machine is dedicated to scrapbooking. I come from a line of seamstresses and tailors, so I know the talent is buried in me somewhere!!! I can FEEL IT!"

Sewing is going to be my next undertaking too! lol Here's fingers crossed for both of us! lol

Oh no! You've been ship wrecked on a deserted island! (Luckily you grabbed your adhesive and scissors before you jumped ship!) Name 3 other crafting supplies that your creative survival depends upon! (Note: Capt. Jack Sparrow is not a crafting supply!)

"Darn! I love me some Johnny Depp! Oooooh, that’s a hard one! Double sided cardstock, ribbon, and my set of markers (that counts as one item…right?)!"

Thanks for letting me interview you Mo! You are an all around Craftoholic!

Be sure to check back next Monday when another lucky victim...ahem, I mean crafter will be added to the Craftoholic family!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome One and All....Especially If You're Mad...

For those of you joining me today from A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea (Blog) Party, welcome! Please remember to keep all hands and feet inside the blog at all times. I hope you'll enjoy your stay and thank you for coming!

Now, on to the party!


Finally, you're here!

It's time to give a cheer!

You are such a smarty

To come to my Mad Tea Party!

Please come inside at once my friend...Don't be shy, we're all quite mad here you know...

Now, that's better! After all, if you were not here we would be greeting no one now wouldn't we? Which is absurd because no one hates being greeted...

Please do hurry with your hellos, you're not the only one we're greeting you know! And if you aren't careful, you'll miss the performance of the White Rose. And if you miss the 5:00 show, you'll have to wait until the 5:05 show! (Confidentially, they are the same show, you cannot learn a lot of things from the flowers you see...)

A cup of tea! You must have a cup of tea!

Clean cup, clean cup, move down!

Perhaps something sweet to eat?

Stop! Stop!

Is it me or do the tea cups look larger than before?

*gasp* We shrinked!

Excuse me? What do you mean it is "shrank"? After all, if we had shrank, that would have been in the past and I most certainly did not shrink in the past but shrinked now not then, see?

Well, while we are down here, we might as well pay our respects and all.

But first, I must find my shoes! Now where did they run off to, shoes do that you know...

No, not that pair...


No, not those either...All these shoes and I have nothing to wear!

What's that you say? Rabbit, what rabbit? Why, he's two days slow!

Your majesty!

Yes, yes, we must leave at once! Croquet with the Queen and all that. Good bye! Good bye!

What? How do you get home and unshrinked??? Why, go Thru The Mirror of course!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five: Hurray For Hollywood

This week's Friday Night Fab Five was inspired by this Flickr account. I'm sure you all know my obsession with anything "Old Hollywood" and looking at these pictures gave me the idea of showcasing five gorgeous and fabulous Hollywood legends. I restrained myself to five of my favorites because otherwise the title of this post could have been "Friday Night Fab 1,000". I love this age of Hollywood that much!! lol

1. Marilyn Monroe

She was everything and anything in my opinion. Gorgeous, seductive, innocent, simple and complex. My favorite movie of hers is a tie between "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "How to Marry a Millionaire".

2. Vivien Leigh

I always think of one word when I see pictures of her: flawless. Her performance as Blanche in "A Streetcar Named Desire" is amazing and tragic.

3. Katharine Hepburn

She was gorgeous, didn't take crap from nobody and was F-U-N-N-Y. If you haven't seen "Bringing Up Baby" you are missing out!

4. Rosalind Russell

She was fabulous and I absolutely fell in love with her when I saw "Auntie Mame". (Her clothes alone in that movie make it worth watching! lol)

5. Lucille Ball

Ummm...yeah, betcha you didn't see this one coming! ;) Funny, gorgeous and an amazing sense of timing that never failed. She's perfect in "Stage Door".

So that's my five! I of course have so many more: Audrey Hepburn, Betty Grable, Esther Williams, June Allyson, Jane Powell, Ava Gardner, Jane Russell, Ann Miller, I could literally go on and on!

But I won't...

Do you have a favorite actress (current or otherwise)??? Leave a comment and share it here! And don't forget to join me here tomorrow for the Mad Tea Party Blogfest!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Pin-Up, A Party and The Fine Print

First some exciting news, I'm going to be participating in my first blog party this Saturday!

Click the button for more information

So check back this Saturday for a special Mad Tea Party post! (Creativity don't fail me now! lol) And click here to visit A Fanciful Twist. It's such a beautiful inspirational blog!

I wanted to share a picture of the ATC I received in the mail from Frieda as part of her Generosity Project.

My picture isn't half as good as hers so click here to see the blog post where she displays it. It's simply gorgeous, thanks again Frieda!

And now for the fine print (don't worry, my fine print is painless!). I've thrown a couple of projects at y'all in the past few weeks and wanted to go into a little more explanation in case there was any confusion!

1. Craftoholics-I love finding out more about the crafty people behind the blogs and so the Craftoholics were created as a way for not just me, but all of us, to do that and also maybe introduce y'all to someone you've never met before. I want to make sure you know that I consider a Craftoholic to be ANYONE that creates ANYTHING. You do not have to be a scrapper, you can be a painter, a baker, a decorator. Anything that is creative where you make something (and you are obsessed with making things), I consider that to be a Craftoholic. Think "butcher, baker, candlestick maker", right? You can also click here for more info!

2. Friday Night Fab Five-I've decided to open this up to everyone who would like to participate in my Fab Five at anytime. What this means is that I will continue to do a weekly Friday Night Fab Five but if you have something that you would like to add to the list, please e-mail it to me! Now this can be anything: place, movie, book, food, clothes, shampoo, anything that you are into, can't live without or think is fabulous send it to me! If you have a link or picture, send that too! I'm also thinking of adding a Mr. Linky so that if anyone wants to do their own Fab Five, you can link it up here so everyone can check it out.

Always remember that you can e-mail me at any time with any questions at katamommy at gmail dot com. Or if you just want to chat, e-mail me then too! lol Don't be shy!

Now onto my newest creation...I found an unfinished 5x7 wood mirror frame at Michael's the other day and quickly decided I wanted to do something with pin-ups on it. I have a book on pin-ups which looked super cool in the store but when I got it home it wasn't so great. So I had no guilt in cutting it up for parts and my original idea for this mirror was to collage it with a bunch of pin-ups but in the end decided to keep it simple and just use one:

I painted the frame red and cut out the pin-up and backed her with cardstock. The alpha is Thickers, the little chipboard corners were some Callista sent me in some goody mail (Thanks Callista!) and the cherry ribbon is some I found on clearance at Michael's. Peek-a-boo! :P

Well, I suppose this post is long enough for today...I hope y'all have a great day, we're halfway through the week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Is An All Skate, Everyone Please All Skate!

Holy smokes, I actually finished a layout! *pause for much needed patting on back*

I made this using some of Toot's six month portraits and the June kit from Life Preservers. Everything was from the LPS kit except for the too sweet gingham ribbon (which I got in a thrift store grab bag), some fabulous crocheted flowers from Paper Blooms, the brad in the middle of the other flowers is one I got from a Target $1 pack and the butterfly trails which I made with Stickles. And speaking of the butterflies:

Aren't they adorable?!?! I got these from Paper Blooms with the flowers and am so in love! They are so teeny weeny and cute!

Oh right, I almost forgot! Remember last week when I mentioned the 1940's movie "The Fleet's In"? Well looky what I found on Etsy:

This is some sheet music and the bottom one called, "I Remember You" is a song from "The Fleet's In"...I found sheet music from the movie! Woo hoo! I promptly bought them (there were 3 different sheets all together) on sale for $3.00...mine now!

I also discovered a couple more things at a local thrift store. Sidney Poitier's book (for $1.00, hello! And isn't he so dreamy? I love "To Sir, With Love" *sigh*), an Algebra textbook from the 40's and an old copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and another 10 cent pattern, this one is a 50's apron pattern:

I also got a sweet little polka dot scarf and thought about posting a picture of me wearing it but let's be honest here...Toot is ten times cuter than me and she agreed to model it for me so...

I'm working on a couple of other projects, including altering a wood mirror frame I got from Michael's and I'm attempting to work on canvas again after staying away from it for a few years. (I should try and find some pictures of my "paintings" to show you. I have quotes around "paintings" because I stink at it but somehow kept a few of them. lol We'll see how brave I get this week...)

And now for the "shout out" portion of the blog:

1. Don't forget that Melissa is giving away some fun Disney blog candy! Check it out here!

2. Chris wanted me to thank you all for your nice comments on his first Father's Day. He also wanted me to apologize for posting a picture of him with no shirt on, but I refuse to apologize for it. I like the picture...*rowr* :P

3. Look what Mo gave me!

Thank you so much Mo!!!

4. Through her generosity project, I received one of Frieda's fabulous ATCs for my very own! I almost fell out when I saw the envelope! Frieda is so talented and so inspiring! I'll be sure to post a picture of it next go round, the light is terrible at the moment and I want to make sure I take a good picture of it for you to see...

So with that, have a great day everyone!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Her Name Is Lisa And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!

No idea what the what I'm talking about? Go here to find out more!

This week's Craftholic is none other than the beautiful: Lisa!!

Please list any crafts you enjoy making. What is your favorite?

"Now THAT’s a loaded question! lol! I enjoy all crafts. And I think, at one time or another, I’ve probably tried them all. I’ve attempted knitting, quilting, sewing, painting, sketching, ceramics, flower arranging, wood crafting, and of course, scrapbooking. It is the only one that has seemed to “stick”. It is certainly the one in which I’ve invested the most time AND money. I’ve always labeled myself a jack of all trades but master of none. Nowhere is that more true than in the crafting arena. I love anything crafty and can easily get lost in the process of any of the above. But if you are going to make me pick a favorite, it isn’t very hard to narrow it to scrapbooking."

There are so many great little details on this layout, love that stitching!

When did you start making crafts? Was there a particular reason or event that got you started?

"I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing some type of craft. My great-grandmother and grandmother taught me to quilt pillow squares when I was 8. And every Christmas, my wish list included things like my own sewing kit and art supplies. I fell head over heels in love with the jolly old elf dressed in red when he left an actual sewing machine under the tree and it had my name on it. It was only a toy machine but I didn’t seem to know the difference. I just knew I could create my very own fashions! In 5th grade I even became a little entrepreneur selling my sketches for a nickel. lol!"

What a great story from your childhood! If you have any of those sketches still around, you should scrap them! lol

What do you like to do when you aren't crafting?

"Of course I’m going to say spend time with my family and I am on a constant quest to find more time with my fiancĂ© who lives 3 hours away. When we get together we love to go to the lake, watch some mindless TV, go running together (well, we really walk more than we run) and we love to look at model homes. Come fall, every weekend you will find me glued to the TV or planted in a stadium watching college football! GO DAWGS! And I cannot forget to mention that I am currently on a mission to improve my sub-par photography skills. I’m reading books, taking classes and snapping photos."

What makes you a craftoholic? What drives you to create?

"The “oholic” part of that word implies addiction. So there you have it. I am totally addicted to crafts. For what drives me to create? I do it for so many different reasons. Sometimes it is a means of expression. Other times it is a way to document a story…a moment in time…a desire to remember. And then there are those times it is a avenue for giving. Finally, I can be driven to create as a necessity. Ever find yourself needing something for a child’s project and it is the 11th hour? You can be pretty darned driven to create under those conditions. Amen?"

Amen sister! lol

I love the tic tac toe style background for this layout!

What is your favorite food?

"Food? Did somebody say food? I love all food! I really don’t have a favorite. Hot food. Cold food. Seafood. Landfood. (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.) I love it all."

What food do you hate to eat?

"Liver…ummmm, yeah, liver!"

How long have you been blogging?

"I started blogging in January of this year. That’s not to say I wasn’t blog stalking way before then, but I dove in with both feet in January and created my own blog. My daughter, who is my youngest, left for college last fall and I started blogging as a way of documenting this new phase of my life. Empty-nest…Whoa! Return home for the summer…double Whoa!"

What do you like best about blogging?

"First of all, I’m still totally amazed anyone would read my posts. I never dreamed anyone would really give a hoot about what I had to say. So I guess the best thing about blogging is the acceptance. I love the chance to be me. To be the zany, wacky, over the top, never a dull moment person I am. And I feel welcomed everywhere I go. No judgments. No image to live up to. No pressure to be anything other than me. Just people sharing a love for a craft, making wonderful friends along the way."

What craft have you always wanted to try but, for whatever reason, never have?

"Gosh, I can’t think of anything right now that I haven’t tried. Any suggestions? I live by the motto, 'I’ll try anything once!'"

Oh no! You've been ship wreaked on a deserted island! (Luckily you grabbed your adhesive and scissors before you jumped ship!) Name 3 other crafting supplies that your creative survival depends upon! (Note: Capt. Jack Sparrow is not a crafting supply!)

"OK. I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but I just had to google Capt. Jack Sparrow. No, I have not been living under a rock. I just haven’t been to Blockbuster in a veeerrrry long time. lol! Well, since I can’t take Mr. Johnny Depp with me, I will reluctantly take patterned paper, ribbon and photos. That would round out an emergency scrap kit quite nicely."

Thanks for letting me interview you Lisa! You are a fantastic Craftoholic!

Be sure to check back next Monday when another lucky victim...ahem, I mean crafter will be added to the Craftoholic family!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Toot and Her Daddy

Y'all wouldn't know this but Chris regularly blog stalks me and loves reading your comments! lol I've come home to hear him say, "Hey, Jocelyn really loves Toot!" or "Hey, they like your jam!" LOL So just know that my hubby is reading right along with you and loves reading your comments almost as much as I do!

So this post is for him because I know he'll sneak on later to check out the goings on around here...Today is Chris' very first Father's Day with his very first child...

Chris had never held a baby, changed a baby, been around a baby before Toot and from the terrified look on his face after she was born and everyone left us alone in the room with her for the first time, I thought he was going to cut and run. LOL But he stuck through it and is the gentlest, sweetest father who adores Toot very much. (He is also the sweetest husband, it's his day today and he let ME sleep in! lol)

Here are some of my favorite pictures of him and Toot...


And Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five: Thankful

This week's Friday Night Fab Five was fun because I have a couple of special guests with me, woo hoo! So on with the Five...

1. I've been a big reader since I was a young child. Once I started playing video games that fell to the way side for the most part and then when my crafting addiction kicked into high gear it plummeted to the way side. But like riding a bike again, you never forget how to do it and sometimes it just takes the right book to get you obsessed once more.

I've finished reading "I Loved Lucy" by Lee Tannen who was one of Lucille Ball's closest friends the last decade of her life. This book is a must for any Ball fan even though I found it a sad read at times. If you come across it, snatch it up!

2. Ally from xoxo, ally cannot live without her iPhone:

She says, "so my iPhone is exactally what I can't live a hour let alone a day without!!! This baby rocks my world!!! Ha!! {true story},,,"

3. Amanda from AB Home Interiors is all about animal print:

She says, "I apparently can't live without leopard animal print. Any animal print for that matter. I did not realize this until my 6 year niece brought it my attention. So observant she is!"

4. Lisa from Takin' Life One Day at a Time has chosen a doozy that I think we can all relate with:

She says, "Numero Uno Can't Live Without Item...The Freakin' Stinkin' Suck Up All Your Time Internet! But man, how I love it!"

5. And to round out the bunch, this week brought so many fab surprises for me that I am so grateful for! Check out my newest toy!

Angela, one of the fantastic friends I met at the Life Preservers Scrapbook Club forums won a Slice (way to go Angela!) and amazingly gave me her personal Cricut! WHA?!?! I couldn't believe it! So it came in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to give it a test drive!

Not only that but my good friend Callista sent me a surprise package with all sorts of teas and Hello Kitty goodies!

AND the multi-talented Jocelyn and Jackie gave me an award! Thanks so much ladies!!!

I'm so thankful for my wonderful and thoughtful friends that shared part of their Fab things with me, sent precious fun mail and gave me these awards. What a great way to start my weekend!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!