Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Dash of Scrapping, A Whole Lot of Random With A Side of Winner

First some business...the winner of a sweet little jar of my precious precious strawberry jam (hey, I've already polished off two jars!) is none other than...

*drum roll*

Lisa T! Oh snap! Send me your info Lisa and I'll get the jam out to you this week! Beware, this is NOT sugar free so I may be messing with your healthy eating! lol :P

I have a double page layout I did of Toot (what else is new?) for the monthly sketch contest over at LPS. The contest isn't over yet but I'm not close to winning and I wanted to post this so here it is! lol

Here they are together...

And here they are individually

Here's a little story for you concerning the right side layout. See that line on the bottom with the stitching and beads? Well, I decided to use my sewing machine to stitch on this layout and for some reason the needle wouldn't move when I pushed the peddle down. (Still don't know why?!) I finally got it to move and thought I was doing great till I realized that the stupid machine wasn't stitching squat, it was digging a huge groove in my paper! ACK! So I ended up stitching over it to make it look like I meant to do it and then dug a groove in the left side with scissors to attempt to match. *sigh*

Toot was 4 months old in these pictures which reminds me!

Guess who turned 8 months old today???

What? Hey, how did my picture get in there?! I may act 8 months old at times but it's not me! Hang on a sec...

Ah, that's better! Hard to believe she's 8 months old already...*sniff* Hey! If I put her in a 10 gallon tank, will she stay small like goldfish do?! Nah, I better not, that would probably get me on Cops or something...

Anyhoo, now for a new segment I like to call, "Kids TV: What The...???"

Now, I'm all for teaching children realistic things such as the right name for body parts and how boogers are really made (I'm pretty sure there aren't gnomes in my nose using pickaxes). But one day something caught my eye that I felt compelled to share with you all...

I was innocently watching "Charlie and Lola" one day (yes, I love this show. Don't you judge me! :P) When this came on screen:

You don't see it??? Let's see if I can help you out a little here:

That's right my dear friends...We are looking at doggie anus! I did a double take when I first saw this. *snicker* I guess they were going for a more realistic approach here. You know, there are just some words from my childhood that still make me giggle..."butthole"...hee hee

Hmmmmm....maybe it is my 8 month old birthday today!

So in conclusion, congrats to Lisa, (don't forget to send me your address ASAP katamommy at gmail dot com), my layout is oh so cute (do you think it's missing something??? I think it may be too simple and bare...argh! lol), sewing machines have it in for me and happy 8 months Toot! Also, dogs have...*whisper* you know whats!

hee hee...


  1. Too funny ... hey how do you stop looking at Toot! She's about the prettiest little person I've seen.

    ps at my place you'll have to slow down and look at one column at time ... don't want your eyeballs strained! lol xx

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the LO!!!!! It is ADORABLE....sewing mishap and all!! LOL!!! HAPPY 8 MONTH BIRTHDAY to TOOT!!! AND CONGRATS to Lisa and hehehehehe doggy butthole!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Congrats to Lisa!!!!! I love the Lo of Toot!!! She is sooooo adorable and I would be wanting to put her in that 10 galon fish tank too!!!! Great save on the sewing mishap!!!!! That carton cracks me up and was it really necessary to give the dog a butthole!!!! You make me smile, thank you!!!! Have a great one! :)

  4. Too funny! I love potty humor! It still makes me laugh like a little kid.

  5. You took me about 20 mins to make a decision on the one layout i wanted to vote for. Yours was awesome...and one of the ones I hummed and haaaaed over. Don't give'll win one day! I love your stitching mishap - turned out awesome! Happy 8 mos to Toots...what a cutie pie AND...OMG, butthole (too funny!)

  6. gorgeous layout maggi, i love it. happy 8th month birthday to toot, she's gorgeous xx

  7. I love visiting your blog, and I am so happy you are a follower of mine!!! You crack me up, and I love the ATC's. Congrats to toot!!! and my son Marshall turned 10 today. I too am depressed. I wrote this long blog post about it. Rambling like an idiot, kind of like I am now.
    Have a great day

  8. Yahhh happy 8 month to toot, and great pic of her momma too!

    Love the LO, looks awesome, and the mishap kinda enhanced it a bit. I love the staples(?) too!

  9. rotflmao.. that is too funny.. im still giggling...

    great layout... and happy 8 month birthdy Toot

  10. HA!!!! I snorted I'm laughing so hard!!! I love it! You just made my day!! I too love Charlie and Lola... but the fact that you noticed that is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! HAHA!

  11. you keep me in stitches.....i just love your layout (yummy flower on there) and Toot looks so darn adorable in that outfit (all I could think of is that new October Afternoon line with the cherries on it....heheheee).
    And lisa...congrats...I am so envious.

  12. Your layout turned out great! Way to save it! And I am still cracking up over the dog butt hole... hahahahaha!!!!!

  13. Such a cute post! Stopping by with some SITS bloggy love. Happy hump day!

  14. I just popped by to read about you, your Toot as adorable xx

  15. Beautiful layout. :) What a cutie you have there ... :)

  16. ha ha ha butthole is one of those words that will be funny FOREVER!!! I love it!!!!

    Toot is so adorable!!! She is getting so big!

  17. Howdy Sweetie
    Congrats to Lisa yummy win .
    Happy 8 months to Toot you cutie pie :)
    great save on the card very creative stitching move.
    I wish I were more creative.
    Lol ,you watch a cartoon who would have guessed ?
    Back to the art ,
    I love it !
    Have a great week.
    Hugs to you and Miss toot

  18. Hey maggi!! I left you a tag...come on over and collect!

  19. Aww Toot is sooooo cute. I love her dress with the cherries, she looks so pretty in it. Happy 8 month birthday Toots! X

    P.S LOL @ the dog button!!!!!

  20. I don't usually type this but it's just so darn fitting...ROFL! The buttonhole had me rolling!! And now I HAVE to look up where the heck boogers come from..what have you done to me this morning!

  21. You are both absolutely gorgeous babes! :) Love your layout, so full of my Muse colour this week, pink!

    Have a marvelous day, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  22. Awwwwwww what a sweet bambino.
    So you met your match on X-box live huh...maybe my boys will meet someone too..(oh wait they've both already got
    thanks for sharing my special day and leaving your kind comments.

  23. You're going to get me in trouble! I'm messing around in my cubicle reading your blog and I'm laughing hysterically! Trust me, in my windowless corner of Corporate America...there's no reason for me to be laughing like this...and surely my boss is going to know I'm messing around!

    What a gorgeous little girl and I love your layout too! I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can keep up with you BUT I think I will have to wait until I'm at home to read your post!

  24. Great layout. I too have used the sewing machine to make stitches, I love that look. Toot is a doll! I've never seen that show.. but that is a LOL for sure!

  25. It goes by quick, doesn't it? It feels like I just had my snuggle bug and here she is almost 16 months old! I love the scrapbook layout, very cute!!

  26. She is TOO adorable! SO much cuteness going on there!

    Doggy butthole...hehehe!!!!!

  27. passing from sits....nice girl as well:) mine is 5 months but a boy .....relaxing on momma right now