Sunday, June 14, 2009

Everything Old Is Mine Again

The weekend has brought a surprising amount of regular store/thrift store/antique mall shopping for me...and it was AWESOME! First, Friday came and brought a trip to the local Salvation Army store. Not too much there but I did score an old copy of "Little Women" and this bowl:

Later that day, my mom, Toot and I went to the used book store. While there, I was struck by an idea so good that I tried to shake my own hand, awed by my clever mind. Okay, it wasn't that great of an idea but an idea none the less: I adore reading biographies, autobiographies and memoirs and as I was browsing through the shelves I decided to start collecting biographies based on actors/actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood (or people in general I like).

This is the realization I've come to lately. There's no mystery to celebrities anymore. We've heard P Diddy urinate, we know everything Brangelina's going to do before they do it, watched Ozzy Osbourne's dogs poop on the floor, been bored by Paris Hilton's search for a new "BFF" and have seen Brittany Spears lady parts. Hello? So is there really any point in buying a biography on of these celebrities when we already know more than we need to thanks to My Space, You Tube and the recent rash of celeb reality shows?!

Maybe it's because I was born in the 70's and don't have the perspective to know that this type of trashy drama was going on with my favorite on screen legends, they just didn't have an iPhone to record it all. Thus, my long found but newly cultivated obsession with reading about the lives of these people. Wow, didn't mean to go on that mini rant there, lol.

Anyway, I picked out a few that amounted to $25 and went I got up to the register, they actually remembered me from years ago (my reading dropped off once I started playing video games :P) and told me I still had some credit with them. So my $25 worth of books ended up being $11 after tax. Score! Here's the ones I picked out:

And now to Saturday...

We had a yard sale over at mom's house to try and unload some of Toot's millions of baby clothes. All told, I made $90! So of course I had to go right out and spend it. First stop, a local thrift store that I love because it has lots of junk to go through. There were two sewing machines, one for $15 and one for $30. The $30 one was one that lowered into a little table to store it and I'm kinda thinking now I should have gotten it. But I did pretty well, I got a travel case for $2, a copy of "Mommie Dearest" for my new book collection, an interior decorating book from 1965, a copy of "Please Don't Eat the Daisies", a 1950's mystery novel, a bag of sewing/crafting doo dads and 2 vintage patterns for 10 cents each:

Then it was on to my mom's favorite discount store and I almost passed out as I found packs and packs of Thickers for $2 each! Oh baby, let me at them! Ironically, these are the first Thickers I've ever had a part from the pack that came with this month's LPS kit. lol

And now we're at today. Last night I stopped by a coffee shop I hang out at and was whining to a friend of mine that there's no good thrift stores in the area. The ones around here are either full of new stuff or old stuff with $1,000 price tags on them. Where's all the junk I ask you? To which her response was, "What are you talking about? Haven't you ever been to Sleepy Poets?" Sleepy who in the what now?? So I went online when I got home and almost peed myself in excitement.

55,000 square feet of fabulous! And all for me!!! Well, I called my mom at 11:00 last night and said, "Don't talk, just listen....they open at noon on Sunday, meet me there!" And thus I 11:00 I'm feeding Toot then it's out the door to see what we can see. I can't believe this place has been up the road from me this whole time?!?! I hope I can find some good stuff that will fit in my teeny tiny budget! lol

"So, will Maggi find what she's looking for at Sleepy Poets? Is there really any good stuff to be had or will this be just another disappointment? Will Toot's diaper leak? Stay tuned for another gripping episode of...


dun dun DUN!


  1. Ok.....first....I loveeeeeeeeeeeee U!!!!! I am LAUGHING out LOUD....BECAUSE we have been saying "dun dun DUN" all week at work (and U've been following me...soooooooooo I don't have to tell U WHY!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee antique STORES!!!!! I wish U had a Brass Armadillo there.....U would be drooling!!!!!!! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee what U have found so far...I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Julie Andrews and "Mommie Dearest" is one of my fave books EVER!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I can't wait to hear what you find next! I am not into vintage like you are, but it is so neat to read what you have to say about it. Puts a new perspective on it I guess you could say!! Thanks for sharing with me. I hope you find some good things and Toots diaper doesn't leak:)

  3. Thank's for the great entertainment,,can't wait for the next enstalment

  4. I just love the way you tell a had me from the first sentence and I was hanging on to the last!!!! WOW....what finds...I am Jealous...yes I am!!!!! Love that you found Thickers too!!!!! Ok, I will be waiting patiently to see what you find in that HUGE STORE!!!!!! I am there with you in spirit..hunting for MY Perfect Junk!!!! :)

  5. You are way too funny!!! I am so eager to hear what you found at this new thrift store!!! I hope LOTS of good stuff!!

  6. Oh. my.goodness. Love it, love all the grat finds and love your story telling! Can't wait to find out what happens today, I'm on the edge of my seat!!!

  7. Can I go shopping with you? Good Gravy...did you hit the jackpot! Love it all and I'm waiting on the edge of my seat to hear all about Sleepy Poet's and see the treasures you find.

  8. Sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see what you find!

  9. Totally hanging out to hear next installment of Mystery Maggi's Misadventures!!!

    I love the books on stars you picked up, book two is a hint on what I'm posting later on! Mmmm my own mystery ... xx
    ps I've been looking for a vintage travel case, lucky you!

  10. oh my goodness, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You are so fun, I love reading your posts! Congrats on all your bargains.....and I see you got a Lucy book in your new finds! I love Lucy as well....she was a remarkable Women! I can't wait to read your next post :)

  11. I only had a second to get on and blog because it has been an insane weekend - but I am so darn glad I stopped by your blog - you just make me LOL!!!!!! You are so great!!! I so love thrift store shopping!!!!!! Just luv - luv - luv all your bargains!!!! I bought a mess of those thickers myself at a local (big) store that has (lots) of stuff!

  12. I have that same bowl! My Aunt bought it for me from an estate sale, to add to my milk glass collection! How fun!
    And I would have bought all of those books too. Love Lucy is a great read. :)

  13. Haha Maggi, you totally crack me up... can't wait to hear what happened. As it is you totally scored for the weekend!