Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me Post You Long Time...

Oh boy, I've got a ton of things to share with y'all today so buckle up everybody! lol

First of all, I made another trip to the bookstore and of course did not leave empty handed (although I did leave empty walleted. lol) Here's what I picked up (not shown is a DVD copy of "How to Marry a Millionaire", one of my favorites!):

This is such a neat book on collage techniques!

Holy crap, how fabulous is Maureen O'Hara?!

Woo hoo, it's finally mine! lol I think I'm going to crochet a giveaway or two from this book for my Christmas In July blog party.

Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who have already signed up for my Christmas in July blog party! There's plenty of time to sign up, just make sure that you add the button to your blog and e-mail me at katamommy at gmail dot com to sign up! I've noticed some comments saying you're in but I don't want to add your blog until I get an e-mail. Don't want people yelling at me because I added their blog and they weren't seriously interested. I'm sensitive you know. :P So e-mail me to add your blog! I'm so excited about the presents I'm going to be giving away at my party! Whether or not you sign up your blog, everyone has a chance to win! *excited party fever dance* Get more details here!

I do have a little project to share with you all (go me!). I got this project from Marie Magazine, a magazine full of amazing crafts inspired by Marie Antoinette. They are shoes made from paper and then embellished. They looked so fantastic that I tried my hand at making one myself:

What do you think? They are so easy to make and the embellishment possibilities are endless!

All of my Mad Tea Partying a couple of weeks ago resulted in my winning this fabulous handmade pair of earrings from Judy at JMK Originals. I was shocked! I got them in the mail yesterday and could not believe how dainty and detailed they were, I do believe these will become a permanent addition to my Mad Tea Party next year!

Aren't they the sweetest things ever?! Check out her Etsy store here!

So let's dish "Bachelorette"! Is it me or does Jillian seem to be trying to convince the guys they should fall for her instead of the other way around? She's working awfully hard for these losers that don't seem to be making much effort at all. (Ed being the very slight exception) *sigh* Someone buy her a copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" stat! And I swear if Wes isn't beaten up at the reunion special I'll just pop a gut!

Well, I believe that's all for now. I was tagged by the marvelous Kathie at My Net Finds so I will save that for next time since this post is a mile long already...

I think I'll end this post with a question...

Was I ever this limber?!

I think I've only ever put my foot in my mouth metaphorically...


  1. your project is so cute! and how adorable are those earrings??? cutest baby picture ever ;-)

  2. Maureen is SO beautiful, good find.

    I wish we got the bachelorette here ... sigh!

    What about Toot, does it taste nice little one! lol xxxxx

  3. Maggi...you crack me up!! I love your blog!! Toot is such a cutie pie!!! Love that pic!!! Those little earings are SWEET!!! I'm off to check out her etsy store. Sooo fun. I'm still thinking on the party...I'll be in touch!! :)

  4. Great ideas and I've never heard of marie magazine.. I'll have to let my sister know. I love your blog and will be joining your Christmas in July party!! Have a great day.

  5. Oh Toot, do those tooties taste good....if i tried that I would be in traction for a month! :) Love your project how adorable!!!!!!!! Those earrings are just the best!!!!! I want to play along with the Blog party!!!! Sign me up!!! GwainBear@aol.com!!!! Have a great day!!!

  6. I love the shoe!! You did a great job.

    I can't wait for the party.

  7. i love how to marry a millionaire too! cool that you can crochet little guys - love those little earings congrats on winning them

  8. Score! Love all your new books and the shoe is fabulous...great job! The earrings are adorable, lucky you.

    I finally got to watch the Bachelorette from start to finish last night...SHE IS A MORON! I was screaming at the TV, The Italian thinks I'm nuts...but what else is new!

    Ahhh...to be that flexible, I find it hard to even tie my own shoes these days! Toot is just the cutest thing ever!!!!

  9. Wow... this post is full of cuteness! Love the shoe project! The earrings and oh my Toot!

  10. Wowo, love this post, what a bunch of goodness all rolled into one. I haven't been putting my feet in my mouth for a bit, ok, I don't think I ever did(physically)

  11. Holy Moly!!!!! I haven;t been here for a few days, and i feel like it has been a lifetime!!!
    First, love the thrift store finds!! I love to collect depression glass and old linens. Great luggage!
    Then, the Christmas in July sounds so cool, I have to think on that.
    Now, your cute earrings! Lucky you, and the winning name too. I have to be sure to get here every day!! I don't want to miss anything!

  12. Howdy Maggi
    Wow that Toot is something else.
    It would be awesome to be that limber .
    Congrats on those darling earrings .Simply fabulous !!!
    A must have for A Mad Tea Party !
    Your right about the shoes there are so many endless ways to sassy up these oh so cute shoes .
    What a fun project.
    I am so glad blogger finally let me in today.
    I have really missed coming by .
    I love all the books wow ,it was worth the empty pocket book :)
    At least to this bookaholic .
    Happy Trails

  13. Of course Toot is the cutest ever:) I love that book that you got and I can't wait to see what you make with it! And Wes is a MAJOR tool, thank goodness he is gone. Still thinking about what I want to make or present for the Christmas in July party before I email ya:)

  14. Love the books U got and that photo of Toot is adorable!!! And love your little project!! SWEET! And thanks for your support yesterday with my robbery...I truly appreciate it! :):):):)

  15. holy mother of pearl, toot looks adorable!!!

  16. your sweet baby girl is so cute/adorable. Glad you found some goodies, love the two movies you selected. And your shoe - so creative!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day !

  17. I think you were that limber!

  18. Those earrings are really cute & so is the baby. haha.

  19. nice embellies on the shoe project ;o) I see a little webster's pages ribbons on there. Aren't they GORGEOUS??

  20. cute post here missy maggi ~ love all the picture especially that cutie pie of yours!!!

  21. GREAT post honey!!!! I love that you rgonna knit little stuff :) awww! LOVE the shoe LOVE it! congrats n the earrings WAY cool & the pic of your baby is SOOO beautiful & cute aww!!! p,s, glad you like the button it looks GREAT!!!!

  22. What an incredibly awesome roundup of books! I would love to add all of them to my bookshelf as well :) I hope you have oodles of fun reading, and crafting with, them!

    Happiest Wednesday wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  23. Lol so cute that last picture :D. I have a baby now too, I have been playing with it all day. I love my new mac.

  24. I might could get my foot to my mouth...once. Then the chirpracter would have to sort me out, hee.
    How cute too is that shoe I ask you?
    Tres chic!
    And yes, i love love love the classics. As a matter of fact tuner classic movies is my favorite station! (they just dont make em like they used to!)
    Pllleeeaassee teach me some collage techniques..I'm a non crafty new bloggy girl in a crazy creative crafty bloggy world!!!!

  25. Those earrings are truly FABULOUS! I'm coveting them in a major way!

  26. Awesome blog and beautiful daughter. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day.

  27. I'm loving that Maureen book...what a name (LOL)! Really, I've always thought she was beautiful!!!! What an awesome find! And I sooo love when you put up a Toot photo!

  28. I can't even do the splits!

    LOVE the teapot and cup earrings!

    Thanks for the love on my SITS day! Hope you come back to the Pond!

  29. hahhaa that is hilarious!! it looks like it is someone else's foot! lol

  30. Hi Maggi!
    Also bought that book "How to Marry a Millionaire"! Didn't work out though - do you think we can get a refund?!! *wink*
    Lovely post - hope you're having a terrific week,
    xxLOL LOLA & Nora:)
    PS Don't know if you heard the Magical Moonspinner got herself kidnapped by Johnny Depp over at my place and we're looking for any suggestions how to rescue her?!!

  31. I absolutely love your blog...popped by from SITS! Love those little crocheted things...how adorable! I totally want Wes beaten up on the reunion show...and I want Jillian to do it! I was ready to pitch the remote at her if she gave that loser a rose last time! He is such a jerk he probably won't show up at the reunion! BTW... I {{heart}} Ed too!

  32. Okay Miss Maggi, you've been tagged! So if you wanna play, you have to fess up like I had to- I'm sure you've been tagged before, but just in case- the award is on my blog! xOxO