Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleepy Poet Loves America

Well, I dragged...uh, I mean took Chris to check out Sleepy Poet yesterday and I didn't find a thing!


Okay, that is a total lie, I got the best stuff!

A 1940's children's story book, a 1950's cookbook and a 50's dress pattern

A bag full of kitchen appliance manuals

Various pictures, how fabulous are these?!

For all of this I paid $11! Yay me!

In other news, I may be posting this after the 4th of July but hey, I can be patriotic any time of the year, right?

The ginormous "clothes pin" was a gift from Jocelyn which I painted red and added red Stickles to the metal squeezie thingie. The letters are Thickers and the flowers are from Paper Blooms. I didn't have any stars to speak of so I traced a star brad onto different color papers, glued them to toothpicks and then accented them with Stickles. The pin-up is one I cut from my book. Voila!

I'm thinking my Fab Five for this week is going to be Toot-oriented...still thinking on that one though! Happy Thursday everyone!!!


  1. oooh, love the pics! and the clothes pin is adorable :-)

  2. Fantastic finds...there's something about old photo's..a story waiting to be told..

  3. Your finds are FABULOUS! LOVE the paper clip pin up gal too!!! WAY COOL! :):):):):):):)

  4. You went to Sleepy Poet without me!:( Thanks alot Maggi!

    What lovely treasures you found, I'm loving that pattern and cookbook!

    Love your ginormous "clothes pin", aren't you the talented one!! So sweet of Jocelyn too.

    Fab Five all about Toot...yes please!!


  5. Should defintely do fab friday Toot related! That would be fun to read. I love that clothes pin too cute. I am still thinking about what I am going to do tomorrow for Friday Night Fab Five!!

  6. A sexy pinup, glitter, bling, and crocheted flowers? Shut UP!!! Just fabulous!

  7. Wow, I love all these things...don't you wonder who those people are, what they're doing today, etc?? Very cool!

  8. this post could not be filled with more FABULOUS things LOVE IT HONEY! & so jealousssssssssssss ;)

  9. wow! great project Maggi and great finds!

    ohhh.. Friday 5 about Toot? yay!

  10. Hi there :)

    I just gave you an award for your blog. :) :)
    The "Honest Scrap Award" - you can pick it up on my blog Beachy Keen:

    Congrats! :)

  11. Love the finds.....and YIPPEE look what you did with the clothes awesome is that!!! Can't wait for tomorrow night!! :)

  12. WOW Maggi, great lucky girl!!
    Wish I had those opps around here.
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  13. What amazing finds, wowzers girl, you have such fantastic thrift store luck!!! I especially dig that cookbook and the gorgeous vintage photos.

    Thank you so much all your wonderful comments, I hope you have an awesome day!
    ♥ Jessica

  14. I am lovin' that pin up girl giant clip! super duper cute!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow, you scored again! Great loot :-)

  16. So fun!!!!!! Great shopping finds!!!

  17. OK.. What the heck is a stickle! Give it up girl! I'm in the dark here (it's the whole living in France thing:)

  18. Those are great finds! How fun! The patterns remind me of my mom.

  19. What gorgeous finds! Especially the cookbook & vintage photos! And like Marie above, we're curious to know what a stickle is too! (But for us it's the whole living in Spain thing!)

    Have a great weekend!

    xxLOL LOLA & Nora:)
    btw thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment. Hope you enjoyed the fun as much as we did!!

  20. great treasures ~ as always miss maggi,,, that clothes pin is amazing ~ i adore pin up chicks,,, and can i say it?? your writing is so darn whitty, ive never met you, but i feel like your talking srtaight to me,,, love your blog!!!

  21. that pin-up 4th of july decoration is too cute - i wish i had seen that when i was trying to find a cute picture for my post that day!!

  22. ooohhhh so cute! i love the clothes pin!