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Life At Random: Hats, Times Square and the Smartest Kit Club Ever

Hello all!

I hope everyone has had a fab-u-lous weekend so far! We're heading off to a friend's house for dinner but before we go, I had some fun stuff to share!

1. Gauche Alchemy is having a contest to name their brown mixed media color kit so click here to add your amazingly awesome names to the entries! Also, everyone that comments (whether you suggest a name or not) is entered to win the brown color kit so go go go!

Speaking of Gauche Alchemy, I've decided that they are the smartest kit club in the world. Why is that, you ask? Click here and then scroll down but keep your eyes on the right hand column...go on, I'll wait!


You're back! Did you see, did you see?! If you didn't, I'll just tell you why they're so smart right after our new segment called *drum roll* "Fun With Hats!"

"Arrrr matey! Me be a pirate, searching the seven seas for rum and Johnny Depp! Arrrrrr!"

"Am I Russell Crowe yet?!"

"Um yeah...I'm totally not doing this..."

Yes, we loved living it up at the FAO Schwartz store while we were in New York City! Have a great night and I'll see you all back here tomorrow for a new Craftoholics!

P.S.-Gauche Alchemy asked me, moi, yours truly to be a guest designer for one of their fabulous kits! See, told you they were smarties! Mmmmmm...Smarties...


  1. I would say she is thinking, Oh man parents are totally weird! :P

  2. oh yay huge congrats on your guest DT place!!! love the funky hats. have a great week hun, hope to hear from you soon with more pics of toot!!! ciao xxx

  3. Looks like yall had a great timein NY. We will be going next summer. My 14yr old son is so pumped because we are going to get tickets for the Good Morning America Show.
    Congrats on the honor of being guest designer. That is awesome.

  4. WOOT! WOOT! FOR TOOT'S MOM!!!!! Way to go miss DT!!!!!!!!!!! See everyone knows you ROCK!!!!

  5. Love the hats! Those pics crack me up!Congrats on being GDT Maggi! :)

  6. hahaha, you guys are so funny! love the hats ;-)

  7. Love the hats - the pics are simply hilarious! lol

    Hope you've had a great weekend too!

    xxLola & Nora:)

    PS thanks for stopping by - commented back to you at my place! xx

  8. We did the same thing in a shop in NC with the hats...So fun. Congrats on the guest designer!

  9. CONGRATS on the GDT!!! That is AWESOME!!! And love love love love the hats! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. super congrats on the design team! that rocks :D

    ps - love the goofy hats :D

  11. Congratulations Maggi! Well deserved, your works are amazing

  12. You are so funny sweet gal! Lovin the hat parade, your right about what Toot is thinking, the look says it all :o


  13. You all are a bunch of nuts! Love the pics and I think that is exactly what Toot is saying!!

    Congratulations Maggi, and yes Gauche Alchemy very smart indeed!

  14. The pics are awesome :D

    Congrats on the Gauche Alchemy! I'm playing with Pink Parts as we speak(teehee)

  15. I love the hats! How brilliant! :) Especially Toot's hat :)

    ~ Kirsty x

  16. Haha love the pics!
    Congrats on your guest DT spot!! Can't wait to see what you do! I am soo curious what kit it is!!!

  17. Great pics! Toot is so adorable! I've always wanted to go to FAO Schwartz! I bet it was awesome!

  18. Haha love the hats! yep, Toots looks like she's wondering what in the world the parental units are thinking?!?!?!?

    congratulations on being a guest designer!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  19. Congrats on being a guest designer! Love the hat pictures too. Hope your having a good week:)

  20. LOL Your captions CRACK me up under those pics. You are too too funny girl-and SUPER talented to boot, go Maggi! Congrats on your "guest appearance" (it'll do til you have your own line yes?

  21. I love the pictures, and CONGRATS on the guest DT spot!!


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