Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toot Takes Manhattan, New York Part Two

Before we get to Toot's adventures in the Big Apple, a very cool announcement: Gauche Alchemy has a couple more spots left in their circle journal so get over there and sign up ASAP if you're interested! I, of course, will be participating so if you've been trying to figure out how to get your dainty little hands on a Maggi original, now's your chance! *pause for applause* ;) Also, they are having another color kit name contest, this time for their orange mixed media color kit so get over there with your suggestions! And congrats to my fabulous friend, Callista who named their purple kit, how amazing is she?!

Now, on with Toot's vaca in fabulous NYC! It was the cutest thing ever, Toot was all excited about ... Wow, sorry about that, I got a little fuzzy there for a minute. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Toot was so sweet *yawn* ... whoa ... so tired ... can't help but ... sleep ...


Is she asleep?! Wonderful! What do you mean, who is this? It's me, TOOT! That's right, Mommy was going to write the most boring post in the world about me in New York. I mean, come on..."cute" "sweet"? Puleeze! I couldn't let that happen so I decided to take matters into my own hands and tell you the real story of my time in the City. And not to worry, Mommy will not have any side effects from the sleepy candies I slipped least, I think it was sleepy candies, I just grabbed a bunch of stuff from the box in the bathroom so who knows...

ANYWAY, this was my first time in New York and it...was...AWESOME! Let me just tell you, New York loves me! Mommy and Daddy took me to FAO Schwartz and Toys R Us. They were cool I guess. Then they took me to the Disney Store:

I was having fun there until I discovered something much more fun...designer shops! Who needs a stuffed rodent or overpriced giraffe when I could shop for the finest NY has to offer?! I quickly ditched the parental units and took off for more couture waters...

Ah, Bergdorf' Grandmother shopped here many years ago you know...

Oh Armani, is there anything you can't do?

Louis Vuitton?!

*sigh* Gucci...

Eek!!! Tiffany's?!?! Yes please!

But not even Tiffany's could compare to what I found at Oscar de la Renta:

I went in to buy one for myself and this cheeky sales twit had the nerve to tell me that it didn't come in 6-9 months! The nerve! I didn't think it was all that great anyway...*sniff*...of course then Mommy found me and said that we didn't have enough money to get in the door...har har Mommy *eye roll*

Shhhhhh....did you hear that? I think Mommy's coming to, I better wrap this up fast! Thanks for joining me on a trip down Madison Ave! Join me next time when I shall tell you the tale of how I was asked to perform on Broadway...


  1. Wow...if I type fast enough I'll be the first to comment on you blog! That NEVER happens!! Ha!

    OMG! I peed myself, I always think you're so funny Maggie...but that Toot! Okay...the part about the "sales twit had the nerve to tell me that it didn't come in 6-9 months"!That's the part when I actually peed!

    Oh that was fun, can't wait for part three, and Toot, you're darling and don't worry Aunt Karyn will make you a gown suitable for the queen you are!

    Karyn (French Charming)

  2. Toot!!!! Looks like U are having a FAB time in my hometown!!! U look WONDERFUL Darling!!!! And U just let me take of Oscar....he's a friend of the family....I'll make sure U get that dress in your size!!! Now....go make sure Mommy wakes up! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Dear Aud,

    When your mommy doesn't want you to see those mean, nasty designers again, you know you can call your Aunt Mel! We will go shopping and look at all of the top designers! Louis Vuitton! Yes! Armani! Absolutely! Gucci! Fabulous!

    Aunt Mel

  4. Love your blog - Toot is so precious and she really has such fabulous style, as do you!!!!

  5. Toot, you're so cute! Ahh...we've so many things in common...we should hang out...:)

  6. That was too cute and Toot is adorable...what a great post and fun trip to NY..the Dress is to die for!!

  7. That is the funniest post EVER!!!! I love it!

    Toot looks so darn cute! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Oh, that Tootie is a cutie patootie!!!! (Sorry, lack of sleep is making me rhyme...)

  9. You have the cutest daughter. And she's hilarious, too. :) AND she has great taste - love the Oscar de la Renta dress.

  10. Looks like you guys had a great time! Toot included!

  11. Toots is sooo cute!! Lovely post!!

    Hope you're all having a great week!

    xxxLOL LOLA:)
    Thanks for yr lovely comment about my Interview with myself Part 1 - Part 2's just posted! Phew!Exhausted!

  12. Way to go Tooties! You are so great at blogging, you'll have to knock mom out more often. Hey she could probably use the shut-eye anyway!

    Lovin' your pictures, your all class! That's totally outrageous that Oscar didn't have your size, what's the man thinking.

    Well thanks honey, see you soon ;o

  13. Toot, you are the CUTEST thing ever!! Seriously, I fully expect to see you in a Pampers or Gerber commercial sometime soon.


  14. Toot you are such a stylin lady and I so enjoyed spending time on your tour!!!! Did you grab a LVT!!!!! I love those bags..... Next trip see is I can come along and we can do some shopping together and you can give me some real pointers on fashion!!!!! Love ya!!! :)

  15. Toot is so cute, and clearly has great taste in shopping.

    What an adorable post.

  16. toot, perhaps you didn't know this but Tiffany's has DIAMONDS! (much better than that dress AND you can wear them at 6-9 months) ;)

  17. Fun blog!! loved the "Toot Tour" she sure has a eye for Madison Ave, can not wait to tour Broadway with you!! Glad you are all having a Blast in NYC...

  18. Awh this was so cute! :)
    I would love to visit New York one day :)

    Thank you so much for the suggestions on what I could go as to the party :D they were so good!

    ~Kirsty x

  19. Ahhh Toot, you are such the ham!
    Did you walk away with anything from Tiffany's?

  20. Toot...thanks so much for taking us on a tour. Love it!!

  21. Awwwwww, TooT in the Big Apple! That really made me smile today, and i needed that! You need to be on late night girl!
    Thank you so much for your sweet condolences, I appreciate them!

  22. that's right! start them young!! she is quite the little fashionista! i love it!

  23. What an adorable post. Toot is a girl after my own heart, I see she loves shopping and fabulous fashions!

  24. The Vintage Housewife...August 14, 2009 at 11:24 AM

    eeekkkkk! toot you and me girl...are we twins...i love all the stores you swung by...i was totally dancing while reading...with my tiffany's on holding my louy...and for once it didn't cost daddy-o anything...hee

  25. Toot is so precious!!! Great photos! I would die just to be in Tiffanys...or even stand at the window like Audrey Hepburn did. :)

  26. Toot! You are the perfect story teller! And oh so photogenic!

    You'll have to get a hold of the computer again and tell us more tales!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (PS, please let mom know that I have an award for you and her to share! Come by please and pick up the FAB award!...oh and leave a bitty comment, so I know that you were there.)

  27. Toot you are the talk of New York City!

  28. Oh Toot I am so jealous! You have been to New York ALREADY and I don't know if I will EVER make it there! I am so glad you found all the best stores New York has to offer! I hope you enjoyed your trip to New York!

  29. awe I love the post.....she is so darn cute!

  30. oh my gosh maggi ~ why are you so freaking funnnnyyyyy!!! these shots with you little girly are sooooo funny!!! love.