Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tootie In The Sky With Ice Cream...And Lies...

Over the weekend, we had my mom and her best friend of many many years over to play The Beatles Rock Band. Both of them love The Beatles and even came dressed for the occasion (my mom is on the left and the hat her friend is wearing was one she wore in the 60's. Very groovy...)

I of course told them that they had to take at least one picture of them rocking out and this was what I got:

What can I say? I get it honest! Speaking of my mom, she sent me this video from You Tube and I thought I'd share:

I also have a layout to show you. I love the story behind this one: Basically ever since Toot was born, my Granny has been trying to give her sugar. I'm talking cookies, cake, ice cream, didn't matter what, she thought Toot needed to be eating real food from the beginning. Well, I've been able to keep her from giving her anything until we went to her house to celebrate her birthday.

I turn my back for one freaking minute only to come back to the table where Toot is sitting with Granny...covered in chocolate ice cream. When I accused Granny of giving her the ice cream, her response was "I didn't give her any ice cream!" When I then pointed out that my child's face was covered in evidence, she scoffed and gave me some song and dance about "the baby grabbing ice cream and putting it in her mouth before I could stop her." Yeah right...

I used the September kit from LPS which I am totally in love with! I also added some vintage buttons, sequins and of course an arrow pointing out my Granny's shame shame I know her name.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. When my daughter was not quite 2, my mother let her gorge on sugar cookies one afternoon, knowing this was a mostly sugar-free child. Mother went to bed at her normal bedtime while I watched said daughter bounce off the walls until the wee hours. I informed my mother if she gave that child one more sugar cookie, she'd be the one to stay up with her the following night. That was the end of sugar highs at Grandma's!

    On the other hand, an aunt on my dad's side tried to sneak into the hospital nursery right after I was born. To feed me tiny spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream. A tradition for newborns on that side. The nurses caught her, so she waited until my mother and I went home to carry out the tradition. In the first year of our lives, my paternal cousins and I were fed *everything* today's pediatricians say are harmful to babies. Dairy products, table scraps, you name it. All of us are, and have always been, healthier than our peers. And we fed own kids the same things. Just saying...

  2. Groovy mom & her friend...I've always wanted to play the electric guitar..

    Love the layout you did on Toot...it's such a fun layout and what a great story! My brother & sil didn't let me feed my oldest nephew anything they didn't approve...now that they are at baby#3, they don't care ...lol...but that said, #2 who ate everything after he was weaned, is less fussy about food while #1 is super picky.

  3. I love the pics and your layout is so nice!

  4. Love this post!! Your mom is rocking out and I love it!! she is very hip and not afraid to ham it up.. what a great mom you have. I also love your altered page.. toot is sooooo cute...granny is just being granny.What a great gift this is.. very creative!

  5. Love the pics of your Mom and her friend....you girls ROCK!!!!!! The video has me laughing my tail off....how do they find these things to make!!!!! NOW...the LO is PERFECT!!!!! I love all the elements and girlie...the journaling and title are perfect!!!! I did this with first grandson and my daughter would have a fit and now with Gavin she is a little better....but I FOLLOW the rules!!! He just celebrated his 2nd Birthday yesterday!!!!

  6. HAHAHAHA! Those sharks SLAYED me! Too funny!

    As for ice cream and babies, I don't think people can help themselves. My daughter's second food was a big ole bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream which her dad gave her while I wasn't there all to entertain his friends. She went from rice cereal to mint ice cream! Needless to say she HATES mint in all forms now. Go figure.


  7. My kids love that program :D Thanks for posting it. You have a very cool Mum :P

  8. awww, this layout ROCKS Maggi! Too cute. Go GrannY! grandmas are the BEST!!!!!!!!

  9. love the Beatles....amen!
    love those photos of them jamming to the Beatles!
    love the hat!
    loveeeeeeeee the video!
    And OMYSOGH....
    And YAY
    for SEQUINS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. Your mom and her friend are quite groovy. Great photos. Glad they had a good time with the game.

  11. love the pics of your mom and her friend, they're so cute!

    awww, toots. well, I think it's good for kids to have sugar every once in awhile...my cousins grew up not having junk food at all, once they got on their own, that's all they wanted and they went overboard...they all have weight problems now.

  12. Your Mom and her friend are hysterical...love the photo of them rocking out and the video is too funny!

    Your LO is fabulous Maggi and that's what Granny's are for...to spoil you and give you the things your Mom won't let you have!


  13. OMG, It's totally a Great Gramma thing. Mine does the same to J, ever since he was a little baby. She'd buy cookies to have for him. I'm always like he doesn't need cookies every time he sees you! When he makes a sandwhich or has anything really she says "What?? No butter?" And I tell her he doesn't like butter on most stuff and she actually gets mad and tells me "Poor kid doesn't even know how things are supposed to taste." LOL Well, maybe in the 50s everything was smothered in butter, but not so much now LOL

    Love your LO! the arrow is awesome and the title is great too!

  14. omg - my MIL always wanted to do this too - what's up with that????

  15. oh my gosh Maggi, your mom and her friend are too cute! And your layout rocks! what a funny story!

  16. What a GREAT post Maggi,
    the YOUtube clip was funny - hehe the sharks........

    wonderful work on the Toots scrapbook page, very nicely done - what great memories for her to have later in life.

    YOUR MOM & friend looks so hip ,sounds like you guys had a rocking cool evening.

    Thanks for sharig all this and for the big smile it gave me :)

  17. LOL! I love that pic of your mom and her friend...reminds me of my mom. Always willing to have fun!

    The LO is precious!!! It's one of my faves of yours! Grandma sounds like too much fun!

  18. very cute story and layout!!!!!

  19. SOOoooo glad I found you...thanks to Danielle!

  20. Precious!! The layout and the story both!!! So sweet and funny!!
    And your mom, and her friend. ROCK ON!!!!

  21. Gorgeous layout! I always love seeing your pages. The use of pastel hued sequins on this one is especially cool.

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments, sweetie! I hope you're having a fantastic week!
    ♥ Jessica

  22. Maggi, your Mom looks like she is a lot of fun! :> And speaking of fun, I LOVE your layout! Love the sequin border, the title, the collaged effect of the title, journaling, and embellishments, and most of all....that darling photo!! :>

  23. Your mommy is so cute! I have seen so many commericals for the Beatles rockband. Lol I want the country one. My husband wouldn't get it though. He says its not for Rockband but whatever I will get it one day:)

    I LOVE your lo of Toot and your granny. How cute is that. I realyl love all the embelishments. It turned out awesome! I need to get in my room and do some scrappping dang it!! Hope your week is going well so far!

  24. That LO is fabulous...the video was, um, fun I guess. LOL!

  25. Oh your mum is so cute! Looks like a bit of a live-wire too. The clip she sent is hilarious.

    Your Granny is so naughty and funny too. Great family you have there honey.

    I got a little peek at Toot's too, I'm happy.

  26. Your mom looks like a lot of fun :D. I love the little layout you created, its adorable. I especially like the 3D effect of the lettering.

  27. Oh I want to come and be groovy with your mum. I love the Beatles! X

  28. What an awesome lo! I love love love the story behind it & how you scrappped it! Very fun! I also love "candy " buttons.. very clever!! great work! thanks for sharing~ Your blog is awesome!

  29. ...you are just one of the funniest people i know.
    I love coming here, you never fail to make me laugh at loud! Out loud, for real!
    Toots hijinks, sugar grannies, rockin mamas and all.

  30. Beep Beep! You might like to take a jog on over to...,...are you on the edge of your seat yet?

    Circle Journal City! Happy happies.

  31. I see where you get it from...your Mum looks like she is having the time of her life and your Granny is a rebel as well. Watch out...Toot has big shoes to fill!!
    Your LO rocks !! xOxO Nerina :)

  32. Oh, Maggi! This post was hilarious!

    Love your mom's sense of humor!...her and her friend's rocking out pic and the video she sent you...too funny!

    And then you granny and Toot! haha... the "evidence".

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (so behind on my blog reading!...again!)

  33. what a precious memory you will have! i love the colors of the layout....it's sooooo cute!!!! love it! thanks for the giggly video too! too cool!


  34. Love the Girls rockin the Beatles!!! Go girls Go...
    Layout is cute. I too was keeping my Jennifer away from snack junk food, sugar etc..Successful until age 5ish... Until one day my middle sister Cindy took her to the movies.. popcorn, peanut butter cups, soda.. you get it.. well best part of story was when they came back (after my sister telling Jennifer it was a secret) Cindy is the one who blabbed.. "we had soda, popcorn, peaunt butter cups" YIKES>>>> Jennifer just looked at her and said "you told me it was a secret not to tell"!! now, thats a layout to document.. lol

  35. I love the pictures....and what a cute layout!

  36. What a cute blog you have! I love the animal video! Such a fun place to visit!

    Michelle :)