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Costumes of Halloween Past

There's not a lot going on here for Halloween this year so I thought I'd drop in and share some of my costumes from years past. Somehow I could only find 3 pictures from childhood and 2 pics from my Corporate America phase. lol Ah well, here they are anyway!

All the way from 1978, I was a...what is that? A bear I guess? This was definitely one of those costumes in a box you could get at the drugstore. I miss costumes in boxes...

This was 1979 and my favorite costume when I was a kid. We didn't have a lot of money growing up so Mom paired my Wonder Woman Underoos with a Wonder Woman mask and my red rain boots and voila, instant super hero!

I think this was 1982...again, not much money so this fabulous costume was holes cut in a sheet with a lipstick mouth and my Easter hat...ta da! Lady ghost!

So for my first Halloween in the corporate world, I was so excited to find out that all the departments dressed up and I was all about being a fairy. Then I found out that each d…

Friday Night Fab Five: Random Fabulousness

Heyyyyyy youuuuuu guuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyys! (Goonies...hee hee)

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five! This week we're going random again, don't you just love it? I am all about some random so let's jump right in!

1. PaperBack Swap

Believe it or not, before I started playing video games and putting glitter on everything in site, I was a reader. lol I still read but the price of (new) books is getting nuts. Enter I just learned of this site and instantly fell in love! You basically swap books with other people and they are totally free. All you pay is postage for the book that you send to someone else. They have a TON of books available and I found a couple of out-of-print celeb bios I had been looking for, huzzah! (I'm also going to use this site to get Toot some books, kids books are SO freaking expensive!) This looks like a great way to get rid of some book clutter and save money adding to my library. Click the logo above to check it …

Circle Journaling, Now With 100% More Cannibalism!

This time around on the Gauche Alchemy Circle, I got a chance to work in a very special journal that belongs to my good friend Callista. I knew this would be a fun CJ to work in because 1. I like Callista and 2. Callista likes cupcakes. Not surprisingly, the theme of her journal is "Cupcakes" fun!

Except that...I was viciously attacked by that nasty beast: Artist Block. Boo! Hiss! Come on Artist Block, really? Give me a break! Grrrrr...

So I thought and I schemed and I planned and I racked my brain trying to make my entry in Callista's CJ the best...but what would make it the best? What could I do with sweet sugary fairy cakes that hadn't already been done? What could I do? WHAT?!

Wait a minute! I know! I can't believe I didn't see this before...duh! Everyone knows that cupcakes are known cannibals. It's in their nature...their delicious delicious nature...

Naughty naughty little cupcake!

These pages were fairly simp…

Family Pictures: Album Four

Hello all! Time once again for some pictures from our Family Vault (i.e. the box in our den) and if you're just joining us you can read about these albums and see the first one HERE, the second one is HERE and the third album is HERE.

Album Four is interesting because it contains pictures mainly from the 40's with some 20's, 30's and 50's "misplacements" thrown in for good measure. I was lucky to find some years written on the back of a couple and have noted it with the specific picture. There must have been at least a couple of the men in the family that served in WWII because I found quite a few shots of men in uniform. I hope you all enjoy Album four!

And as always: I'm sure it goes without saying that these pictures are not to be posted anywhere or used in any way without express permission from me. Period. I can be contacted at katamommy at I promise I don't bite! :D

This one has "1926" written on the back.

This one has …

Welcome to Steampunk

One thing I noticed during this year's birthday jaunt to my local Renaissance Faire was the infusion of Steampunk amongst the feathers, corsets and capes. I drooled, I envied and I was delighted by this fanciful addition to the various costumes. If you've never encountered Steampunk, just think Victorian England with a dash of gears, brass and mechanical hybrids. You can also read about it on Wikipedia HERE. I think this style is fascinating and such an intriguing artistic question begging to be explored and answered. I would love to share some fabulous Steampunk finds with you, an area filled with possibilities! I think if I were currently on a scrapping design team, I would so create a Steampunk challenge! lol

I love this custom made hat from Gypsy Lady Hats
(Actually all of the hats in this shop are amazing, give them a visit!)

Crystals add some much loved "Maggi Bling Need" on this necklace from A Second Time

Must have these goggles from Maelstromme's

This s…

Friday Night Fab Five

First off, just so y'all won't think I haven't been getting my creativity on lately, a sneak peek on what I've been working on that is taking me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to complete:

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things that I think are fabulous this week. This week is all about the random and I am the Queen of Random!

Without further ado:

1. Assets by Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is the creator of Spanx and Assets is her more affordable line sold in Target stores. If you are looking for a body shaper you can wear outside of the wedding or fancy party, get this one! It's comfortable and doesn't give you that thigh bulge. I really love how it smooths everything out and my hubby noticed a difference before I even told him I had it on!

2. Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer

The coming of Fall means many things to many people but for me it means that the fancy seasonal creamers will be hitting stores and hitting my coffee, woo hoo! I l…

Takin' Care of Business...Told You I Would Forget Something!

Thanks so much for all of the fabulous birthday wishes everyone! I so appreciate it! I've actually been sick the past couple of days which has slowed me down a little (boo! hiss!) but we're getting back on track! I have so many things I want to tell you about (new projects, my day at the Renaissance Faire, Toot's birthday, major happy mail)! I wish I had a project to show you but I'm currently crocheting some different things and crochet does not lend itself to instant gratification (again: boo! hiss!) lol. So instead I have some news from here and there from people getting more accomplished than I:

1. Life Preservers Scrapbook Club is having an online crop this weekend and it's sure to be amazingly fun if the previous crops are any indication. LPS is my online scrappy home and I do hope you'll consider joining us this weekend! We have a lot of fun and the LPS gals are really awesome (read: 100% drama free).

2. There's a new challenge blog on the ho…

I'm Pretty Sure This Is The Best Day Ever...

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all of you that partied with me over the weekend at Vanessa's Halloween bash. There were so many awesome blogs participating, I enjoyed visiting each and every one! I was a little worried when I wrote my post as I wasn't sure everyone would "get" my brand of humor but most seemed to enjoy it so THANK YOU! In the end I left around 180 comments and visited over 200 blogs (not all had party posts) so I count it as a success! lol

Next, I'm not sure you if you knew this but 10 days after Toot was born, I was born! All right, 10 days and a few years after. Yes, you guessed it - today I turned 33! Go me! :P

My hubby started the party early last week by getting me a crochet magazine I'd been drooling over and 2 new crochet books. This past Sunday my mom took us to the local Renaissance Faire which we go to every year to celebrate my birthday (pictures to come later, I was lazy :P) and tonight my dad is taking us out to dinner…

Welcome to the Blog of Horror...Enter If You Dare...

Contained within this blog are the most unimaginable horrors known to man. Things only whispered in the dark have clawed their way to the surface to revel in this thing we all fear....the Blog Party. And not just any blog party. We're talking about the Mother of All Halloween Blog Parties...

Mothers, hide your children! Men, bar the door! Super old people with heart conditions, take your aspirin! For you are about to enter...Just Add Glitter and Stir's:

House of Oddities


Banned in 51 states, this is the show you've tweeted your nightmares! Never before has this collection been on display for all to see, to witness, to lament! (Except for that one time. There was some...unpleasantness and we are no longer allowed in Home Depot.) And yet, here it is! For today only! (or until the next blog post is written) Prepare to be amazed! Prepare to be horrified! Prepare to be boarded! Step right up and see...

The Playlist of …