Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gentlemen Prefer The Roller Derby and a Wool Suit - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

Okay, I know I've talked about before and I don't want to sound like one big commercial but I just had to share. I've traded some books since joining up and have been lucky enough to add the autobiographies of Marion Davies, Ginger Rogers and Jane Russell to my collection.

Speaking of Jane Russell, I was watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" the other day and decided to do a little research (this is all leading back to Paper Back Swap, I promise! :D) Come to find out, the 1953 musical starring Russell and Monroe was based on the 1949 stage musical which was based on the 1925 novel written by Anita Loos (who also wrote a sequel called "But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" which was made into a forgettable sequel to the movie starring Russell (as Dorothy Shaw's daughter!) and Jeanne Crain). There was also a silent movie adaptation made of the novel in 1928 which has been lost unfortunately.

ANYWAY, all that to say that I decided to look up the original book by Loos on Paper Back Swap to see if I could find it and low and behold, someone had a copy which I quickly snapped up. I had no big illusions on what edition the book would be as I was assuming it had been printed and reprinted multiple times. So just imagine my exclamation of "HOLY MACARONI!" when I checked my mail today and saw this:

Yup, a 1926 (10th printing) edition of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". Can you believe it?!?!?! AND it has the most fantastic 1920's style illustrations by Ralph Barton:

It is just in beautiful condition for its age and I feel SO fortunate to have inadvertantly made such a find. So this lovely treasure will be a permanent fixture on my bookshelf. I'm also planning on harvesting Paper Back Swap for some free books I won't feel guilty cutting up and gluing to something. LOL :D

So let's jump ahead a couple of decades and discuss how fab it would be to own this 1950's three piece wool suit from Cheap Vintage.

Gimme gimme gimme! LOL

And last but not least...guess where I'm going tomorrow????

Oh baby, the roller derby....WOOOO HOOOOO! Last match of the season and I will be there with my Barbie skates on! Okay, I don't think I'll wear my skates which is a shame, they sure are cute...The husband's birthday is Monday and our friends: D & D are treating us to the roller derby which we are both super excited to go check out.

So what are your plans for Sunday? I've been hearing some of you are getting snow, how about sending some my way???? :D


  1. omygosh!!!! that is a TREASURE!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! And have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun at the derby! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful find! I am totally jealous. :) And I agree it would be fabulous to own that suit. Enjoy the roller derby.

  3. Fantastic find! I will have to check out the book site!

  4. I LOVED Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Barring that terrifying swim team song (could those shorts look any more invisible?!) I thought it was hilarious and laughed through the whole thing.
    I had no idea it was a book (which is weird 'cause I'm a book nerd) and there's a sequel! Well I learned a ton so thanks for sharing.

    And WHAT a treasure you got!

  5. love the vintage book...have fun at the roller derby!

  6. that is an awesome find! Vintage books are fantastic. Have fun at the derby.

  7. Gorgeous book! And Roller derby? How cute are you?

    I was so into vintage when I was a student - actually used to wear my mom's stuff from the 60s when I was in high school and university, some of which is still in my closet and now I'm in my ripe old 40s (ugh). That suit is to die for.

    We're hosting my daughter's 5th birthday party today - should be a riot!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog during SITS FB day!

  8. Hey there. Thanks for entering my first giveaway. I appreciate it. Good luck. I hope you'll check out my new post on my Sugar & Spice blog on Penelope Cruz. Thanks so much. Cheers!

  9. Interesting stuff.... The paperbackswap site sounds interesting. I am going to check that out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I hope you guys had a great time at the roller derby! WE haven't had snow here yet, but it is can have that if you want it:)

  11. Very cool treasures! Enjoy your book - although I do rather prefer the sequel (since I am brunette!).
    Roller derby! I used to watch that so much when I was a girl - it's never on tv anymore. Did you go see "Whip It" with Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. It was such a great film!
    Theresa :)

  12. Sounds like you found yourself a wonderful treasure of a book!Iunderstand your excitment very well - I do have several books dated between 1920-s and 1928-th, they are remarkable in illustrations and quality. "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" is one of my favorite movies - I always admire fantastic costume that were made for it. I had no idea that there was a continuation of the story. I enjoyed reading your post very much!:-) Thank you for stopping by. Yes, it is great to be back!

  13. First of all, awesome about getting ahold of such a book! That kinda thing doesnt happen every day :).
    Roller derby? How freakin cool!!!!!! Id love to go to one of those. I am looking forward to seeing that movie "whip it". Cant wait for it to come out here in the UK.
    *kisses* HH

  14. I did want to say that that is so cool about the Roller Derby. I've always wanted to go to one, but I never have. Have lots of fun. I'm sure you will.

  15. If I lived in the States I would so be all over this paper back swap idea! Boyyyyyy.. Maybe I should start it here in France amoung the expats...hmmmmmm..... Reading rainbow!!!!!!!!!!

  16. PS. Saw that you're on Twitter too! I'm following you now:) @Guedelon I'm tweeting for a castle project:)

  17. Thank you for following and linking!I will put up your link right now umder listed on as thank you. I'm also glad someone else appreciates short nail art lol.

    Oh and enter the giveaway! It supports punch brand more than anything and they are too cute to die off in a recession!

  18. That suit is such a gem, it looks every bit as stylish today as the moment it first hit the fashion market. Terrific find!

    Joyful birthday wishes to your wonderful husband, I really hope he has an amazing year ahead!
    ♥ Jessica