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Her Name Is Von And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!No idea what the what I'm talking about? Go here to find out more!This week's Craftoholic is special and so much fun because not only is she a major Craftoholic, but she also owns Life Preservers Scrapbook Kit Club! Help me welcome the fabulous Von Tinney!
Please list any crafts you enjoy making.


What is your favorite?


Easy enough! lol

I love this envelope mini album! Such a great use for those seasonal decorative envelopes I will never use! lol

When did you start making crafts? Was there a particular reason or event that got your started?

"When I was growing up we owned a ceramic shop and it seems like I've been doing crafts forever."

What do you like to do when you aren't crafting?

"Read, surf, chat online"

Surf? As in the ocean? Where the sharks live?! Impressive! lol ;)

What makes you a craftoholic? What drives you to create?

"I am a Craftoholi…

Pin Me Up Buttercup

The last of the pin-up ATCs is upon me! Hurray! These are the final ATCs for my vintage swap at LPS. Now I just have to finish up a couple more pages for the circle journal, the glitter ATCs for Ally's swap and then get started on some Halloween ATCs for yet another swap.

In other news, the hubby is off to a work conference and I'd be upset that he'll be gone for our wedding anniversary on the 1st except that he'll come home with tons of free stuff sooo... :P

Friday Night Fab Five: You Tube To The Rescue!

Hello all and welcome to another addition of Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things that I love or want or need or watch or have or well you get the idea. This week is called "Panic Fab Five" because I'm rushing to make my 5:00 deadline before having to leave to pick up Chris so can I just say: "thank God for You Tube!"

1. Charlie and Lola "I Just Love My Red Shiny Shoes" episode:

I love this episode because a) Charlie and Lola is the best mixed media show on TV and b) I hate when I can't fit into my favorite pair of shoes...

2. Reading Rainbow (Old School Reading Rainbow!):

Holy crap I lived for this show as a kid! And in 1984, this episode was my absolute favorite because I wanted to be in this "Teamwork" dance number SO bad! lol

3. Arrested Development, episode "Good Grief":

Okay, if you've never seen this show before there's no way I could explain this clip in any way that you would Basical…

Let The Circle Be Unbroken...(please let it be unbroken!!!)

First of all, I have to thank all of you for your mega sweet comments on my last post. I really appreciate all of your encouragement and just think you're fabulous so thank you from the bottom of my blogging heart!

Today I wanted to share a couple of things I made for the new circle journal I'm doing with a fun group of artsy type peeps over at Gauche Alchemy. I chose to do an 8x8 album and the theme I chose is "Vintage Bling" (I know big shock, right? :P). As a way of signing in, I'm including blank tags for everyone to decorate with a request for them to include their favorite decade. Here is my tag:

I picked the 1950's (another huge shock, I know!) and included my name and why I love the 50's on the back of the tag. I'm also done with the cover sheet for the album:

For the cover I used an old picture and book page I got from my favorite haunt, Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, a few Thickers, some patterned paper the August kit and Basic Grey bling I got…

"What's My Destiny Mama?"

I'm itchy...

Not in the physical sense. Maybe the metaphysical sense is what I mean. I've always been a creature of no habit. I find a new craft or skill or object or whatever and obsess over it until I either A) master it or B) lose interest and move on to something else entirely.

And lately I've been "itchy" which is what I call it when I'm feeling discontent or just...stagnant. Now don't misunderstand me, I love my life: my marriage, my husband, my Toot. My discontentment is with something in myself, like feeling like a balloon with too much air and I have to let it out or I'll pop. The feeling like something is there I just have to find the right thing to get it out. I've started calling it my "Forrest Gump Feeling". As the title of this post suggests, this line from "Forrest Gump" comes to me whenever I'm feeling this way.

In the scene, his mother is dying and Forrest asks her, "What's my destiny Mama?&…

Odds and Ends

While feverishly trying to finish up some projects for swaps I'm doing, I found a couple of things I haven't shared yet...

A couple more pin-up ATCs:

This is a double page layout I did for a challenge contest at LPS (click for larger):

Can you believe August is practically over?! September brings our 2nd wedding anniversary and then comes October when Toot will turn one year old and I will turn thirty-*signal lost* years old...Time is flying!

Her Name Is Jordiegirl And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!No idea what the what I'm talking about? Go here to find out more!This week's Craftoholic is a fabulous card maker from the UK, Jordiegirl!
Please list any crafts you enjoy making. What is your favorite?

"I enjoy knitting, bobbin lacemaking, cross-stitch, embroidery, cardmaking. My favourite is cardmaking because you can make a quick card or you can do a project which takes a lot longer."

I love the idea of a real photograph on a card...

When did you start making crafts? Was there a particular reason or event that got your started?

"I have been crafting since I was a child when I learned to knit at about the age of 7. My mother and our neighbour taught me to knit but had to teach me the right-handed way although I am left-handed because they were both right-handed!

Now cardmaking is a different story - I actually got involved in that because a young friend with special needs went to work at a new local store an…

Life At Random: Hats, Times Square and the Smartest Kit Club Ever

Hello all!

I hope everyone has had a fab-u-lous weekend so far! We're heading off to a friend's house for dinner but before we go, I had some fun stuff to share!

1. Gauche Alchemy is having a contest to name their brown mixed media color kit so click here to add your amazingly awesome names to the entries! Also, everyone that comments (whether you suggest a name or not) is entered to win the brown color kit so go go go!

Speaking of Gauche Alchemy, I've decided that they are the smartest kit club in the world. Why is that, you ask? Click here and then scroll down but keep your eyes on the right hand column...go on, I'll wait!


You're back! Did you see, did you see?! If you didn't, I'll just tell you why they're so smart right after our new segment called *drum roll* "Fun With Hats!"

"Arrrr matey! Me be a pirate, searching the seven seas for rum and Johnny Depp! Arrrrrr!"
"Am I Russell Crowe yet?!"
"Um yeah...I…

Friday Night Fab Five: 5 Toots and a Wink

This week's Friday Night Fab Five was originally going to be about current things that fascinate me. Then I started looking through some NY pictures and it is now about one thing in particular that I find utterly fascinating: Toot's new picture faces.

I mentioned in my last post about Toot not smiling anymore when she sees the camera. I admit that I find her new looks much more interesting and they always make me smile. Did you know she'll be one year old in just under 2 months??? What the...?!

So without further ado, the many faces of Toot...

And just because this is too fascinating not to give an honorable mention, please to enjoy...

"Winking Pants"

I almost lost it with the

Have a great weekend everyone!

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Blogging Please

Lots to talk about, lots to talk about y'all!

First things first: how did my child lose the ability to smile in pictures? Lately every time I hold the camera up, I get this:

Don't get me wrong, still cute but EVERY TIME! lol She's a nut...

Speaking of Toot, the other day she started choking on a biter biscuit and being home by myself, I ended up having to go halfway down her throat to dislodge it and have been having mini panic attacks ever since. Not.Fun.

Anyhoo, announcement time YAY!

1. If you look to your right, you'll see notice that Gauche Alchemy is giving away some Graphic 45 fabulousness so make sure to get over there and leave a comment for a chance to win, tell them Maggi sent ya! (I won't get anything for it but I like seeing my name in print. :P)

2. And for our readers on the left side of the blog you'll notice that the ever fantastic Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is hosting another fabulous blog party!

You may remember that Vanessa hosted the Mad T…

If Loving Vintage Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

While riding the bus in NY, we passed a vintage store called, "Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing". Our stop was a few blocks up from there but Chris was lovely enough to make the hike in the opposite direction we were heading so I could check it out. And let me tell you, if you love vintage and you're in NYC, you gotta go here.

No pics of the place itself as they had HUGE signs saying they would essentially eat my camera if they caught me taking pictures but they had an AMAZING selection of clothes, hats, shoes, bags etc from the 1940's through 1980's. Here's what a I snagged:

A 50's day dress in excellent condition (and half off!)

A hat, too cute (and Chris picked this one out. I paid an ungodly amount for it! lol)And this was the first hat to catch my eye, pink and sparkly! It needs some TLC though!

Also while in New York, I went to a fabulous book store that carries used and new books, along with out of print and rare books. I was in heaven! I immed…

Her Name Is Carrie And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!No idea what the what I'm talking about? Go here to find out more!This week's Craftoholic is the scrappiest Carrie!

Please list any crafts you enjoy making. What is your favorite?

"My fave craft is scrapbooking, by far! I do love other crafts but like them best if I can find a way to include them on my scrapbook pages. I love to get messy with my girls and create glittery crafts for every occasion. The most unusual craft we made last year was the milk jug skeletons. We painted them with glow in the dark paint – they rocked!"

When did you start making crafts? Was there a particular reason or event that got your started?

"I made tons of crafts as a kid with egg cartons, wall paper, pipe cleaners, glitter and glue. I got started scrapbooking years later and didn’t really like it! LOL 'They want me to CUT UP my pictures? Are they CRAZY?'"

I love the label maker journaling and omg that baby is too c…

Sugar Takes Manhattan, New York Part Three

Okay y'all, I'm going in a million different directions at the moment: some creating, new vintage finds, still uploading NY pics, playing with my newest toy, waking up with Toot several times a night and visiting all of your fabulous selves so please forgive me for not keeping up with the 'ole blog like I normally do! :D

One day while we were in the City, we were walking to our bus stop when all of a sudden something caught my eye. Something that I never thought I would find in the concrete jungle that is New York (at least until I turned the corner anyway). I'm, of course, talking about...Crumbs.

This shop has about any flavor of cupcake you can imagine and they are HUGE. They had other things like dessert pizzas and coffees but please, go for the cupcakes. (Though their iced coffee was fantastic.) We walked away with four of their amazing creations:

From left top to bottom right (descriptions from their website):

S'mores: *I couldn't find this one on their…