Sunday, January 31, 2010

And So It Begins...With Sequins

So the circle journal I'm hosting officially gets underway tomorrow and I have finally finished mine. (After all, it won't do for the hostess to be late, right? lol) I must have gone back and forth on my theme a zillion times before finally landing (and staying put on) "My Favorite Things". I also decided to challenge myself by using a 6x6 size. (The challenge comes in because I typically like to drown my projects in embellishments and what nots so this really made me think about what I wanted to use and had room for on the page.)

In the end, I'm satisfied with my final result. My pages are smothered and covered (Waffle House-a favorite) in my favorite things, huzzah! This is my cover page:

I named my journal, "My Favorite and My Best" as a homage to Charlie and Lola-a favorite, using Thickers, Cosmo Cricket paper, the color pink and bling, all favorites. (I must also call misspelling a fave since I spelled "journal" wrong. Oh well! lol) I also decided to focus on more "frivolous" favorite things rather than the important ones (friends, family, God, country, etc etc etc) lol.

Here is my introduction page and sign-in page:
Favorites: sequin waste, Ninja New York restaurant in NYC, bling, glitter, Disney pins, unusual embellishments. Due to the size, I kept the sign-in requirements simple: name and location.

And here are is my entry for the journal, left side first:

Favorites: Chick-fil-A, video games, bling, vintage, records, Pullips, crochet, Mod Podge (used to adhere most of the elements), cupcakes, pictures, kawaii, vintage ads. I used a lot of pieces from various Gauche Alchemy mixed media color kits, along with more Cosmo Cricket and an expired Chick-fil-A coupon (forgot to use it, shoot!) lol

Then the right side:
This was a fairly simple page, more Cosmo Cricket, some ribbon and sequins. A Starbucks cup cuff to create a pocket to hold the card which I used to list favorites using a MAJOR fave of mine: my Dymo label maker. lol

A close up of the card:
I feel so much better now that everything is ready to go! I can't wait to see what everyone in the circle adds as their favorite things!

What are some of the things you like to call your favorite?

P.S.-Final count of the word Favorite in this post: 14 lol See you tomorrow for The Bachelor! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Night Fab One With Four What the...?!

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm currently digging, loving or obsessing about...normally.

This week however is a little different because we're going to look at things I've seen this week that I've found disturbing, frightening, irritating or just maybe not so fab. Of course, this is all done with humor so if one of these is your favorites this week....uh, don't read what follows. :D

1. Locked Up Abroad

For those unfamiliar, "Locked Up Abroad" is a show on the National Geographic Channel (or "Nat Geo" as they like to be called) It focuses on true stories of real people traveling to different countries and landing in that country's prison system, typically after trying to smuggle drugs and then getting caught. Most of these people decide to smuggle drugs after becoming stranded in another country without money to get home and see it as an easy way (in theory) to make the money and/or airfare. If this show has taught me anything (other than to just stay home) it's this: Never ever agree to tape anything to your legs, swallow balloons filled with Lord knows what or stick anything up your butt to get home. Just suck it up and call your dad.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting Inspired and Board With Cinderella and The Monkees

Hi everyone!

Serious for a moment: have I told you lately that I love you? Thank you SO SO SO SO much for all of your votes for Zachary's teacher. The winner will be announced tomorrow and last time I saw the votes, Ms. Moree was holding strong at 4th place so here's hoping she shot up to the top when we weren't looking! lol I believe the top 5 or maybe even the top 10 get a little something so all is not lost! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking time to vote. It means so much to me and my friend was thrilled and so blessed that strangers would vote for her son's teacher. Thank you!

Now, I have been wanting to have an inspiration board for a while now. I've seen such amazing ones on blogs and various sites and my crafty type room is sadly in need of some inspirational decor. (Bare walls drive me nuts! lol Must cover every inch....must cover every inch...) If you have no idea what I'm talking about, an inspiration board is basically bits and baubles of things you like, dig, love and/or are generally inspired by and this is not restricted to just creative types! Ever tear a picture of your dream house out of a magazine and stick it on the fridge? Well, you've started an inspiration board (or fridge as it were, lol).

So I've been thinking lately about what and how I wanted to do this thing and chose a pretty spot of blank wall in our craft room/office area. I knew I wanted a frame-like something or other around everything and thought about taking wood pieces and attaching them in some sort of haphazard frame but then changed my mind when I envisioned the millions of holes in the wall I would have to someday putty over. Bah. That's when I remembered the few old canvases that were either half finished or just gross looking and grabbed one of those to use. Except instead of using the front, I'm going to turn it around and build my inspiration board on the backside:

I've already Gesso'd the heck outta this thing and am now ready to make it my own little piece of inspiring inspirational inspiration. (Say that 3 times fast) But what to add to it? Well, I've already got some vintage thingamabobs, sweet kawaii whatnots, fun junk mail pieces and about 3 zillion sequins but I'm also hawkeyeing the "interwebs" for fun things to add as well. One thing I found yesterday was from the Disney Parks blog of all places, lol. Yesterday they posted this fun little photo series of Cinderella that was taken with a $10 toy camera:
How fun! So that's definitely going to be included somewhere. But what else to add??? Hmm...I just love thinking about and planning new projects, don't you?

Speaking of inspiration: I have spoken (read: gushed) about Emma from Emma's Music before and how much I adore her dreamy music. If you haven't visited her yet now you have an even bigger reason to do so as she is having a giveaway! And this is an awesome giveaway because the winner gets their favorite music performed Emma-style and they will get a copy for their very own! I've already got my entries in (and am requesting all Monkees music, naturally lol) so click HERE to enter!

I'll be back tomorrow with another Friday Night Fab Five (it is Thursday today, right?) but before I go, I wanna know:

Do you have an inspiration board? Or are you planning on making one? What are you adding to it?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Big Cry Babies

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Previously, on the third episode we saw Michelle go home mid date and Elizabeth tease her way out of the house. What shall happen tonight my fellow Bachelor fans? I mean, with girls being tossed out on their butts left and right, there's not much more they can do to entertain there? It looks like ABC is sure going to try as earlier today on Twitter, Chris Harrison (the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) had this to say:

Oh really Mr. Harrison? Well, we'll just see about that...

Although the opening is pretty in your face: bleeped cussing, flowers on fire and Jake refusing to give out roses...hmmmm...I'm intrigued...

Let's dive right in, shall we?

So Chris shows up at the house and tells the gals that there will be one 1 on 1 date, one group date and one 2 on 1 date. He also informs the ladies that they are all being kicked out of the house...and on to a couple of RVs. Road trip! So in a flurry of squealing glee, the girls run out and Ali promptly crawls into the luggage compartment underneath the RV. Quick, lock it! Lock it up tight!

Apparently the girls aren't coming back to the house at all as the girls will be living in the RVs for a while and heading up the California coast. Oh this should be good. One thing for sure, I am so glad these girls are in motorized vehicles. Maybe now we'll get a rest from the painful plane and flying analogies and what not. I mean, come on...what can they about a stupid RV going down the...oh crap.

Ella: "I am ready to get my relationship with Jake rolling down the highway of love."

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How could you Ella?! How COULD you?!?! That's it, you've made the list!

Anyway, Corrie says, "OMG we're going to like be like the most dysfunctional like family on the highway." Okay fine, she didn't say "like" that many times but um hello Corrie. You are not a "family". You are one girl out of 9 who is competing for the "love" of one guy. Oh these girls...

So Jake meets them (on his motorcycle of course) in a vineyard where he has "set up a camp" (yeah dude, we totally believe you like pitched tents and stuff). The girls show up and Jake gives them the first date card. The one on one goes to...Gia the Swimsuit Model. We're treated to Jake shaving outdoors, putting his shirt on and reflecting on his upcoming date with Gia, "She's a city girl and this is a simple date in the middle of a vineyard. I want to see how she handles that." Dude, regardless of it being outdoors, you're still in a freakin' vineyard. It's not like you've got to be afraid of bear attacks or snakes or something.

So Gia suggests to Jake that they play hide and seek in the vineyard. (I'm sure the owners appreciate them tearing through their cash crop.) They then have a picnic and Gia tells Jake about how bullied she was in school (which makes him laugh for some reason) and then he tells her about how he was dateless in school. So for a while they go back and forth with the whole "I was a total nerd!" "I don't believe you, I was the nerd!" "No I was!" And they tie the whole thing up by playing Spin the Bottle. Seriously.

Okay, I have to interject here. Is it me, or has there really been no one that Jake seems 100% comfortable around? No way Gia is sticking around. Bah. Of course Gia gushes about how Jake's kiss is the best kiss of her life. Well, at least she'll have a recording of it to watch on those lonely nights after Jake kicks her off, right? So now they're snuggling around a fire and Jake is interested in how Gia will handle dinner because instead of a steak (what Jake thinks she's used to) they're having hot dogs and s'mores and Jake wants to see how "she'll handle it". Come on, seriously? What is the big freakin' deal about her being from the city? Whatever. Let's move on, this is soooooo boring.

Back at the ranch, the girls decide they want to holler out to Jake while he's on the date with Gia and proceed to howl. True class here people. The group date card comes and it's: Jessie, Ashleigh, Tenley, Ali, Vienna and Corrie. Which means Ella and Kathryn get the 2 on 1 date. They both promptly pee themselves as only one girl comes back from the 2 on 1 date (in theory).

Anyway, Jake and Gia are STILL on their date and I'm hoping he'll just give her the rose so we can move on. Gia's scared, wearing her heart on her sleeve, kisskiss, blahblahblah, Jake goes to get the rose her the rose. They kiss, she cries...meh. Wait a minute...that piano music sounds familiar...where have I heard it before? I think that I may...oh no they didn't! Sneaky little so and so's!

Nice try ABC but you can't sneak this past me! It's so painful! Argh! Actually, I guess it could be worse. Jake could be an ice cream truck driver and then we'd have to listen to "Pop Goes the Weasel" every episode...

Jake again comments about how he's impressed that a "complex city girl" can enjoy such a simple date. To sum up, they are camping out in a vineyard, it's not like they're on an episode of Survivorman for Pete's sake.

So now we're on the group date with Jessie, Ashleigh, Tenley, Ali, Vienna and Corrie. Jake meets them at Pismo Beach and they girls are already talking about who will get the rose. Ali talks about how she'll throw up if Vienna gets the rose and I would LOVE for that to actually happen! I believe there's only been one season of the Bachelor where one of the girls threw up and it was awesome. Anyhoo, Jake tells the girls that they need to be prepared to get "extremely dirty tee hee" (Jake is so clearly uncomfortable with double entendres). They drive dune buggies around which is okay I guess. )Anyone ever watch MST3k? "It's great for tearing up fragile ecosystems!") Then they "sand surf".

You know what's funny? Maybe driving a dune buggy and surfing down a sand mountain is what Jake should have used to test "Gia the Complex City Girl". Duh. They eat and then Jake wants everyone to roll down the hill. (He's carrying over from his 5th grade date with Gia apparently) Corrie is the only one that goes. Later they get all cleaned up and go to some fancy schmancy place. Jake says, "I love dirty girls! tee hee" Huh? Seriously dude, not your forte. Please stick to squeaky clean, that's all your good for I promise you.

The girls see their room and squeal about how "fairy tale" it is and Tenley celebrates by jumping on a leather couch in what looks to be a very expensive place. Are they 8 years old or something? This whole episode has been very Gymboree so far. I should wake Toot up and let her watch.

So the girls get all cleaned up, put on their most ho-ish dresses and tallest heels to meet Jake who is wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a fleece. What the heck? Seriously, something is really starting to bug me about Jake.

Anyway, Jake takes Ashleigh for some one on one time and it is...awkward. Lots of pauses and bo-ring. Ashleigh says in her voice over that a lot of the girls are being very forward and it's coming across as desperate and she would never want to be seen that way. Um, what? Wasn't this the same girl that put on her bikini on the FIRST night to try and get Jake's attention? Yeah, you are SO not desperate sweetie. Jake looks mighty uncomfortable and it's clear he can't think of a darn thing to say. She says she thinks he should give her the rose and he admits to us that there's no chemistry there. Well duh.

They come back and Jake asks Vienna for one on one time and she asks if she can go last. This pisses Ali off, like it's her business or something and so she goes off with Jake. She starts talking about the roses and Jake says, "Um hello, I wanna enjoy this time with you not talk about the roses you freakin' weirdo." (I'm paraphrasing of course)

Tenley is next and Jake is concerned that she is still hung up on her ex-husband. She says no, they share a painful kiss (his head is in her lap and he tries to pull her head all the way down to him, basically folding her in half until he gives up and sits up. Moron.) So he then takes Vienna off and I'm confused. She asked to be last but we haven't seen him spend time with Jessie yet, have we?

Whatever, Jake tells Vienna that he thinks the stuff the girls are doing to her, she's bringing on her self. Whoa. Wait, did I seriously miss his one on one time with Jessie? Hang on...*rewinding*...Nope, they do not show him talking to Jessie. Maybe he didn't see her there in the sea of blondes. Okay, well Jessie's definitely going home, they're not even showing her, send that poor girl home already! So Jake gives the rose to...Tenley. He thanks her for being patient as he ignored her in the beginning. Wait wait wait wait! If you'll remember: Tenley got the first impression rose on the FIRST NIGHT. How the heck is that ignoring her? Also, if I was Jessie I would stand up and be like, "Hello! I'm the one you're ignoring! See! You're doing it right now!" Holy crap this group's folder should be titled "Box of Hammers, Dumb As A".

Anyway, they're back on the road, off to the 2 on 1 date and the rose ceremony. Ella and Kathryn are crapping themselves. Kathryn more than Ella since she's barely talked to Jake this whole time. (And yes ABC, I heard that more upbeat guitar version of "On the Wings of Love" and it is not appreciated.) They end up in Big Sur and Jake looks like the Bounty man. Ella and Kathryn head off to their date.

This whole thing is awkward. Ella asks him what he looks for, he answers, asks her the same question, she starts talking about her son and Kathryn unsuccessfully tries to interrupt. *cringe* So Jake takes Ella off for some one on one time and Kathryn is "frustrated". Jake tells Ella that he doesn't want to keep her here if he's not feeling it. Well, that's encouraging. He then takes Kathryn away and tells her he keeps getting "lost in her eyes". That must be why he hasn't said more than two words to her. She of course confronts him about his ignoring her, he apologizes, she says he has a wall up and he blames it on her being sooooo beautiful. Whatever. They share a hug and the sparks are flying! Not. (Oh yeah, I went there Wayne's World fans. In your face, 1990's!)

Back at camp, the girls are talking about how both Kathryn and Ella are like sooooo amazing and Ali says she doesn't want either one to go home. Okay, that's it. Listen here ladies, have you even watched the show before?! The whole point is that everyone goes home but one person. You should be wanting both of them to go home, you moron. This is The Bachelor for crying out loud, not Friends! Tenley gets all whiny because she didn't say good-bye to either one of the girls. Whatever.

Jake leaves Ella and Kathryn in the cabin and goes out on the balcony to think about what he's done...wait, that's not right. Who he'll give the rose to I mean.

So back in he goes to give the bad news. First, he asks to talk to Ella outside. This is not good folks. Long story short: he sends her home. I'll spare you his flowery break up speech. At least she gets a limo, most of the rejects just get a van to the airport. He then goes back into the cabin and Kathryn's all happy she's getting the rose and then oh snap! Jake thanks Kathryn for bitching at him about stuff but she needs to hit the road too. She asks a simple "Are you sure about that? I don't understand!" Are you serious? Dude, you've talked to him maybe once. If I were you, I'd be ready to get the heck up outta there! Sheesh. Plus, Kathryn doesn't even get a limo out, she gets an SUV. You've been served, reject! I'd be more upset by that than Jake telling me to get out.

You know, there's been this whole trend this season of girls failing miserably to get Jake's heart and then being utterly dumbfounded when he lets them go. (Michelle, Elizabeth and now Kathryn) I'm confused myself, how do you not know he's not feeling it? Jake is not one that can hides his feelings at all, this is what makes him a complete snore of a Bachelor. (Pay attention ABC!)

Anyway, the roadies come and take away Ella and Kathryn's stuff and the other girls start crying. What the what is that about? Good night Nelly you've got to be kidding me with this mess. Both Ella and Kathryn think Jake is making a huge mistake and I'm thinking ABC made the mistake by choosing Jake as the Bachelor. B-O-R-I-N-G They then show Jake dramatically throwing the rose on the fire. Wait, there's a second rose in there. Where did that come from? Jake must have messed up the drama on the first throw. God help us.

Thanks for ruining this dramatic moment Jake! Then we get this shot:

So the girls are talking about who will go home and of course they all want Vienna out. Ali even says that if Vienna doesn't go home, Jake will get a "talking to". This girl is working my last nerve here. So at the cocktail party, Corrie gets one on one time and there's like zero chemistry. So it's on to Ali and she gushes about how honorable he was for getting rid of Ella and Kathryn. He kisses her and I'm pretty sure she's staying around another week. Crap.

Jessie decides that she's got to have alone time with Jake tonight. Wow, ya think?! Then she says that she's going to tell Jake how much Vienna needs to go home. WHAT?! That's how you're going to spend the ONE time you ever get to talk to him? Oh yes, that will TOTALLY make him keep you around. Idiot.

Jake takes Vienna off and all she talks about is how the girls are so uptight and whatever, I'm bored with this. Jake laughs uncomfortably like always and thank GOD Chris is finally here banging on a glass and we can get this rose ceremony under way. Hallelujah!

Jake keeps talking about how he doesn't want to lead anyone on, Ali keeps threatening she'll go off if Vienna gets a rose and I really wish I had a Twix bar. Those are so good, aren't they? Yum.

Wait, what? Oh right. Rose ceremony! Jake comes out and say that he's not ready to give out roses. He gives a big flowery speech: so hard, don't want to hurt anyone, almost impossible, yadayadayada, life on hold line again, whatever just pick one!

Roses go to: Tenley, Gia (who both already had one), Ali (BOO!), Corrie (say what?) and then...nothing. He stops, leaves the room and proceeds to pee himself and tell Chris that he doesn't want to give out the last two roses. Actually, he just wants to give out one more rose, not two. And of course the final rose goes to Vienna.

So off you go Ashleigh and Jessie! Was there ever any doubt these two would be going tonight? And boy is Ali p-i-s-s-e-d! She and Tenley decide that they have to tell Jake how awful Vienna is and soon....dun dun DUN!

Will Tenley and Ali keep whining? Will Jake just send everyone home and call Michelle? Can I watch an episode without eye rolling myself into oblivion? Join us next week for another dramatic episode!

So were you watching? What are your thoughts?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Know You Are But What Am I?

Hey everyone!

Before we get started I wanted to explain the edit I made to my post last night. My best friend of about 22 years has a son who suffered a brain injury when he was just a few months old, his name is Zachary. The result of that injury is a severe mental disability. Luckily, Zachary has started attending an awesome school for special needs kids and his teacher, Shannon Moree is a wonderful person. She has entered a contest to win a flip video camera for the class which she hopes to use as a tool to show parents how their kids are doing during the school day and other school projects.

The winner is chosen by votes and the highest number of votes wins the camera. We would SO appreciate if you would take a sec to vote for her (she is currently in 4th place as of this posting)! You don't have to sign up for anything or "log in", you only need your name and e-mail address. They do not mail you anything but votes are counted by valid e-mail addresses only. And guess what, if you have more than one e-mail address, you can use them all! Woo hoo! LOL Doesn't matter where you are and every vote counts.

Please CLICK HERE and then click on the name "Shannon Moree" in the right hand side bar to vote for her. I would so appreciate it and I know Zach and the entire class would get so much use out of the camera! Here's a pic of my friend and Zach:

Thanks guys!

Now for my newest project:

On one of my trips to Sleepy Poet, I found this scrapbook. It was empty and had pages torn out of it which made it the perfect blank journal for me to cover in glitter and generally glue stuff all over it. lol

I've had it on a shelf for a while because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it but then one day the spine caught my eye:

Wow, My Book? Hmmmm...okay then, new art journal all about me! lol So I started with the cover page which is always my favorite page to work on of any scrapbook/journal/diary type book I have.

I adored Pee-Wee Herman when I was a kid, plus I'm currently going through a "Who am I? What am I? Huh?" phase so the title "I know you are but what am I?" seemed perfect. :D I used some more of my trusty sewing patterns for the background along with a little white paint. Some of the embellishments are from Gauche Alchemy's Pink Parts mixed media kit and the puzzle pieces are real pieces I just covered in origami paper.

I'm currently trying to think of other things to include in "My Book". Do you have a book or journal about yourself? Any ideas or suggestions about what I could add?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five And One Bear

EDIT: My BFF's son is severely mentally disabled and attends an awesome school for special needs where he has a wonderful teacher. That teacher is currently in a contest to win a flip video camera to use in class and the one with highest amount of votes wins. If you have a second, please please please visit THIS LINK and click the name "Shannon Moree" to vote for Zach's teacher. You don't have to sign up for anything, just leave your name and e-mail addy (you won't get mailed anything but they need valid e-mails for the votes to count). Thank you so VERY much!


Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 persons, places, things and/or other random stuff I am currently obsessed with. But we have a little business to attend to first!

Congratulations to...*drum roll*...Myrna a.k.a. daylily777! You've won my blogoversary bear, please e-mail me your mailing address and I'll get him sent out to you ASAP! :) (justaddglitter at

Now, on to tonight's Fab Five!

1. Ballad of Bilbo Baggins by Leonard Nimoy

Geeky awesome 60's counter culture at it's finest! Frodo Lives!

2. My New (to me) Monkees Button

My mom's friend found this in a thrift store and snagged it for me. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

3. This Bag From Haut Totes

If you have not seen Haut Totes on Etsy, let me assure you that you will not be disappointed. And by the way, my birthday is in October, please feel free to begin buying gifts for me now. Start with this bag. ;)

4. Egg Salad Sandwiches

(Picture from La Vie Folle)

I detested egg salad when I was younger but it has since become one of my favorite things. Either that or the fact that there's some in the fridge and I'm currently amazingly hungry may be coloring my Fab Five choices. LOL (Oh geez, I am sooooo hungry right now...)

5. This Picture of Toot

Ah, the days when a cheap plastic hanger made your day...

That's it for this week's Fab Five! Congrats again to Myrna, thanks to everyone for your sweet comments on my blogoversary post and have a great weekend!

What have been your favorites this week?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Blogday To Me! Happy Blogday To Me!

***If you're looking for my latest Bachelor recap, it's right below this post or you can click here.***


Guess what today is?!

Oh snap, one year ago today I started this blog!

WHAT? A whole year ago?!

That's right, one year ago I started a little blog called "Katamommy Damacy" and out of that came the now infamous (okay, not so infamous maybe, lol) ~*Just Add Glitter and Stir*~!

So many memories...*sniff*...So many posts...*sob*...Oh, someone's come to wish me a Happy Blogoversary!

Oh Jake, you silly man - I'm blushing! And the answer is: you didn't. :P Now go turn on the hot tub and take off your shirt like a good little Bachelor...

Since I've already listed my favorite 2009 blog entries in this post, I won't put you through all that again but I would just like to thank you all for your comments, e-mails, awards/tags and general fabulous awesomeness. I've found new friends I never would have met otherwise, discovered new recipes and have learned more crafty things than I'll ever be able to make in one lifetime.

And here is your chance to win one of those crafty things, fresh off my crochet hook:

Would you like to win my little bear friend? It's easy! All you have to do is:

Follow this blog and then comment here with your favorite thing about me and then go to Etsy and then come back and tell me your favorite thing there that reminds you of me. Then follow me on Twitter and then tweet about how awesome I am and then post this giveaway on your blog with pictures of me and then talk about the greatness of me on Facebook and then come back here to put your right foot in and then put your right foot out and then put your right foot back in and then shake it all about.

Easy right?

Edit: Thanks Melissa for the Hokey Pokey! LOL ;) Okay, seriously it's totally easy, just leave a comment on this post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy as they say on "Charlie and Lola". Repeat: the above is a JOKE, all you have to do to be entered to win the bear is leave a comment on this post. Seriously. lol

"Please leave a comment so I can find a new home, it's a madhouse here!!!"

There are funnier, craftier, glitter-ier blogs out there and I appreciate you deciding to spend some time with me! Here's to another year of blogging goodness! Thank you all so much, without you there'd be no reason for me to be here! :D

In closing, here's Toot eating a spoon at the Waffle House. Trust me, this will be the most interesting, captivating video you will watch all year...

Remember: Just leave a comment on this post. I will do a random drawing and announce the winner during my Friday Night Fab Five! Thanks for all of your support! :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Crazy

Oh goodness y'all, we got some craz-y up in here!

Welcome to the third episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Please note that this is the THIRD episode, this information will come in handy later. So we begin with a day long recap of what's happened so far (in the other TWO episodes) what with Rozlyn getting kicked to the rose covered curb and Ali's date with Chicago, a lot has happened here folks.

Once we get going on tonight's episode, Chris shows up at the mansion to tell the girls that there will be 2 one on one dates and one group date. The first to get a one on one date is Vienna (sausages) who immediately starts to cry upon hearing her name called (third episode folks). Cut to creepy Michelle who is "frustrated" because she wanted a one on one date (like no one else wanted it) and Ali who is "surprised that Jake picked her for a one on one date" and that she "feels a sense of betrayal almost". Again, third episode everyone. First of all, can anyone really still believe that Jake is coming up with date locales, things to do and who he's going with? That's what producers are paid for (or were paid for before they allegedly "entered into an inappropriate relationship" with Rozlyn) and second of all, "betrayal"...really? She does see the other girls in the house, right? She knows she's not the only one going out with Jake, right? It amazes me how this show could be on for this long and these chicks still don't get it. Duh.

Anyhoo, Vienna and Jake head off to...oh snap! First helicopter of the season! I swear this show just needs to buy it's own 'copter. That and a hot tub and they will save so much money! Cut to the Drama Llamas sunning by the pool where Vienna is getting raked across the coals for "ruffling feathers" which must have happened before the crew showed up because they haven't showed me any of these feather ruffling scenes. Wait, have they? Maybe I blocked it. I have watched two entire episodes already, it's hard to keep up.

Back to Vienna and Jake where they are going bungee jumping. Vienna promptly pees herself. We also find out that Jake is afraid of heights...Jake the airline afraid of heights. So they tie this into overcoming fears together makes you a stronger couple blahblahblah and then Jake promptly pees himself. Cue Vienna becoming the comforting force. Just jump off the freakin' bridge already!!! So they jump and then kiss upside down like Spider-man.

Back at "Jake's house" and they start taking about the jump (hello, we were there! We saw it, let's move on already!) Jake says she's nurturing, she says she'll jump again if it means she gets a rose, then Jakes says zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Whoa, must have dozed off there...sorry!

Back at the house, the group date card shows up and it goes to: Corrie, Elizabeth, Ali, Tenley, Kathryn, Michelle (dun dun DUN) and uh...I lost track. Oh right, Ashleigh and Jessie (who?). Michelle is pissed because she wanted one on one time with Jake. (I'm pretty sure this is headed somewhere folks...somewhere painfully awkward, mark my words!) Then Tenley says she'll be surprised if Vienna comes home with a rose because she thinks "he'll see what the girls in the house are seeing". What?! What are you seeing?!?! Can we see please? Anyone?!

Back to Vienna and Jake in surprise, surprise a hot tub. He thanks her AGAIN for saving him from certain death on the bridge, yadayadayada, gives her some long winded speech about her honesty, glad you're here, refreshing, isn't it amazing how my voice never changes no matter what emotion I'm feeling, snooze fest, finally gives her the rose AND she actually says (and I quote) "I'm on Cloud Jake!"


Vienna returns to the house, cheerfully telling the girls who could care less, everything about her fabulous, amazing, "cloud Jake" date. The girls are P-I-S-S-E-D that she came home.

Let's go on a group date shall we? I'm naming this date, "The Most Awkward Date Known To Man". Michelle is STILL bitching about not getting the one on one date. (shut up shut up SHUT UP!) Jake introduces the gals to...*drum roll*...Jon Lovitz. Really? Jon Lovitz? Okay, he's like great and stuff but seriously? First Chicago and now Jon Lovitz. Hey ABC, did ya use your entire budget on roses with nothing left over to get good celebrities on the show? Freakin' Launch My Line got Lady Gaga, they at least know pop culture and current events, geez louise!

Lovitz tells the girls that they will be doing a comedy show. Cue dying. They'll be doing stand up comedy. Dear Lord tell me I will wake up from this nightmare. Cut to the house where we find out that Ella gets the final one on one date leaving Valisha (who?) and Gia without a date for the week. Vienna starts talking about how Ella will love having all of Jake's attention and it pisses everyone off although she seems oblivious.

Back to the comedy club (do I have to?) Ashleigh starts crying because she doesn't want to do it (don't blame her, the whole date is stupid) but then she goes into this speech about how she's not funny and Jake comes over and writes down a joke for her to tell. Well, I'm laughing. And surprise, surprise there will be a live audience for their performances. Commence peeing of multiple pants. Ashleigh declares she "is on another planet". Yeah ya are!

Before we go on to these girls humiliating themselves by not only looking for love on TV but then having to do a stand up routine on TV with a live audience, may I say something? This is the stupidest date EVER. They started this embarrassing crap with DeAnna's season making the boys sing, then Jason's season making the girls sing, then they made the boys act on Jillian's season and now this BS. Listen, I'm all for wanting someone that will take risks and be fun and carefree but how does making them embarrass themselves prove anything? Y'all know I'm an outgoing person but should this happen to me, there would be a Maggi-shaped smoke cloud to match the Maggi-shaped hole in the door as I ran away. This is stupid and girls, on behalf of ABC, I apologize.

All right, let's get this awkwardness over with. Ali is first: tells a joke about Pooh/poo. I don't recognize the second girl up but she calls her family fat. Tenley's next and she puts her feet behind her head and hits herself in the face with the mike. Elizabeth the "kiss me, no don't kiss me!" nanny says this is "so not cool" and then proceeds to tell a joke that was practically all bleeped out. If I were Jake I would be glad she wasn't kissing me with her potty mouth. Kathryn brings Jake on stage and then kisses him. har har har Too funny. Michelle tells us that when she finally kisses Jake there will be passion, pulling hair and ripping clothes off. Yuck.

Speaking of which, it's Michelle's turn on stage and seriously, I can't watch this. Please don't make me! She notices the palm trees and notes, "the coconuts are missing...I wonder where they are? teehee!" Punchline: "They're on me of course waiting for Jake." no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. No one laughs and I want to crawl under the couch. This is seriously painful. Cut to Ali saying Michelle's "a little off". Ashleigh is up and she refuses to go on so Corrie goes on instead and she does "impersonations" of the other girls in the house. Jake laughs at first and then gets upset when she focuses her non-talent on Vienna. So now Ashleigh has to go since there's no one left and she tells blonde jokes. Good one.

It's over! Praise God it's over! WOO HOO!!!

They go to party on a roof and Jake takes it to a "serious level" by telling the group that he understands how they feel when they see him hugging someone else because he feels it too. Wait, what? Tenley pulls him aside and tells him about her cheating husband and divorce. She cries, they hug, the kiss. Blah.

He pulls Ashleigh aside and she wants to tell him how much she hates Vienna. Don't tell him, kiss of non-rose death! Kiss of non-rose death! Jake says he's not seeing what they see (We're not either Jake!) Cut to house: we find ourselves in the midst of the other girls ganging up on Vienna for bringing drama in the house. Vienna accuses them of being fake and storms off. Whatever.

Jake then takes Ali off and she's worried that he's changed his mind since their Chicago date last week. (Third episode guys) He reassures her, she says "like" about 2,000 times and they kiss. Ali then brings up Vienna. Dumb dumb dumb girl. Ali goes back to the group to praise Corrie for making fun of Vienna behind her back. Now that is true class.

Before commercial break we're treated to Michelle telling us how it's her turn to give her mom a grandbaby and she'll be here in the end. Yikes. We're back and Michelle is still whining about wanting one on one time with Jake. Double yikes. She goes off on all the girls and Elizabeth the No Kissing Nanny says she needs a therapist. And Michelle FINALLY gets her one on one time! Huzzah!

She tells Jake she's here for the right reasons. She really wants a husband. She tells Jake that she doesn't know if she can keep going if she doesn't know whether or not Jake has feelings for her. (Again, T-H-I-R-D episode.) Jake starts to not meet her eyes. And she asks if they can kiss to see if she feels something. What the what?! So they kiss and when Jake pulls away he looks like he wants to jump off the party roof. Michelle immediately says, "You gotta give me more than that! Are you kidding me?" Oh boy, this chick is cracked y'all! Wanna see Jake right after she said that and before he dropped his head in uncomfortable silence?

And what does Jake say when she then asks him why his head is down? "I'm almost ready for this night to be over." Oh SNAP! That is NOT what you want to hear right after you kiss a guy. No way. But it's okay because Michelle tells him she's leaving. She tells him that if he wants her to stay, she'll stay. Now tell me I'm wrong ladies, she totally said that so he would say, "No no, please stay! I want to get to know you, I would miss you!" Right? Oh I am SO right!

For once Jake does the smart thing and says, "Yeah...I think it would be better if you did leave." Boo-ya! Her response: "I just can't believe you're doing it. I didn't think it was going to be this way. This is stupid." So he walks her out and she says...GET THIS..."He kicked me to the curb. I had no clue." WHA?!?! You mean you had no clue that he would send you home after you told him you were leaving?! You are a nut case woman. NUT CASE! This is just the saddest thing ever. Much more interesting than the whole Rozlyn thing from last week by the way.

At least Jake was okay going back up to the roof to finish partying:

P.S.-Only an hour into this episode.

So Jake comes back to the girls and tells them that he asked Michelle to leave after "exploring every option" (what?), that he's not giving out a rose tonight and he kicks them off the roof. The girls gush about how strong and full of integrity Jake is and I start doing the exaggerated eye roll. Oh bro-ther. *puke*

Now on to Ella's one on one date. Jake mentions the sacrifice she made by leaving her son behind and surprise surprise it's her birthday. Tens bucks says her son shows up on the date. Oh and lookie here, another helicopter! How original! While they are gone, Vienna apologizes to everyone for whatever she did. Ali's not buying it and accuses her of talking about other people (whole pot calling the kettle black ring any bells, Ali?) Whatever.

Back to Ella and Jake, they end up at Sea World (the place for true romantics). Jake: "Can you believe we're here?!" Dude, it's frickin' Sea World. It's always open to the public, you can go any time. You can get a season pass if you love it so much. Anyway, queue Ella's son as Jake's birthday present to her. Listen, this is sweet and all but it's been done. Remember Stephanie from Jason's season? Yeah, then it was sweet. Now it's just predictable. Her son looks terrified. "Mommy, whose this man with no shirt on?" Just kidding, Jake kept his shirt least until he put on a wetsuit and they fed dolphins and stuff.

Ella makes a point to say that under normal circumstances she would never let a man meet her son this early. I guess being on TV will make is less painful and emotionally scarring for her son when she doesn't marry Jake. Duh people. Listen, I won't bore you with the rest of their date. They talk about her son, blahblahblah, I can see myself being engaged to you, blahblahblah. Ella says she wants what Trista and Ryan have...way to cite past seasons! She also mentions that she doesn't think that Jake would have brought her son out if he didn't feel a connection. Shhhh...she hasn't seen Jason's season where he brought out Stephanie's son only to ditch her later on...don't tell her! Geez, how is this date not over yet?! He gives her the rose. Moving on...

Cocktail party before rose ceremony: Jake's going into the party "a little more serious". Elizabeth gets the first alone time with Jake and brings up the whole "not kissing" thing. She literally says that "Jake needs to be a man and hold true to his convictions and not try to kiss me." Then her first "hard" question to Jake is, "Are you good at back rubs?" Jake's starting to catch on that Elizabeth is a total tease AND he calls her on it! Holy crap!!! He says he doesn't know what to make of her and at first she giggles and looks like, "he's buying it!" but then he says that he's known couples that have elected not to kiss for spiritual reasons but he doesn't think that's what she's about. She agrees and then he says, "If somebody is just using that to tease, that's not right." Elizabeth immediately freaks out. He tells her stop teasing him (go Jake) so she keeps teasing him. Someone bring back Michelle please!

Elizabeth proceeds to tell the other girls that Jake called her a tease and she says she has no idea where he got this idea from...what?! Seriously, this whole house is full of psychos! Jake talks to Vienna after she takes him from Elizabeth and tells him the hard time she's having, Jake says he's glad she's here, blahblahblah. She has a rose so I'm not sure why she feels the need to talk to him. So of course the other girls blast her for it when she gets back to the room. Of course Elizabeth starts crying and says that she's not desperate and can get a date any day of the week (whatever) and she doesn't understand why he's pressuring her to kiss him. Again...WHAT?!

So Ali confronts Vienna about interrupting Elizabeth's time with Jake and here's my question: Hey Ali, why do you want Jake to be spending time with any one but you? How about quit wasting your time bitching at Vienna and start interrupting girls yourself, you moron! Elizabeth keeps drinking and getting more and more pissed and demands an explanation from Jake. Jake once again tells her that he's cool if she doesn't want to kiss but that she needs to quit confusing him. She of course turns the whole thing into being his fault for delaying this explanation and I'm tired. Send her home Jake! Send her home!!!

Let's wrap this up for Pete's sake. Roses go to: Gia, Corrie, Tenley, Ali, Jessie (who?), Kathryn (who?), last rose goes to Ashleigh.

So bye bye Valisha (whose profession is listed as "Homemaker". Huh?) and HOLY CRAP see ya Elizabeth the Teasing Nanny! Wow!

So that's it for this week's Bachelor! Have you been watching? What do you think of these crazy chicks?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: So Happy Together

Hi everyone!

Wow, that week went quick! lol Sorry about my absence this week, I have to say that I've been taking a little "me" time, working out more and getting my hooks into some yarn but I have missed visiting with you all and hope to catch up soon! My blog anniversary is coming up next week so I'm feverishly trying to make something to give away! :D

But before that let's get it on with this week's Friday Night Fab Five! Here we go:

1. Crochet Hooks

Picture from Sweet Nienna

Last week it was yarn, this week it's all about the hooks. I l-o-v-e a new crochet hook. It glides right through the yarn and it's all slick and smooth. Plus the aluminum ones clink and clank together and make fun tinkle-y noises.

2. Shristi Studio

Shirsti Studio on Etsy specializes in reproduction vintage dresses and I love them! Plus, the prices are insanely good. This is on my short list of "must haves".

3. Cute Tweezers

Listen, if you're going to be yanking hairs out of your face, it might as well be with cutesy girly tweezers from Plasticland.

4. The Bachelor

I know it may sound like I hate this show if you go by my episode recaps but that couldn't be further from the truth. Whether or not anyone "finds love", this show is pure entertainment and the top of my Reality TV list. And I have to thank you all for your positive comments on my recaps. I so enjoy writing them and love the thought that someone out there likes reading them. :)

5. Kawaii Not

I first met Kawaii Not, the book by the enormously talented Meghan Murphy and then discovered her site with newly updated "cute gone bad" comics. They are funny, they are cute and they are definitely gone wrong. Just like me. :P

And that's that for this week's Friday Night Fab Five! What are your favorites this week???

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Drama

You know, I told Christy that I gave the newest episode of The Bachelor less than a minute into the show before they had Jake's shirt off. You may remember me telling you last week that Jake hates only one thing: those horrid restrictive things called "shirts":

But I was wrong. It took them all of 10 seconds to get his shirt off. Totally underestimated ABC! D'oh!

So here we are, episode 2 of the Bachelor and these girls are already going off the deep end. Seriously. If they aren't talking about how "stacked" Jake is (can boys be stacked?) they're rambling about how they are the only one for Jake and the rest of the girls can't begin to be right for him. Geez louise, it's like a Glenn Close a la Fatal Attraction convention is in town...

Chris Harrison (whose shirt matches the wall color, seriously who the heck dresses these people?!) tells the girls there will be 2 group dates, 1 one on one date and 2 girls will get no date at all. (Spoiler alert: Kooky Nut Michelle from my last post and sweet as kittens Tenley do not get dates. I'm assuming it's because Jake pointed and said, "Girl I definitely ain't pickin'" and "Girl I wanna marry." I'll leave you to guess which is which.)

The first group date goes to Gia, Valisha, Christina, Ashleigh, some other girl - I think they said Corrie or something like that (no wait, is it Ella?) and Rozlyn, who has scary music behind her every time they show her. Scandal a brewin' perhaps??? Hmmmm...they are going to a lot of trouble to make her look like "she's here for the wrong reasons". Well, let's put that on the back burner as we watch the ladies take part in an In Style photoshoot.

Blah blah blah "I want one on one time" "I want the date rose" yadayadayada drama llama ding dong, Rozlyn gets the rose on this date yet the scary dramatic music keeps getting louder and more frightening...what could be going on?!?!

Blond #25 Ali gets the one on one date. Jake takes her flying. Wait a minute...What's that music I hear? Oh no...please God no...please don't let them play...the song...They can't make me listen....I won't!!!!

Oh yes they played it, those cheesy so and so's...I think what made this scene more nauseating was when Ali said, "For me, that plane taking off was our relationship taking off..." I am not making this up folks...excuse me....


Okay, I'm back. Anyway, Ali and Jake have dinner, she gets a rose and then they are given a private concert by, Chicago...really? Does she even know who they are? Wait, Chicago's still together? Bah.

Last group date goes to the leftovers: Elizabeth, Jessie, Kathryn, Vienna (I'm assuming her parents really liked those little sausages) and Ashley. They go to Six Flags and during her one on one time, Elizabeth reads a note to Jake that she wrote him. First of all, a note...really? Second of all, why don't you let him read it himself? I was so hoping it would include a "Do you like me? Check yes or no" section but alas it was Elizabeth informing Jake that he could not kiss her. Period. Um...okay. Listen sweetie, I am so down with people that actually have standards, morals and respect for their bodies and intimate moments. I just don't usually see those people on reality dating shows. Now normally, this whole thing scares Bachelors away but not our Boy Scout Jake! Oh no, he LOVES it and gives her the date rose. Well, okay. I have never cared for her but I guess she's okay.

So the rest of the girls are sent back to the hen house and Elizabeth and Jake enjoy some alone time which is useless since she's refusing to make out with him. Now, that I have no problem with HOWEVER she spends most of their time saying to Jake (insert sexy voice here), "Do you want to kiss me? Cause I soooo want to kiss you..."

DUDE! Girl Rule #1 is it's your body, don't let nobody do nothing to it you don't want. But Girl Rule #2 is IF YOU SAY NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THEN TEASE THEM ABOUT WANTING TO DO WHAT YOU JUST SAID THEY COULDN'T DO. d-u-h She also says, "I'm playing hard to get because that's what I deserve". Then don't go on a reality show where you're competing for a guy you moron! That's it, Elizabeth needs to go...gross...

Holy crap y'all...I've still got an hour to go in this episode! There's only the rose ceremony left so what could take an hour? He's making his rounds...girls are starting to break down, but that shouldn't take an hour? Wait a minute...the scary music...Rozlyn's scary you think??? way! Never gonna happen...

dun dun DUN!

Long story short, Rozlyn entered into an "inappropriate relationship" with a show staff member and was asked to leave and the staff member was fired. Weirdsville. The whole thing is weird and I'll be interested to see what Chris Harrison's blog says tomorrow as most reports are saying nothing happened and ABC is manufacturing the whole thing. Jake asks to be present when Chris tells the other girls. Rozlyn stays pretty much silent as she packs and hits the road.

Geez, we still have the rose ceremony to get through...

Chris tells the girls about Rozlyn, shock and amazement from the girls (and one of the girls starts crying, what the heck is that about?), now on to the rose ceremony! Please!!!


Roses go to: Vienna (Sausages for the win!), Gia (swimsuit model, no surprise there), Tenley (awww, sweet as kittens!), Ella (the single mom sure Jake is destined to be her step-baby daddy), Valisha (I have no idea who she is, where has she been all this time?), Corrie (there is a Corrie! Did I spell her name right? Ah, whatever), Jessie (I think that's her name), Ashleigh (of the teeny bikini), MICHELLE?! COME ON JAKE YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! *ahem* and the last rose goes to Kathryn.

No roses for Ashley and Christina...Ashley handles it pretty well but Christina cries and gives the whole "there's girls that are not here for the right reasons" reject speech. So long Ashley and Christina! Good luck with your sad, lonely lives as you will never meet a man as perfect as Jake. Nah, just kidding though I am surprised by his choices...

The previews for next week predict even more drama so stay tuned as we embark on "this journey" together!

Are you watching The Bachelor? What are your thoughts?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Week in Twitter: January 3-9, 2010

Talking about Twitter in this week's Fab Five gave me the idea of sharing some of my tweets and/or @ replies I got to my tweets. (Uh, say what Maggi?) Well for those of you not "Twittering" @ replies are responses to things you've tweeted. I got some very interesting people tweeting back @ me this week and wanted to share:

(Click for larger view)

1. Um hello, the original Bachelorette, Trista responds to my tweet re: The Bachelor?! WOO FREAKIN' HOO! lol

2. Check it out, it's Melissa from Scrapz N Stuff. She's Canadian, she's gorgeous, she scraps...n stuff. LOL I made a funny... Plus, she just (sort of) recently signed up for Twitter which is awesome because she claims to not "get it". I can relate, I felt the same way when I signed up!

3. This is my friend Mary from Maremy's Blog who is an expert on all things tea, working out and cooking. I'm tired just reading her tweets. lol

4. Hey look! It's Melissa from Scrapz N Stuff again! I thought she said she didn't "get" Twitter? Hmmmm... (speaking of which, she's doing a Basic Grey giveaway! check it out HERE)

5. Emma from Emma's Music. She is an absolute doll and her music is so beautiful and fun. Her blog is always bright and upbeat and she offers downloads of some of her songs for free (get them, get them now!) I could totally picture her in a 1940's nightclub. You simply must visit with her for a while.

6. Wait a minute...Melissa from Scrapz N Stuff again?! Dude, she totally gets Twitter! LOL

7. Ahhh, my favorite Fairy EVER it's Twig (Twig the I say that one can never go wrong with a fairy on her Twitter. Where else would you get fairy dust, hmmmm? P.S.-You can meet Twig the Fairy online and possibly at your local Renaissance Faire so check her out, I <3 her!

8. I've mentioned Twinkie Chan before but I'm not sure you could ever mention her and her amazing work enough. She's the girl that crochets food and makes them into fabulous things. This is a creative soul that knows her way around yarn and hooks.

And there it is! A little snippet from this week in my Twitter! lol Too fun! If you haven't signed up yet, go for it! And then look me up, my username is "addglitter" :D

A couple more things before I let you go to enjoy your Sunday:

Hey, if you're considering joining the circle journal swap, I still have a couple of spots left, don't by shy! :D Details are in this post (Open to US and Canadian residents).

I'll see you on Tuesday for your dose of Bachelor goodness. Who will Jake pick? Who will cry? And will Jake ever find a shirt? Tune in Tuesday! :D

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: Go Go New Year!

Hey everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five...actually the first one of the New Year! Basically I list five people, places or things I'm currently gaga over for your blog reading enjoyment!

Hey, if you're considering joining the circle journal swap, I still have a couple of spots left, don't by shy! :D Details are in this post.

So let's get going on the Fab Five, yes?

1. Dexter

I love finding new shoes to watch and I love them even more if they're already a couple seasons in and I can indulge in a marathon or two getting caught up. This show, about a serial killer, is dark, funny and Dexter is too cute.

2. Chocolates

(Picture courtesy of FoNgEtZ's Photostream)

I don't mean just "chocolate". I mean chocolates, like in boxes. I could not come up with a way to truly describe the feeling I get from boxed chocolates and then my mom said, "They're fancy." BINGO!

3. Yarn

I just love making things with yarn and have been on a HUGE crochet kick lately. I love buying yarn, finding new colors, talking about yarn, looking at yarn...yeah, I could go on. I would love to have the money for fancier yarns but Red Heart yarns suit me just fine! And now that they've come up with a new line, "Stitch Nation" yarn? Whoa baby!

4. Twitter

Say what you want about it but Twitter is fun! You can follow your favorite celebs, get quick opinions or answers to questions and instantly connect. If you're on Twitter, you can find @addglitter. That's me! :D

5. A New Year

There's something exciting about a new year starting. Like you get a clean slate, a chance to try all over again, everyone gets a second chance. Wait, I think that's a line from Forrest Gump... Well, I love when a new year starts and this year I've had a lot of new ideas, dreams, goals and wishes that I hope come true in 2010. :D

What about you? What are you in love with this week?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Singin' in the Rain...With Swaps!!!

Hi everyone!

Well, last night was the second "meeting" of T.E.F.A.L. (Tuesday Evening Fine Arts League) where the girls and I get together to watch a movie and enjoy some time without husbands, kids (well, Toot was there, lol), work, etc. Last month was "White Christmas" this month was "Singin' in the Rain"!

We have such a good time and next month's movie is "When Harry Met Sally". Do you have any movie suggestions for us???

In other (EXCITING!) news, I'd like to go ahead and get started on hosting a circle journal swap! 1. Because I love stuff like this and 2. If we start now we should be done by the holidays. Huzzah!

So what is a circle journal swap anyway? Well, long story short (at least for now), you start a mini scrapbook or art journal of sorts, mail it off to the next person who does a layout/page in your book, they mail it to the next person and so on and so on until you get it back all done up in creative glory for you to keep forever and ever. :D

I am currently taking sign-ups starting now through end of day Sunday the 10th. If you're at all interested, go ahead and let me know as I will send you an e-mail with detailed information so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you would like to participate. If you have never been a part of a circle journal swap before, I encourage you to give it a try! Whether beginner or super artistic ninja, I want everyone to feel welcome!

I am planning on keeping the group small until I see how much interest I get although I will accept 9 people max. For those in the circle, you can plan on mailing one journal once a month. Therefore you will have almost an entire month to work on one journal so keep that in mind!

A quick note: if you are interested in more info or you already know you want to do it, PLEASE e-mail me at justaddglitter @ gmail dot com, do not just leave a comment on this post! If I don't get an e-mail from you, I won't add you to the list.

My goal is to make this project as fun and stress free as possible so please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at all. Don't be shy, I'd love to have you participate! Unfortunately due to shipping times, this swap is only open to U.S. and Canada residents but never fear! I am really wanting to host an international swap of some sort but will have to plan out the logistics and it would of course depend on how many of you would be interested in that, so if you have any ideas let me know! :D

I hope you will join me! These are so much fun to do and it's a great way to get to know other artists and see their work up close! And if a swap or circle journal is on your 2010 Resolution/Artistic Goal list, here's your opportunity to cross it off! ;)

So in conclusion, if you have questions (I'm being purposely vague here to not write a mile long post, lol) or are ready to sign up, please e-mail me ASAP at justaddglitter at gmail dot com. You have until Sunday the 10th! :D

Have a great day everyone! :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bachelor: On The Wings of Awkwardness

When I found out that the decision of who the new Bachelor would be was between Reid (boring), Kiptyn (more boring) and Jake (oh dear Lord boring), I could only hope ABC would go with someone completely new and (hopefully) interesting.

Nah, they just went with Jake the airline pilot who Jillian cut lose mid season during the last Bachelorette. Jake is a "nice guy" and while I am 100% pro-nice guy, let's face it, they do not make for good reality TV. Plus, I found him just plain bo-ring. All I could hope for would be that ABC would pick some crazy B's to chase after Jake and liven things up a bit.

I love when ABC listens to me...

Wait, let me back up a bit. Welcome to The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! Why oh why they feel the need to subtitle this show I'll never know. First of all, it's total cheeseball. Second, it messes up my DVR because it's set to record The Bachelor (no subtitle) and I have to reprogram it to record The Bachelor (subtitle). Bah. Anyhoo, we get a look back at Jake's Journey with Jillian on The Bachelorette and Jake's voice over tells us, "Nice guys finish last. That's the story of my life." Dude, listen: it's BORING guys finish last, not nice. Total difference between "nice" and "zzzzzzzzz" and while yes, you are quite the pretty eye candy you're also pretty vanilla and the ladies need a little pepper on their potatoes, get it?

Where was I? Oh yes, the recap that's already gone on too long. Less than one minute into the show and Jake is shirtless. Again and again and again and again. We're also treated to this little gem from Jake: "Love is perfect, it endures." Uh, has he ever seen the show? Going on 20 seasons between the Bachelor/Bachelorette and there's one marriage all together. Love is far from perfect, especially on reality TV. That being said, were I single and hot and had a network offering me a show and flying me all over the place to find love, yeah I'd be there in a hot minute. :P

So then we get into Jake's love of aircraft and please oh please tell me they're going to tie this into a love comparison while an instrumental version of "On The Wings of Love" plays in the background?!?! Wait for it....wait for it...Yup, there it is!

Just in case you're new to 80's craptastic ballads - here is the 1982 song this esteemed show is named after:

Freakin' awesome! Oh, and check out this totally awesome shot of Jake on a motorcycle at sunset and THEN they add a totally computer generated plane taking off in the background. Holy crap I love this show, I cannot wait to see what else they have for me!

Oh nuts, they're doing the whole "Meet the Bachelorettes in Their Home Environment" time filler. BOO! Blah blah blah. First up is Ali (Blonde #1) who mentions she had been put on the back burner by an ex-boyfriend because he got into video games. I instantly despise her. But then she talks about how her ex cheated on her with her roommate so now I feel kinda bad....

Next up is Alexa (Blonde #2) and she's a "total adrenaline junkie". Wait, are they going to do this for all 25 bachelorettes?! Holy geez...must not press fast forward...must not press fast forward...Listen, I'm totally not interested in who these girls actually are until they're down to about 10. There's just too freakin' many and they all blur together during the first couple of episodes...

I'll spare y'all from all this, just know that among the 25 are about 10 professional models and dancers with a couple of "nice girls" thrown in for good measure. I can already tell, there will be tears and as the intro told me "the claws will come out".

Back from commercial break: Jake in the shower. For the love of...

Anyway once he puts his clothes back on, he meets Chris Harrison out front of "The House" which was used for Brad's, DeAnna's, Jason's and Jillian's seasons respectively. I so wish I was the owner of this house, I would be raking in the cash on these Bachelor rentals!

Now onto the totally awkward first meetings including a chick that gives Jake a peacock feather, another that asks him if he has registered those "guns" (his arms...gross!) and a poor girl who wore what can only be described as a purple tutu. These are seriously hard to watch as each girl has a more horrid joke and/or come on than the girl before her with pilot/flying puns galore *cringe* Bleck.

Oh thank God that's over.

Wait, the pain isn't over yet. After one of the girls dresses up as a sexy co-pilot, another calls her desperate and then proceeds to break out a football and they all kick off their heels to have an impromptu football game. Then Chris shows up with the dreaded "First Impression Rose". It's when Michelle tell us that she will "die if I do not get the first impression rose" that I realize we have our first girl that's going home! Anyone knows that saying any thing like that is the kiss of death. Mark my words...

And here we are 1 hour and 15 minutes into the first episode and we've got tears people! Our fabulous little wannabe wife Michelle (see previous paragraph) is upset that Jake is talking to other girls. ABC starts playing the crazy stalker music and she approaches is ON people! She tells him that she's here to fall in love with him and get married. eep. Send her home Jake!

Oh wait, here's Chris again and he's not alone. Jillian and Ed are here to help Jake separate the goats from the sheep as it were...(P.S.-Jillian is wearing a disco ball dress as bright as the sun. Awesome!) So they start interviewing the girls and our dear sweet Michelle spends her time with them talking about how long she waited for her alone time with Jake. Sheesh...

Anyway, talking talking talking, crazy crazy crazym yada yada yada and now it's time for the very first rose ceremony. Some predictable picks, some girls got through that you know won't last very long and then the last rose goes to....MICHELLE! dun dun DUN! Yikes!

All in all, not bad for a first episode although I'm still not convinced Jake can carry a Bachelor season. Luckily ABC thought of this and has given us potentially the craziest girls ever so I'll reserve judgment for the time being. Also, the previews for the coming season seem to include a scandal of epic Rose proportions, one of the gals seems to have "relations" with a crew member on the show. Spit take!

That's all from me, be sure to check out Chris Harrison's blog on the first episode....

Was anyone else watching last night?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting the Year Off With a Blog...I Mean Bang!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Our trip to Mom's was tons of fun and we were sad to leave. My mom surprised me BIG TIME with this beautiful head band that she made for me:

Isn't that awesome?! I love it!

I've been thinking a lot about my goals for 2010 lately. I'm not one that's big on goals as a rule. lol But for some reason I've really been seriously setting up some goals for myself this year. I won't bore y'all with them all but there are a couple that involve the blog and I would love some feedback:

1. An idea came to me today that I'm really hoping will become something cool. Most of us crafty people have huge stashes of stuff we'll never even remember we have, much less use. (Maybe I'm the only one? lol) So today I got the idea of an artistic co-op. It would be a core (read: small) group of people that can pass along supplies that other people in the group might need for various projects they're working on (for instance: I'm in serious need of clock faces and gears, could be real or shaped paper/chipboard-it's driving me nuts that I can't find this! lol). You would pay postage obviously to send something to someone but other than that it would be free and it could be a way to share with one another and meet an artistic need without having to run to the store. :D We could start a Yahoo (type) group. What do you think?

2. I definitely want to do some more giveaways on the blog. Since money is an issue it would be mainly things that I make. Is that tacky? lol

3. I am currently involved in a circle journal swap with Gauche Alchemy but I really want to host my own circle journal swap this year. I would love to have people involved that have never done one before. This is a great way to share your work with other artists and to see their work up close. I would keep the group relatively small and would run a VERY tight ship in terms of things running smoothly and easily. lol Anyone out there interested in participating? I would also be interested in doing an ATC swap as well and would love to find some sort of swap where I could include those fabulous international artists I know!

4. And last be certainly not least, THE BACHELOR STARTS TOMORROW NIGHT! YIPPEE!!!!! lol So starting at some point this week (hopefully Tuesday) I'm going to post recaps of each episode in my own snarky type way. So heads up if you're not into the show you can skip that post. lol ;)

I think that's it! At least for Please feel free to give me some feedback on these ideas in your comments or e-mail me at justaddglitter @ Now, I'm off to try and catch up on some blog reading, its been forever! lol

To end with, here's a video of Toot taking a stroll at mom's house. She's just barely holding on so it won't be long now before she's off and running! By the way, she's a little cranky at the end because I made her walk back and forth a couple of time trying to get some good video. lol

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Have a Glittering 2010!

We're starting a brand new year full of creative possibilities, can you feel it?! I was able to get in one more scarf before the ball dropped:

I'm obsessed with red and turquoise at the moment. lol Well, it's time to get going on 2010! Thanks for making 2009 a great year at Just Add Glitter and Stir. Here's to many more to come!