Sunday, January 31, 2010

And So It Begins...With Sequins

So the circle journal I'm hosting officially gets underway tomorrow and I have finally finished mine. (After all, it won't do for the hostess to be late, right? lol) I must have gone back and forth on my theme a zillion times before finally landing (and staying put on) "My Favorite Things". I also decided to challenge myself by using a 6x6 size. (The challenge comes in because I typically like to drown my projects in embellishments and what nots so this really made me think about what I wanted to use and had room for on the page.)

In the end, I'm satisfied with my final result. My pages are smothered and covered (Waffle House-a favorite) in my favorite things, huzzah! This is my cover page:

I named my journal, "My Favorite and My Best" as a homage to Charlie and Lola-a favorite, using Thickers, Cosmo Cricket paper, the color pink and bling, all favorites. (I must also call misspelling a fave since I spelled "journal" wrong. Oh well! lol) I also decided to focus on more "frivolous" favorite things rather than the important ones (friends, family, God, country, etc etc etc) lol.

Here is my introduction page and sign-in page:
Favorites: sequin waste, Ninja New York restaurant in NYC, bling, glitter, Disney pins, unusual embellishments. Due to the size, I kept the sign-in requirements simple: name and location.

And here are is my entry for the journal, left side first:

Favorites: Chick-fil-A, video games, bling, vintage, records, Pullips, crochet, Mod Podge (used to adhere most of the elements), cupcakes, pictures, kawaii, vintage ads. I used a lot of pieces from various Gauche Alchemy mixed media color kits, along with more Cosmo Cricket and an expired Chick-fil-A coupon (forgot to use it, shoot!) lol

Then the right side:
This was a fairly simple page, more Cosmo Cricket, some ribbon and sequins. A Starbucks cup cuff to create a pocket to hold the card which I used to list favorites using a MAJOR fave of mine: my Dymo label maker. lol

A close up of the card:
I feel so much better now that everything is ready to go! I can't wait to see what everyone in the circle adds as their favorite things!

What are some of the things you like to call your favorite?

P.S.-Final count of the word Favorite in this post: 14 lol See you tomorrow for The Bachelor! :)


  1. You are so gifted with mixing and matching embellishments in really pleasing ways.

    Gorgeous circle journal. Have fun.

  2. Such a fun joural...I mean journal. Ahem...

    Anyhoo, some of my favorites include: bling, American Crafts flair, Reese's peanut butter cups/hearts/eggs, anything cherries, funny vintage magnets, puppies, Starbucks caramel apple spice, Glee!!!!

  3. I just love your scrap pages, SO unique & really makes me want to start scrapbooking!

  4. Maggi, your journal rocks. I love the bling on the starbucks wrapper!
    Here are some of my favorites in no particular order... Giraffes, all things Irish, the color Orange, books, Ireland, the Ocean, Billy Joel, M & M's, Vanilla Lattes, and pumpkin pie!

  5. LOVE your journal! I can't wait to see what everyone adds to yours:) Looks like fun and I love your layouts for the journal.

  6. You journal looks fabulous daaaaaahling :)
    Some of my favorite things are: My Mr. P, Laduree macarons, being warm and toasty, eating toast LOL--but must be good bread of course, eating in general, and eating, and grazing like a little piggy.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  7. This is really awesome Maggi- you did a great job! You've actually inspired me to do this!
    BTW, we were watching episode 2 of the bachelor with some friends last night, totally having fun ripping on the show- and get this, last night I had a dream I was kissing Jake! It's all Elizabeth's fault! lol I am dying, my husband is loving it, and now I feel like a celebrity psycho stalker or something! So I had to tell you! Thats it! I'm driving out to Lantana today, lmao! c ya tomorrow!

  8. Looks great so far, Maggi! Some things I coke, cake, doggies, kitties, nature, cooking, baking, art, music, photography, jewelry, knitting, books, movies. Oh stop by!!! LOL
    Have a great evening! Theresa

  9. this just rocks girl!!! love it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. It looks great Maggi! I love the embellishments...I'm inspired to do a layout on my fave things! :)

  11. What fabulous journal pages, Maggi--I love this!

  12. Just gorgeous Maggi! Awesome journal pages!

  13. this is awesome Maggi! I sure hope it's a much better experience for you!

  14. i totally love this and some of my fave things are there too :D

    however, i have to ask, what the heck is a pullip?????

  15. Omigosh! You should totally link laterg8r to some Pullip pics! Maybe you have some you can post? If not there's some pics of Zelly in my flickr:

    Aaaanyway... this is the best journal idea I've seen in a long time! How does it work exactly?

  16. Oops! I forgot to mention my faves; some are quite obvious: purple, bunnies, glitter, cupcakes, rainbows, BBQ, pizza... Others are more obscure, like Orangina soda, metal bands with full orchestras, the way glue feels on my fingers, and grilled chicken quesadillas...

  17. Oh how much I love your journal, especially the strategically placed gems *g* Charlie & Lola WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP!

    Some of my favourite things are Alice Cooper, vintagey grunge type stuff, Sylvester the Cat, Lauren Child, Blogging, crafts, learning new crafts, new socks, glossy accents... getting addicted to Twitter (TOTALLY your fault) Vampires, werewolves, ghosties and ghoulies, mermaids and monsters... competitions, books, curry, cakes, Bette Davis... I better stop now ;)

  18. Maggi your journal is beautiful, I really love the cover page with the bling :)

  19. This is absolutely darling! I craft cards and scrapbooks and love getting ideas. These are some great ones!