Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: Totally Rad EDIT: And on Thursday Apparently

EDIT: for the love of Pete y'all. I totally thought today was Friday and posted this today instead of tomorrow. Holy crap. Well, here's a treat for you then I guess! LOLOLOL Enjoy! :D


Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm currently obsessed with, adore or otherwise am in love with. As I was thinking about what 5 things I would feature this week, I started thinking about my childhood and what I loved then (then being the 1980's). So this week's Friday Night Fab Five are five things I loved in the 80's. As I was writing this, it occurred to me that I was waaaaay too young at the time to like some of these things so keep in mind that the dates are when these first came out but I didn't catch on until a couple of years after. :P

1. 1985 - North and South
(Image from

The story of two unlikely friends, one fighting for the South and one fighting for the North during the Civil War, the North and South miniseries had everything, including every star past and present known to man. And yes, I was WAY too young to be watching it. I remember sneaking behind my parents back to watch parts of it. lol

2. 1988 - Breathe "How Can I Fall?"

Breathe was a British band and they were full on 80's. I cannot begin to tell you how much my friend and I wore out this cassette tape (yes, cassette tape). This song and "Hands to Heaven"...holy cow, we scarfed down this sugary sweet love song junk by the barrel full.

3. 1989 - Dead Poet's Society
(Image from

Oh boy, did me and my friends think we were deep thinkers after seeing this movie! lol Oh the drama of it all! Actually, this is still a good movie. I should watch it tonight. Anyway, we so thought we were the next big poets after seeing this. I guess there are worse things to get out of a movie, eh?

4. 1985-ish - Coca-Cola Clothes
(Image from In The 80s)

Yeah baby! I totally had one of these shirts and I thought I was so rad! The best part? I wore it with the collar flipped up. Awesome!

(Image from Shannon's Sweet Valley High Blog)

I started reading this series later in the 80s but boy oh boy was I disappointed in the 90s when I got to high school and realized that not only was it nothing like these books, it was also nothing like it was in Beverly Hills 90210. What a letdown! Reading these now though...yikes, these books stink. LOL In fact, if you want to read some hilarious recaps of every SVH book, you have to check out Shannon's Sweet Valley high Blog

So that's it for another Friday Night Fab Five! What are you favorite things this week? Or better yet, what were you're favorite things back then? :D

We are having house guests this weekend so I will be scarce but I will see you Monday after the Bachelor finale! Now just what will I do with myself when it's all over?! *sob*

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toot By The Barrel Full!

Whew, what a morning so far! I like to keep things positive around here but I have to tell ya: this morning has just plain sucked. LOL But that's okay, I know when I'm having a bad day, I can come here and make all of you look at baby pictures with me! :D

I may be a slacker when it comes to finishing Toot's scrapbooks (I figure I'll teach her to scrap when she's older and then she can scrap her baby pictures :) but I am still taking TONS of pictures and figured I would share some with you fine folks since they should be shown somewhere, right?

Toot l-o-v-e-s hats. Not sure where she gets that from though. Must be from her father's side...hmmm... ;) Anyway, I'll find her wearing some random hat she finds:

So one day I find her wearing this hat that obviously no longer fits (she wore it as a newborn). Think that stopped her?! Not my my daughter!

We have packed up the mobile and changing table part of her pack and play. I thought I had put the pieces safely away when one day I noticed her with one of the pipes, twirling it like a baton. I so wish there was still a market for baton twirling...she is a natural although here she looks like she's about to kung fu me with it...

I'm trying to get her started on crafts early. She already loves yarn, just need to teach her to not eat the hook...
And because I only let her play with my glasses when it's cute:

On the creative front, I've got so much I'm dying to show y'all but they're for the Wonderland swap so I can't show it until my partner gets it all! But trust me, there is glitter flying over here! :D

Have a great day today everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Dry Heaving

Hello everyone and welcome to The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special recap! Just in case you don't know, every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette has a reunion special the week before the finale. They used to bring everyone back except for the Final Two but then they wised up and realized that we could care less about the rejects that were kicked out on their butts in the first episode so now they just bring back the (theoretically) most interesting folks out of the bunch along with our Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Now, I have to say for my part that most of the time, these Tell All things turn out to be a bunch of Tell Nothing and they are pretty boring. But recently they've added bloopers and I love a good fall or boom mike hitting someone in the head so I keep watching. Plus, we got this from Chris Harrison's Twitter earlier today:
Oh they do, do they? Well, we'll just see...But first, I'm sure they're going to bore me with an entire season recap complete with a little recap of when Jake was on Jillian's season right? I've seen all the episodes ABC! If someone needs to see this recap, they really should just not be watching. Anyway, let's start the episode...

Okay, so I'm 1 minute into the episode where they've shown the previews for what I am about to watch (huh?) and I can already tell you 5 things:

1. Rozlyn did not brush her hair.
2. Jake got dressed in the dark.
3. These girls are "Mean" like those popular snotty girls you knew in high school, they are spray tan abusers and all cry too friggin' much.
4. Chris called Rozlyn's alleged inappropriate relationship the "most shocking television scandal of 2010". Huh? He knows we're just now getting through February of 2010, right? Dude, we have like 10 more months of 2010 to go...
5. Right now the thing I'm most excited about is showing you what Jake is wearing.

Also, I have to admit right now that I'm probably going to fast forward through most of this episode. I hate confrontation y'all and can't stand to see people fight. Or I may just get really bored, it's too early to tell...

Anyway, here comes the recaps...ugh. I'll spare you. Since we've already seen it all, I've blogged about it all...Bah. Luckily after a while it started to sound like those teachers on Charlie Brown and I just started making up my own dialogue...
They talk about jumping off the bridge with Vienna, Elizabeth the Nanny's art of the tease, fortune cookie hilarity (not) with Tenley and Ali leaving. Chris asks Jake what it's going to be like when he see Ali at the Women Tell All. Wha? My question is why the heck they just don't show us instead asking such a stupid question. Show us already!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Back from commercial and we're treated to an update on some past Bachelor/Bachelorette cast members making out. Actually they're reunions but they spend a large amount of time making us watch these cast offs give mono to each other. Yerk. There's a couple of girls from Lorenzo's season which was the the biggest BORE in Bachelor history. Then they show Gwen from Aaron's season (season 2) and she is still single. Awwww, I miss Gwen! I want her to be the next Bachelorette! I love her!
Seriously though, these past contestants are total horn dogs. Where are their mothers?! Ugh this is so gross. It's like watching an episode of Flavor of Love except less hair pulling and pooping on the stairs. Holy crow, let's move along to something else PLEASE! Don't believe me? I'm pretty sure this isn't just a rash but oh how I wish it were:
Have I told you yet that I'm only 20 minutes into the episode? Help!

Oh geez, now we gotta watch these people "giving back"? Didn't they already do that in the hot tub? Now we have to watch them doing charity work, great. I'm all for serving your community but come ON! At least they're doing something worthwhile in between swapping partners...This is seriously mind numbing.

Looks like we're moving on to this season's dramatic broo-ha-ha. FINALLY! Quite a few of the girls are there and the first question from Chris goes to Jessie. You know, the girl who got to talk to Jake all of 5 minutes? Yeah and her answer is just as exciting as you would imagine. Oh gross, now we have to watch Jake in the shower again. Really? Then they jump right into flashbacks of Rozlyn bashing, Michelle craziness, Vienna hating and Gia saying that "Tenley sh*ts rainbows" which is freakin' hilarious and the best thing said all season long. That needs to be on a t-shirt.

Chris asks everyone why they hated Vienna so much. Ella says that she's 23 and immature. Gia defends her and is wearing a sparkly dress so I am declaring it right now: Gia is awesome and I adore her. Chris then gets on Elizabeth (metaphorically speaking) about her teasing Jake. She agreed that she is stupid. Chris then brings up the "10,000 pound elephant in the room": Rozlyn. All the girls immediately say that they witnessed all sorts of "inappropriate" things between Roz and the producer. They were "so uncomfortable" with it all and Jessie says that she saw them on the stairs kissing. Wow, Jessie's getting more screen time tonight than she ever has like...ever. Anyway, lots of "Oh I saw something!" going on. Whatever.

Gia's first up in the "hotseat" and I fast forwarded through her flashback "journey". Seen it, blogged it hello! Still sad though, I want to give my BFF sparkly Gia a hug. Awww. ... Okay, let's move on!

Michelle's next up in the hotseat and this poor thing. Listen, I know she's all kinds of girl-type crazy but at least she didn't join in with Mean Girl Ali's toast to being mean to Vienna on the group date. That made me respect her a lot despite know. She does her best to hold up under the pressure of Chris' questions and the girls hatin'. And of course Ali has to butt in like a big ole buttinski with her two worthless cents. Then Valisha says something and I'm all like, "Who are you anyway? And again, why does your occupation say homemaker"?

Oh crap, now it's Ali's turn. I'm not sure I'm able to properly express how much I dislike this girl. And the fact that we're probably going to be stuck with her as the next Bachelorette just makes it worse. Ugh. She's all crying and stuff about leaving early. Whatever. I bet you'll quit your all important job in a hot minute if they offer you The Bachelorette, stupid Mean Girl. Chris points out that she chose her job over Jake and she gives some crap about how she buries herself in work when she's "scared" and didn't want to get her heart broken. THEN DON'T GO ON TV TO FIND LOVE YOU BOOB. I am so over her. Then she says some other crap about how "our life is measured by the risks we take". *dry heave* God, please don't let them pick her as the next Bachelorette!

Then she starts to defend Vienna and apologizes for being mean to her. She says that Vienna is getting trashed in the tabloids and no one deserves that. Way to back track sweetie. We get it, you want to be nice now so they'll give you a show, whatever. And then she says that she'll pick love over a job next time. *insert eye roll here* Gimme a W! Gimme a H! Gimme an A! Oh forget it, I'm trying to spell out "whatever" but that's going to take too long...

So now we're on to Rozlyn and you know they are going to blast her to kingdom come. They show some roadie guiding Rozlyn to the stage like she's some sort of criminal. For Pete's sake, it would have been more subtle to carry her onstage strapped to a dolly like in Silence of the Lambs. They go through the time line of all the inappropriateness and stuff. She denies that anything physical ever happened. She says that the show wouldn't let her call her son. It gets bad, they start to argue, Chris says something about unicorns and magicians and the audience laughs and claps like hyenas.

Christina says Rozlyn was touching the producer's thigh, Jessie tells her about seeing them make out on the stairs and Rozlyn swears on her child's life that never happened. Blahblahblahblahblah Chris finally interrupts and asks whether or not Rozlyn slept in her room or on the couch. Listen, it's just a bunch of girl fight crap. Chris is being extremely douchy and snarky. I get it but whatever. Rozlyn is still denying that anything physical ever happened and gets douchy and snarky right back at Chris. My final thought: she was stupid for going back on the show. No way were they ever going to give her a fair chance to explain herself.

Wait, isn't this show suppose to be about finding love? Let's move on already!

Oh right, they haven't even brought Jake out yet...dear Lord this is dragging...Oh wait, y'all gotta see what this goob is wearing! I could do a whole post on Jake's fashion sense (or major lack thereof).
It takes him about 5 seconds before he uses the word "journey" and then he says that while he was letting Gia go his "heart was crying". *vomit* You are such a girl. He recounts Ali's job B.S. and they try to make it look like they're star-crossed lovers or something. Pu-lease.

They then talk about the 2 on 1 date where he sent Ella and Kathryn home. Kathryn says that she doesn't think that Jake gave her a fair chance and she all opened up to him and stuff and I'm thinking, "What? He like talked to you about as much as he talked to Jessie. I would have went home by choice at that point you weirdo." Chris takes yet another shot at Michelle and we FINALLY get to the good stuff: bloopers.

Is it bad that I laugh when people get hurt? I mean, I don't laugh if they're really hurt, but come on, it's funny. I laugh when I get hurt so I figure it all balances out. Anyway, the bloopers were okay.

They move on and Chris asks if Jake is happy with his decision, then we get a flashback of the two remaining girls and...fade to black.

So there it is and now we're barrelling towards the finale next week. My final thought on what will happen: Tenley is the girl Jake should pick, Vienna is the girl he will pick. Done and done.

By the way, here's some upcoming Bachelor goodness:

-There's a new series starting at some point called "Bachelor Pad". Apparently it's going to be a Big Brother type reality show with past contestants.

-Jason and Molly are getting married and it will be televised on March 8th at 8:00 EST.

-There's a Bachelor 20/20 special on March 15th at 8:00

And yes, I will be blogging it all! :D

So what are your thoughts on tonight's Women Tell All? What will happen next week on the finale?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

You're The Inspiration (Board)

I mentioned in my previous post: Getting Inspired and Board with Cinderella and The Monkees that I wanted to create my own inspiration board for my crafty space. Right now that board is a box where I toss odds and ends I want to use so I thought I would share a couple of awesome finished boards that have caught my eye recently. :D

(Image from artjunkgirl)

(Image from Anything Goes)

(Image from A Fanciful Twist)

And the fabulous Anya from Couture Millinery Atelier recently wrote a post with pictures of what is currently on her inspiration board. Check out her post My Inspiration Board for 2010.

If you have an inspiration board or know of a groovy one I need to see, I wanna know! :D Just leave me a link in your comments. :)

**side note: the Wonderland Swap is in full swing! And if you missed out this time, I have a little surprise for you coming soon that is for you crafties AND non-crafties. Yes, it's another swap but for right now the theme is Top Secret. Wonder what it could be? Hmmm...

Have a great day everyone! I'll see you tomorrow night after The Bachelor! :D

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: Rewind

TGIFNFF! (That's "Thank God It's Friday Night Fab Five!") :D

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I am currently obsessed with this week. You know what, I'm going to rewind this week and repost a Fab Five I wrote last year. I thought this would be a great way to share a little bit more about me with all of you that may have missed it the first time (or I'm being totally lazy about writing a new Fab Five, you decide!) :P

Anyhoo, this Fab Five comes to you all the way from April 2009. *shocked gasp* Oh yeah, I went back all the way to April of 09, snap! This was originally titled "This Happened, I Swear!" and includes some humiliating things I experienced that I thought I would repost for your continued enjoyment. :D

So get in your DeLorean, fill up your tank with plutonium (please tell me someone gets that reference) and let's get started! :D


Originally Posted April 2009:

So I had this idea to post 5 things you may or may not know about me for this week's Friday Night Fab Five. I can't decide if this is an awesome idea, an arrogant idea or an idea that I will immediately regret as soon as I hit "publish". I decided to go ahead with it because in the World Of Blogging, nothing is quite as powerful as the feeling you can post whatever you want with no retribution whatsoever. And since I'm power-hungry *rawr* here is this week's Friday Night Fab Five:

1. In the eighth grade, I auditioned for "The New Mickey Mouse Club". I was rejected and as I was leaving the room, the Casting Director stopped me and asked me to sing the song I had prepared. I had one of those, "It's happening!" only-in-Hollywood type of moments until half way through the first verse of my song he stops me and very politely tells me to get out. So had I been able to sing, I may have been a Mousekateer and have my very own "Behind The Music" by now.

2. On picture day in the fifth grade, we had a totally cheesy photographer that was making stupid jokes to get me to laugh. I was trying to hold in the laughs and as a result blew snot out of my nose at the very moment he snapped the picture. Luckily, my class was standing in line behind me and saw the whole thing. Ironically, the class bully came up to me afterwards and said, "Don't worry about it, that kind of thing just happens".

3. When I was around 5 or 6, I was at the grocery store with my mom. They had one of those big glass door freezers that holds bags of ice and I wondered to myself how cold it was in there once the door was closed. As Momma was checking out, I opened the door, climbed in and the door closed behind me. It was then that I realized that I couldn't get the door opened and it was also then that Momma noticed I was gone. I spent a minute or two watching her run back and forth in front of the freezer yelling my name. When she finally saw where I was, she was laughing so hard at me standing on bags of ice looking quite satisfied with myself that the manager had to come and open the door to let me out. P.S.-I was fine and yes, that freezer is cold with the door closed.

4. I have yet to understand why chocolate and potatoes come from plants but they don't help you lose weight. Hello? I figure that's a question I'll ask God while I'm filling my plate at the Potato Bar and Chocolate Buffet in Heaven.

5. When I was pregnant, Chris, Momma and myself went to Babies R Us to look at crib bedding. While there I accidentally farted and instinctively said, "Oops, sorry y'all!" really loud. This wouldn't have been so bad except it was then that I noticed a sales associate sitting directly behind my backside at the special ordering desk. Oops!

And there you have it, this week's (old) Friday Night Fab Five! So you know I have to ask:

What are some of your less than perfect moments?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Revenge of the Sushi...With Yarn!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am SO excited because my entry for the contest is FINALLY finished and submitted! The contest is open to knitters and crocheters and you have to make something based on a t-shirt design from (some of the coolest t-shirts around FYI). Here's the design I chose, "Revenge of the Sushi":
(Photo from

The one thing that concerned me about this project was how I was going to get these little guys to actually hold each other up but in the end it hit me: Make a sushi mobile!

So what do you think?

There are so many amazing entries already submitted but I sure would love to have a shot at the prizes. lol But even if I don't win anything, this was a lot of fun to do and I've been wanting to enter some creative type contests and really push myself out of my comfort zone this year so here's one thing I can mark off my list! :D If you would like to see my entry along with the other entries, you can check out my entry on the Threadknits site! Wish me luck y'all! :D

Have a great day everyone and I'll see you soon for another Friday Night Fab Five! :D

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of The Dread Pirate Jake

Here come the overnight dates! Remember when the magic booty card from Chris telling the couple they could get it on in the Fantasy Suite was a surprise? Yeah, not so much anymore. Well no matter, after tonight we will be down to the final two girls and then next week is the Women Tell All reunion special.

But that's not tonight so let's see what happens. Last week we got a preview of Ali calling Jake in St. Lucia to supposedly come crawling back but I'm thinking it will come to nothing. I've been burned by ABC's promos before (remember the one of Jake kicking a chair over? That's never even been shown so thanks a lot ABC.)

Anyhoo, let's get started.

First we get a retrospecticus on the remaining three women and we get to relive all of the moments that were boring the first time around so you can imagine...I'll spare you and yes, you're welcome. I'm sure they're going to replay part of Tenley's dance from last week and no way am I watching that again so I'll be right back, I'm going to get a drink...

Okay, I'm back. Now he's talking about Ali so I'm guessing we're getting the phone call out of the way early. Let's see...she's in a hotel bed...robe on...(Wait, who sleeps in a robe?)...telling us she's heart broken and misses Jake...sitting up in bed and then...wait, what? No way. I am NOT seeing what I think I'm seeing...
For the love of Pete ABC, 8x10 glossies of Jake on the nightstand...really? All right dearest readers, on the count of three we're all going to do the exaggerated eye roll...ready? 1...2...3!

Oh BRO-ther. *shudder* So gross on so many levels...

She gives us some bull about how the only reason she picked work was that she was scared and now that she's back home she can't sleep and her work is suffering (well they must be thrilled to have you back then, eh?) Oh wait they went to commercial and came back with Gia so I guess our Staged Phone Call of Doom will have to wait.

So Jake and Gia meet up and Jake asks her if she likes boats...uh Jake, she took you on a boat during her home town date. That was just last week remember? You took pictures of each other in front of the Statue of Liberty? No? Nothing? Bonehead. They drink out of coconuts like they do on Survivor and go buy cheap tourist crap. (Not that I'm putting cheap tourist crap down, it's my favorite) and they dance with street performers. Jake buys her a necklace which is sure to keep her warm when he kicks her off the island at the end of the show (my guess).

Jake tells us he's ready to take a leap of faith right before they both jump off a pier into the ocean. *barf* We're forced to watch them make out in the water for a couple of minutes. They finally dry off and have a night time picnic. Gia keeps saying how she's falling for Jake and she's so scared. Jake tells us how he wants to take care of Gia tonight. I so hope he means the romantic way and not the mobster way. Lots of blahblahblah whatever, I just want to know where Gia bought that sparkly head band. *drool* I wonder if she'll be so distraught when Jake dumps her that she'll never want to wear it again and will send it to me?
They talk about opening up without even a hint of irony and yadayadayada. This is boring. Get to the fantasy suite already! They get into a big hammock that looks to be hanging from a cliff or something and the card from Chris shows up. Gia jumps right on it and off they go to the Fantasy Suite.

Gia wants to tell Jake that she's falling in love with him but she's finds it too hard to say. And mark my words, that's going to be what gets her kicked out in the end. There's always one person that won't tell them how they feel and it's always what gets them gone. Bah, oh well. They get into a tub (not heart shaped, go figure) and I'm praying for a commercial break...

Tenley's up next and it's like watching Ariel and Prince Eric with these two. Ugh. He takes her flying in a helicopter and they land on a sugar plantation...figures. Now they're talking and...Holy crap this is like watching paint dry....Where's Vienna?

So they go to dinner and Tenley's all worried about the Fantasy Suite since she's only ever been with her ex-husband. And then they start dancing. Shoot me. Jake starts talking about how much he loves spending time with her and you know he's building up the courage to give her the Fantasy Suite card. "Come on baby, we can just talk!" So Tenley reads the card and says, "Let's get it on!" Okay, well maybe she didn't phrase it quite like that but she immediately said yes so whatever. Tenley keeps going on and on about how she doesn't spend the night with guys and this is a big deal and yeah we get it, you're not a whore. Can we please move on now????

So here's Vienna and they get on a pirate ship complete with Jake wearing a pirate eye patch and then those S.O.B.s at ABC start guessed it...

Then they shoot cannons (literally not figuratively) and climb the mast or whatever. Then Jake smacks her in the butt with a sword and makes her walk the plank. I swear I am not making this up! There are so many innuendos being tossed around here I think my head might explode. Then they show them frolicking on the beach. Ewwwwwww. Yes, commercial break! God loves me!

Side note: It has just occurred to me that Jake is different with each of the remaining women. With Gia he's all protective. With Tenley he treats her like they are in the same place in life and with Vienna he acts like one of those kids from "American Pie".

Back to the show, Vienna and Jake are talking about marriage or something while they eat dinner in a gazebo. Jake then asks Vienna what kind of rings she likes. Huh? Did he ask any of the other girls this? She tells him that she likes "bling around the ring" (well, can't blame her there) and then asks him if he can see her as his wife to which he answers yes. Whatever, I am just not seeing this at all. This is the weirdest couple ever. But then he ruins the moment by telling her that he loves the other two girls. Wow, maybe he really was dateless in school because he is a total idiot.

Anyway, back at Jake's room he's primping and what not when dun dun DUN the phone rings! It's Ali saying she made a mistake and wants to come back. I'll spare you the whole long thing, Jake basically tells her thanks but no thanks. Maybe her and Reid from Jillian's season should date each other. Oh and then Ali says that she'll never find anyone like Jake ever. Hmmm...looks like someone's gunning for the next Bachelorette!

Moving on, let's get to the rose ceremony! No wait, first: video messages are back! Yes! The part of the show where we watch the Bachelor awkwardly watch videos of the girls saying cheesy things.

But at the rose ceremony...holy crow, Gia's dress is sparkly! I'm really started to think we're meant to be friends. I wonder if she's looking for a short, stout, less attractive friend? Where was I? Oh right. Rose ceremony...Jake is scared of sending the wrong woman home. Whatever, break Gia's heart and let's get it over with already!

Long story short: Bye bye Gia! Just another kick in the pants to add to your long list of heartbreaks. I'll take that headband now, thanks! Oh don't cry for Gia folks! Her exit really was heartbreaking, she totally lets him off the hook and acts the quite the lady (with the exception of accidentally flashing her underwear. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of that).

So what are your thoughts on this episode? Next week we get to see The Women Tell All and Rozlyn is back. Inappropriate relationships for the win!

Layouts in the Mist

The fabulous Yvonne from Do More With Less is holding a challenge contest. Basically you create something inspired by the layout in this post and there you go! Here's what I did:
This is one of Toot's one year old portraits. I made a layout using plastic canvas as the backing instead of cardstock (my thought being to hang this on the wall so I left the little display hangy thing on the canvas). I used some old sheet music for behind the picture and button. (P.S.-this sheet music is some I got from the 2-3 lb stack of sheet music I found at a thrift store for $1! *drool*)
The patterned paper is Basic Grey (go me for remembering), Lemonade line I think and I wired on some buttons. I misted with the one lonely mist I have. This is only the second time I've used this mist, the first time being on my Jimi Hendrix ATCs and then after that I lost it and have been "mist-less" since July 2009. lol I recently found it again in a box of scraps (thank goodness I never throw anything away, in your face cleanliness!) and have been searching for things to spray the crap out of ever since...

Anyhoo, there's still time to play along with Yvonne's challenge! She's taking entries until tomorrow so get to gluing! :P Have fun and I'll see you after The Bachelor! :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I am in love with this week. Five things posted on Friday at 5:00. Not quite night but you get the point, yes? Excellent, let's get started!

1. Netflix
Getting a DVD in the mail is okay but come on, this is 2010 and Netflix is all about streaming...for me anyway. On your computer, Xbox 360, PS3 or now on the Wii you can stream TV shows, movies and documentaries and I love it! Not everything is streamable but they have a huge collection of stuff to watch and thanks to Netflix I have discovered Dexter, 30 Rock, Doctor Who and oh yes...number 2 on my Fab Five list...

2. BBC's Robin Hood
This show only lasted 3 seasons apparently (Gee, thanks a lot BBC) but the first two are up on Netflix stream and this is the cutest show ever. (Okay, "cute" was probably not what they were going for but whatever) Excellent take on the story of Robin Hood with comedy, drama, action and a cutie of a Hood. (In your face Kevin Costner!)

3. Mod Podge

Oh Mod Podge, where would I be without you? I remember my mom using Mod Podge and it was always her go to for crafts when I was a kid. (Her being a big believer in covering everything she saw in paper) Well, she was right. I love using this for collages and what not.

4. The Soup
Some people read tabloids, some people watch The Insider or read Perez Hilton's blog. I watch The Soup. All the news I need to know plus a healthy dose of hilarity. Done and done.

5. Toot

I've been going through some videos of Toot and although she's only 16 months old, watching older videos of her is amazing. So much change in such a short time. I kind of want to throw up. lol

That's my Fab Five for this week! What are you favorites this week?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Circle Journal: Why I Like Being a Girl

First some news:

-Thanks to your votes, Zachary's teacher came in second place in the contest, that is awesome! Thanks again for taking the time to vote for Ms. Moree!

-I'm sorry if my visits have been lacking as of late, a friend my husband works with wants a crochet Katamari Prince to give his girlfriend for Valentine's Day and since my husband doesn't crochet he thought I was perfect for the job *eye roll* Good thing I love my husband...and crocheting. lol So anyway, I've been crocheting like a crazy person to try and get this done before the weekend. Pray for me. LOL ;)

But I wanted to share my latest circle journal work with you real quick. :) This entry is for Carrie's journal and her theme is "Why I Like Being a Girl". There were tons of reasons I could name including some that are not appropriate for mixed company (lol) but in the end I went with this:

Left Side:
I used pieces of cardboard to back the pictures and to create a journaling box of sorts. Lots of glitter cardstock and Cosmo Cricket papers were harmed in the making of this layout. lol I hand cut the arrow and outlined it with Stickles. My reasons to like being a girl on this side are pretty standard: The Glitz! The Glamour! The Shoes! lol
And on the right side, I stated my very favorite reason for why I like being a girl. Something no man could ever do:
More cardboard, Stickles and Cosmo Cricket and of course some Toot. :D My reason is: "Plus, could a BOY give birth to this cutie? I don't think so." lol Best reason ever!
I love this picture of Toot, all happy after a good nap, lol. I hope you like it Carrie and I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'll see you Friday for another Friday Night Fab Five! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Unpaid Leave

Well we're packing our bags and heading off to the hometown dates! The final four, Tenley, Gia, Vienna and Ali are squealing to bring our Bachelor Jake home to meet the family. First stop is New York and Maxim Model Gia:

They go on a boat tour around the City and we're treated to their photo shoot (it'll give Gia something to look at while she cries after Jake sends her home, eh?) Also while on the boat, Gia tells Jake that one boyfriend cheated on her with all of her friends and her most recent ex didn't communicate and they fought a lot. Jake assures her that he doesn't resolve conflict that way and we're off to see her family. (Believe me, that part of the date was as boring as it sounds.) I'm not too worried though because I have a feeling they're going to rush us through the home towns to get to the supposed drama that happens after Jake is finished touring Boredom U.S.A.

Jake meets Gia's mom, stepfather, stepbrother and half brother. Gia tells us that her family has seen her with a broken heart and are protective of her. I can see how crappy their protection system is given Gia is now looking for love on TV, the one place she is sure to come away with heart intact. *eye roll* Gia's mom pulls Jake aside and it's time for some metaphorical butt kicking. She questions Jake as to whether or not he loves all four women and being the smart man that Jake is, he tells her MOM that he's falling for all four women. *face palm* But then wins her over with some muck and guck about how special Gia is. Meanwhile Gia is talking to her brother about her "wall" and how Jake "is different". Whatever. Then Gia's mom tells her that her gut feeling is that Jake will pick her.

Next up is Mean Girl Ali in Massachusetts. They spend time gushing all over each other and while I do not like Ali, they do have a certain chemistry. Too bad that...well, we'll get to that later. Anyway, after slobbering all over each other they make wishes on leaves.
Then Ali takes Jake to her dead Grandmother's house and they talk about that for a while. (By the way, it is the cutest house ever.) She tells him how she told her Grandmother about him hours before her (Grandmother's) death. The house seems pretty empty except for a picture of her Grandmother on the mantel. I can't decide whether that's creepy or not. Then Ali takes Jake to meet the living members of her family: her mom, sister and brother. Ali's mom is also tough so she takes Jake outside for a little butt kicking chat. But it's all pretty tame: family is important, I like Ali, blahblahblahblah. He ends up asking her mom for permission to propose. She says sure, why not! Her gut feeling is that Jake will pick Ali.

Anyway, on to Oregon and Sweet As Apple Pie Tenley. They walk in a park while she asks him how close he is to his parents. He tells her that he zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Then she takes him to a dance studio where she dances for him. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! And the answer to your question is yes, this is just as awkward as watching a guy sing to a girl. *shudder* But Jake loves it and says he is "melting into the chair". *barf* Not only that, she's dancing to that song that every bride uses to walk down the aisle. *double barf*

Anyway, Jake then meets Tenley's dad, mom and sister. But Jake is concerned as to whether or not Tenley is over her ex. No worries Jake my boy as Tenley comes from a family sweeter than she is and they all spend their time together crying and slopping sugar all over the place. And Jake asks her father permission to propose to Tenley. That's sure to not come back and haunt him later, right?

But now on to Florida...and Vienna (Sausages). Jake says he thinks Vienna is natural which is hilarious considering there is decidedly NOTHING natural about or on this girl. They go to meet Vienna's dad. Anyway, not much to tell here. They're protective, princess, kissy face, "falling for her", blahblahblah, "so real" yadayadayada.

So let's get to the good stuff because we have 40 minutes left in the episode and no way a rose ceremony takes up that much time. Back in LA they play a pop instrumental of "On the Wings of Love" (screw you ABC) when Jake gets a knock on his door and it's...


Long story short: she tells Jake that she has to choose between staying on the show and going back to work. Uh...o-kay. That is sooooo last season. Last season of The Bachelorette to be exact as Ed did the same thing to Jillian. Ali asks for Jake's help in making the decision and he tells her to figure out which will be a bigger regret for her later. She says she doesn't know what she'll do but will let him know at the rose ceremony. (P.S.-Ali works for Facebook so they probably have some major project in Farmtown they need her on or something.)


Ahem...please excuse that outburst.

Jake tells Ali that he feels like she's slipping through his fingers. Well duh Einstein, she is leaving you. Sorry Jake, Ali's 401k was bigger than her love for you. So no rose ceremony tonight as Jake only needed to get down to three girls and Ali did that for him. That's a mercy at least. How could so much drama be so darn BORING? And when did The Bachelor turn into "come and go as you darn well please" anyway?

Next week it's off to St. Lucia for the overnight dates, huzzah! So what are your thoughts on this week's episode full of drama and gut feelings?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: Surprise!

Welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things/people/places or who knows what that I have found fascinating during the week. This week is all about surprises. I like to be surprised if it is something good. Bad surprises not so much. (But really, does anyone like bad surprises? lol)

1. Swap Surprises

I have gotten a great response for my Wonderland Swap and I am surprised and touched! So many people are in love with this story and yes, it is so inspiring for artists of all mediums! If you haven't signed up yet, you still have time! Click the button to find out more! (And yes, this is both a surprise and a plug, so there. lol ;)

2. Blog Hopping Surprises

And just where has this book been all my life? This is First Book of Sushi by Amy Wilson Sanger. I discovered this book after coming across the most delightful post on Rice Babies. I so love sushi and now I have a way to introduce it to Toot as well. This book will be on her book shelf ASAP. Don't you love when you're innocently blog hopping and are surprised by a new discovery?

3. Austen-esque Surprises

You know, I'm pretty protective of my beloved Jane Austen. I'm always suspicious of new film versions of her works (Knightly as Elizabeth with that emo Darcy? *barf*) and have been recently unpleasantly surprised by the amount of shovel-ware books depicting her fabulous characters as vampires along with other sequels and what not. (Excepting "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" that book was awesome).

ANYWAY, I have been pleasantly surprised by PBS' version of "Emma" which is a new mini-series. Emma has always been my least favorite of Austen's heroines but at least now we have a decent telling of her story. And if the actress playing Emma looks familiar, you may remember her as Charlotte Lucas' younger sister in the A&E version of "Pride & Prejudice".

4. Past Fab Fives Coming Back Surprises

So, remember last week's Friday Night Fab Five where the creepy guy wanted me to go back to college? Well guess who I ran into while visiting Flickr this week?
Now he wants me to get a discount on auto insurance! You know what would be really weird is if this guy is actually a model. Why in the world does his picture keep cropping up in these ads?!

5. Surprising My Readers

You know, it's not every day I get to surprise you, my dearest readers so I am SUPER excited to announce that Toot is going Hollywood! Well, sort of...For those of you who have been long time TV watchers, maybe you can guess my news from this picture...
So?!?!?! Ah yes, you guess it! I submitted a video of Toot over the Christmas holiday and heard back from America's Funniest Home Videos that they would like to use it in an episode. Can you believe it?! It's not a video I've ever posted here so I will be sure to let you know when it airs (which is right now scheduled to be late March). :D We're not finalists or anything like that but hey, Toot's going to be on TV getting the crap scared out of her by a jack in the box. Woo hoo!

And there you have it! Another Friday Night Fab Five for the ages! Have you been delightfully surprised this week?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You're Late For a Very Important Date...Uh, I Mean Swap!

Welcome one and all to an exciting new development in the World of Wonderland!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is hitting theaters on March 5th and what better way to celebrate the release than with glitter, glue, paper, fabric, stamps (pick your creative poison) and of course...tea! :)


Huzzah! I am hosting a Wonderland themed craft swap and sign ups are now open! I'm so excited to see the newest version of this magical story and I'm hoping I'm not alone! lol This swap is a chance for you to share your fabulous little creations with someone else and it's all about Wonderland!

You will be paired with a swap buddy and send them a box of Wonderland themed creations. You can use people, places or things from the story, that is entirely up to you. You can make jewelry, ATCs, layouts, cards, altered art, boxes, bags, frames, crowns, jars, whatever Wonderland inspires you to make - the possibilities are endless! Just make sure that the box contains things you yourself would like to get, put your best artistic foot forward! You could even include crafty supplies or maybe some treats such as *ahem* chocolate. (Just no potions or cookies that make you a giant or shrink you smaller than a flower please. ;)

The Details:

-This is open to everyone, everywhere! U.S., outside of the U.S., on the moon if that's where you live. :) Please let me know if you are willing to ship outside of your country. If you are not, that is okay, I just need to know how to pair people.

-In order to participate in the swap, you MUST complete the following questionnaire:

Mailing Address:
Blog Address:
Favorite Wonderland Character:
Are you willing to ship internationally (yes/no):

Then e-mail it to me at justaddglitter at by Midnight on Sunday, February 7th.

-I will pair everyone up and you will receive your partner's information by Midnight on Monday, February 8th. Please take time to visit your partner's blog. This could help you decide what to create for them and it's a great way to get to know other creative bloggers like yourself!

-Your box should include handmade items with a Wonderland theme. This is open to artistic interpretation and can be any thing based on any version of the story HOWEVER it must be your best work. Make sure to send things that you are proud to share with another person. Feel free to also include crafty type supplies and edible treats.

-You will mail your box by Friday, March 5th. This is the release date of the movie and what better way to celebrate than to have Boxes of Wonder zipping all over the world!

-Once you receive your box, please take a picture of the goodies inside and post it to your blog so we can all see! I will also have a Flickr group ready to post your pictures there if you prefer.

-If you would like to ask questions before signing up, please feel free to e-mail me anytime (before the deadline!) at justaddglitter at

Here's a little button, feel free to grab the code and display it on your blog!

I hope that you will sign up and join us, this is going to be a great swap!

And now I leave you with a little peek into the film:

Remember, in order to sign up, please e-mail me your completed questionnaire by Midnight on Sunday, February 7th. Don't be late or it's off with your head! :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Boredom

Well here we are, back for some more drama (and theoretical love) from our squeaky clean Bachelor Jake. It's the Battle of the Blondes (and Gia) and these girls are taking no prisoners. Sort of, I guess...listen, the real competition is between Vienna, Ali and Tenly. Corrie and Gia might as well go home now, they ain't gettin' picked in the end.

But let's back up. The crowd heads off to San Francisco. Vienna thanks her lucky stars that they are no longer roughing it and she can be treated like a princess. Although how you can feel like a princess while sharing a suite with 4 other girls is beyond me. Anyway, Jake leaves the first date card with them and Tenley is the lucky recipient of a one on one date. She also becomes the first (I think) of the girls to say how this has "become real". As real as any relationship can be while surrounded by cameras anyway.

Jake and Tenley hop a trolley and talk about how much they like Rice-a-Roni. Okay, they don't talk about delicious processed rice product but they trolley off to Chinatown to window shop and play with hats and fake Samurai swords. They then write their own fortunes for their fortune cookies "to be read later". I'm pretty sure Jake's to Tenley says, "You will be unlucky in love."

Back at the suite, the drama llamas are sitting around talking about what will happen on Tenley's date when the next date card arrives and Corrie tells them that it's a two on one date with....wait for it...Ali and Vienna. They both throw up in their mouths a little bit when Corrie says "Sike!" and tells them the date is really for Gia and Vienna. (Wow, you are like so funny Corrie) Vienna calls Ali out for freaking out and saying things about her at the last rose ceremony and Ali hems and haws until finally mumbling something about everyone making mistakes and having faults. Whatever.

Meanwhile on my couch:

Husband: "I hate that chick."

Me: "Which one?"

Husband: "The mean one."

Me: "Which one?"

Husband: "The one that looks like she's from The View"

Me: "Which one?"

Husband: "The blonde one... wait, nevermind."

Meanwhile, back on the show Vienna and Ali snip at each other a little more before Vienna walks off to pick out her most bootilicious outfit for her date. Cut back to Tenley and Jake, they have dinner in a tower and Jake says he "has a table for two set up". Jake, once again, we do not believe that you set this date up. Not what y'all did, not the table, not what was served. Nada. Anyway, Jake asks Tenley what mistakes she made in her first marriage that she wouldn't make the second time. She gives some blahblah about how she'll greet her next husband at the door or something like that. Cue awkward pause. Cut to nervous giggles (from both mind you) then Tenley giggly asks, "Where did that come from?" to which Jake responds, "From the heart." B-a-r-f. These two make me as nauseated as that Tanyalee couple from eHarmony. Almost.

Tenley asks Jake what his expectations are for his partner and his marriage. He says he expects his wife to always "have his back" (I guess in case of bar fights?) and something about marriage not being perfect but love always will be (perfect). *dry heave* Tenley asks him about cheating, he says he'll never cheat and Tenley pees herself a little. Then they kiss and open up their handwritten fortune cookies. Jake wrote "Kiss me". Tenley wrote "Kiss me". Jake chortles his fake ole laugh, Tenley blushes. Cue the piano version of "On the Wings of Love" and I swear, I'm about to puke all over myself. Dear Lord, in Your infinite wisdom, please make this date end! Commercial break! Please go to commercial!!!!!

Finally! So now it's Gia and Vienna's turn at Jake and before the girls arrive Jake confesses to being nervous to being on a date with two girls (yeah, cause the last time you did it you sent both packing and we have to watch the whole dramatic rose burning thing. Remember?)
Luckily there's no rose on this date but Jake is still sweating because being on a date with two women is "almost awkward". Almost? Really? Just "almost"? And just where are these crazy lovebirds going? A vineyard, yay! Wait, what? Didn't they just finish camping out at a vineyard? Way to splurge ABC! Gia begins the date by being the third wheel. Meanwhile back at the suite, Ali's all freaking out that Vienna may be talking about her to Jake (whatever) and Tenley thinks maybe Jake took them on the 2 on 1 date to try and decide between the two of them. Again, they are operating under the delusion that Jake gets to decide any of this stuff, like who gets to go on dates and where they go.

Vienna does the stupid thing and brings up how bratty Ali was being after the last rose ceremony. Jake gives a whole, "I don't care what anyone thinks" speech but please, once one of these girls goes off on him, he's bound to pee himself. Jake mentions to us that he's trying to split his attention between the two girls but he's failing miserably. (Well duh) So he takes Gia away from some one on one time while Vienna pouts about being left alone with Gia's salmon.

Can I interject here? Something has been bugging me about Jake and this whole season and I think I've nailed it: Jake is waaaaaaaay to nice to be The Bachelor. See, the past Bachelors have all been nice in their own way but let's be honest: they all have a touch of the douche to them. And I think that trying to balance 25 chicks at once, quite frankly you have to be a little tool-ish otherwise you don't have enough confidence to pull it off. And therein lies the problem with Jake. He seems like a 100% genuinely nice guy and while he definitely deserves to find the love of his life, making us watch it is awkward, cringe-inducing and BO-RING. There! I said it!

Okay, where were we? Oh right, Jake and Gia's alone time. Gia gives the whole "I've never dated a guy who was dating all these other girls, I don't feel special" speech that at least one girl EVERY season gives. Then Jake the Nice Guy makes the classic Bachelor Blunder: he tells Gia that he's falling for her. DUMB dumb DUMB dumb! She is SO going to be bringing that up during her bitter couch time with Chris on the reunion special. What a dope.

Anyway, Vienna's had enough and she goes off to interrupt them only to get lost in the winery catacombs. hahahahahahaha She finally finds them and takes Jake away. What follows are delightful awkward pauses (seriously, is he into any of these chicks for real?) and Jake finally pulls a question out of his butt, "What would married life be like?" and Vienna says, AND I QUOTE, "When I get married, I want it to be like we're little 6 year kids in love every single day." Yep, six year old kids. She tells him she's falling for him to which he responds, "Really? heh heh heh" Vienna follows up by saying, "I don't want to share you anymore" and Jake says (totally deadpan mind you), "I know, this is a crazy crazy adventure, isn't it?" Huh? What? Uh, does he even want to be there? Can we PLEASE get someone interesting in here? It's not like the girls will care, they'll just fall all over the new guy. Please?

Jake takes the girls to their room and awkwardly tells them good night. Vienna gets all insecure and decides that she's going to crash Jake's room. Gia thinks Vienna is digging her own grave and she's more than welcome to hand her a shovel. So anyway, Jake's all shirtless when Vienna walks in "sexy as Hell" (his words) with 2 glasses of wine. Jake is quick to tell us that everything was G rated. Jake basically kicked her out of his bed and back upstairs to Gia.

Corrie (who?) gets the next one on one date. Oh I bet this is just going to be so NOT boring. Corrie says she wants a guy that will persue her and chase her. Hmmmm...good thing you went on a show where you have to do the chasing then, huh Einstein? Jake takes her on a row boat in the park and I'm already bored. Then get this: Jake stands up in the boat, finally squats down and what follows is the most awkward silence in Bachelor history. Well, besides the large amount of nervous twittering from them. I just keep hoping Sebastian will show up and lead the local wildlife in a round of "Kiss the Girl".
For the love of... She's waiting for him to kiss her, he's waiting for her to kiss him. Sebastian never shows and we're finally put out of our misery when Jake says, "I'm about ready for dinner." Good night mama, this is ridiculous. Corrie is so going home...mark it. They next go to a closed science center. Thrilling. Jake tells Corrie what a "nice time" he's had so far. Corrie says she thinks his head was somewhere else. Jake tells her he's concerned that their relationship has moved really slow. I'll spare you the details, they talk about boring stuff until Corrie drops the bomb that she's a virgin. Jake pees himself and they kiss. Fade to black.

Jake comes to pick up Ali for their one on one date and since Ali is from good ole San Fran, their date is her showing him around "her city". Blah. They walk past a florist and Jake asks her what her favorite flower is ("I think daisy") and then shows her his favorite flower (uh...o-kay) and then Ali says, "I want you, you're my big flower." Oh come ON! Gross!

So far the most exciting part of this episode is the first look at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland they show during a commercial break...AWESOME!!!!

Anyway, Ali and Jake are hitting it off and it's obvious she's going to be getting a rose. He asks her about the whole Vienna thing which she brushes off and says she's ready to let that go. Whatever. Then they kiss. I'm ready to move on to the rose ceremony now.

Jake comes up to their suite for the rose ceremony and after some semi-awkward alone time with each of the "ladies" we're ready to get this party started. Jake even says, "This rose ceremony's going to hurt." Please tell me that means someone's going to be bleeding by the end of this. Alas, he means emotionally hurt and three guesses as to who gets sent home. See ya Corrie!

So next week we'll be going home with Gia, Ali, Vienna and Tenley. And from the previews it looks like it will be the most...dramatic...rose ceremony...EVER. *gasp*

So that's it for me! Did you watch tonight's episode?