Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dancing With One Less "Star"

Deja vu, didn't we just watch Dancing with the "Stars" on Monday?! Oh right, now we have to kick one to the curb. This should be fun! My early prediction: it will be either Buzz Aldrin or Kate Gosselin.

So this should be a short post, yes?

First of all, why are some couples wearing the same thing and others changed their clothes?

First safe "star": Buzz, color me surprised!

First couple in the bottom two: Pamela and her dancer partner guy. What the what?! I can think of about 8 other couples that should be there in their place. Oh crap, is this show drawing me in??? Nooooooooooooooooo!

Well, not so short of a post, they're starting to flashback again. Crud. Wait, we gotta see them dance AGAIN? Are they showing last night's or are they making them do the same dance again? Holy crap I'm never going to make it through this show. We're what, 8 minutes in? I'd like to go on record as saying that a separate results show is TOTALLY unnecessary. Bring on Uncle Jesse and The Beach Boys!

Oh okay, now I know why some were wearing different stuff. I guess the professionals do a dance to show the "stars" what dancing is? Actually, they're probably just happy to be performing with people that know what they're doing. This number makes me miss Solid Gold. Remember that show?

Oh snap! Or Dance Party USA, remember that show??? I wanted to be one of their dancers SO bad! You've got to see this video, look at the girls' hair...THE HAIR!!!

Ah the memories...huh? Oh right! The DWTS results show...oops.

Adam Carolla came on and did some sort of snarky schtick. Hey, that's my job!

Oh, another safe announcement: That guy and the girl that elbowed him and Niecy and her partner are both safe. Then Brooke talks to Pam who is in the bottom (BOO!) and Buzz who is safe to "dance" another week (surprise!). Hang on a sec, I'm going to fast forward a bit here...

Oh geez, now they're talking about some nameless models wearing Macy's something or other? Listen, this is a snooze fest. Y'all know I love me some Full House, I just wanna see Uncle Jesse play with The Beach Boys.

Geez, talk about a man getting better with age. Holy smokes, he's cute. Ooo, the Boys aren't sounding quite so Beachy anymore. So for those of you that are fans of the show, is this how the results shows are? Tons of filler, few results? Seriously, ABC could have just sent me an e-mail with the name of the person kicked out or even Tweeted it. Now I have to watch some comedy bit with the middle judge acting like Moses? Nice job ABC, now God and I both hate your show. They issue the dancers some challenge about wanting to see a story in their dance next week. Whatever.

Another couple that's safe: Sk8trBoi and that redheaded girl. They also feel the need to tell us for the 10th time that Pamela is in the bottom. WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME TOM! Geez.

Another couple safe: Bachelor Jake! Okay, I'm kinda happy about that, shut up.

Also safe: The Pussycat Doll. Well, duh.

Now they start talking about the earthquake in Haiti. Well, that's a downer. Good dancer number though. Oh for the love of, now they're showing us behind the scenes crap? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just get rid of someone already!!!!!

Another safe couple: That girl from ESPN that needs a better bra.

And "joining them":, another surprise.

Okay, so Kate is safe (WTH???) and Shannen Doherty is sent to the bottom? COME ON! And although I'm happy that Pamela made it through, I'm bummed to see Brenda go already. Stupid eye rolling Kate.

Okay so there, we're done for the week right? There's no other episodes till Monday, yes? Yes! :D

Make sure to come back tomorrow for a fun, exciting surprising announcement surprise! :D

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing With the Realization That I Will Never Get These Two Hours of My Life Back

Hi everyone!

So, did you see Toot on AFV last night? Huh, didya? Well that makes one of us...

Apparently we were all in danger of major doom because the self-important local weathermen decided to tell us the same info over and over about a tornado no where close to our area and went over their broadcast time by about 5 minutes. And guess whose video was shown in the first 5 minutes of the America's Funniest Home Videos? Bingo. Toot gets on national television and we couldn't watch it. So instead of listening to Tom Bergeron tell us how adorable our child is, we got to see this:

Needless to say, I cried and my husband wrote an e-mail to our local news station that would make Samuel L. Jackson blush. For those of you that watched and sent e-mails or left comments, thank you so much! If we couldn't, we're so happy that you were able to see it! :D

So that's it for this post! I'll be sure to tell you more about...huh? What's that you say? What happened on Dancing With The Stars? Now how the heck should I know?

*sigh* Fine!

Here's a recap of tonight's episode...

So from what I understand, last week's episode was just Dancing With The "Stars" and this week it's Eliminating A "Star", right? But we have to watch them dance again, right? Geez, what crap. I feel so bad for the person getting kicked off having to dance again. If it were me getting kicked off I'd be like, "Wait, you kick me off and now you want me to dance again? Screw you buddy, I am outta here and I'm taking all the body glitter with me..."

Well from the looks of the "Stars" introductions, we've got a good combination of elegance, "Grease" and then that Pussycat Doll and Kate Minus One that look like they're working legally in Nevada. Blurg. And check out what the Snappiest Dresser wore:

His partner looks like Cha Cha from "Grease"...Wait wait wait, they just said that tonight they dance again, combine the scores and then tomorrow night they're getting rid of someone??? This is on again tomorrow night? Please tell me they're joking! What they're showing clips from last week's show??? Dude, I watched it! Wait, now I have to watch them rehearse again?!


Shannen (There's an "E" not an "O" in her name...really?) Doherty is up first and dude, I didn't even watch her. Her pigtails are cute though and she's super sparkly.

Brenda's Score: 7 - 6 - 7

So this is the simple break down of the show for a contestant:

1. Flashbacks from previous episode
2. Interview/Flashback
3. Rehearsal/Interview
4. Meltdown
5. Performance
6. Judging
7. Judging
8. Judging
9. Interview
10. Score
11. Reaction to Score/Interview

I can think of about 9 things that need to be dropped from that list.

By the way, the "Stars" are being extra whiny tonight. Slamming doors, saying they're going to quit...and you know if they all quit, that means they'll just cut 30 minutes off a 2 hour episode. These people can make a show outta nothing. Blahblahblahblah Longest show ever.

That guy from "All My Children" is up next. His partner's dress is all pink and pretty. Really low in the back though...If I wore a dress like that, you'd be able to hear the "truck backing up" alert noise for miles...

Score for uh...that cute guy: 7 - 6 - 6

Sooooo...the Sk8trboi is up next and they look at Grease-y and rebellious. Well, rebellious for a "star" on a reality TV dance competition anyway...

His partner's costume is sincerely hideous. She looks like a member from the Pink Ladies in the 80's that got caught in a trash compactor. Her hair is also very scary.

Anyhoo, here's Sk8trboi's score: 8 - 8 - 8

Niecy Nash is up next. Oh snap! I got into Twitter and totally forgot to watch her performance. Crap, now I gotta rewind it. Oh for the love of....did you see that cheesy "proposal" bit at the end? *barf* At least she wore pink. I like pink.

Score for Nash: 7 - 7 - 7

Time for commercial break! Oh hey, "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" is on Wednesday, awesome! Oooo and lookie who's up next!!!
Oh snap, best costumes ever my friend...

Geez, seriously like every couple is fighting tonight during rehearsals. Shut up and dance already! Didn't "Step It Up" teach us anything?!

Anyhoo, on to their performance. I'm about 3 seconds in and can already tell this is going to be good, they're dancing to "Hip to be Square" and yes, they sure are...So they do some kinda move from "Riverdance" then she collapses on his knee and he beats on her stomach, then they do moves from the prom scene in Grease then he puts nerdy glasses on. And I promise you, I have exaggerated nothing.

Score for Lord of the Doof: 6 - 7 - 7

Crap, is it totally sad that I kinda wanna vote for them? Thanks a lot Deb, I'll get you for this one day! ;) No worries folks, I will NOT vote whatsoever for anything on this show ever! *shudder*

Ugh, I have an hour left in this show and there's like a billion couples still waiting to dance. And here comes Buzz Aldrin...Oh geez, they have him standing in front of a fake space backdrop. Come on ABC, give the man some dignity!
They dance to "Fly Me to the Moon"...Bro-ther. He does a little better than last week I guess but oh please, send this poor man home. He walked on the moon! THE MOON!

Score for the FIRST [Correction: SECOND] man on the MOON: 4 - 4 - 4

Wait, what's the point of the scores if it's call-in votes that decides who go home?

The Pussycat Doll is up next and is it fair to have a chick who actually dances in a noob dancing competition? Wait, is what she did with the Pussycat Dolls actually considered dancing? She's acting all winded and stuff. Whatever, you know how to dance already.

She looks all sparkly, that's something. And her top has total support, are you watching ESPN chick??? Her partner scares me a little. I'm trying to figure out who he reminds me of...who is it? It's driving me nuts! The judges all pee themselves over her. Big deal.

Score for the girl that is already good at dancing: 10 - 8 - 10 What a surprise...

The girl from ESPN is up next and man is this BO-ring! The most exciting part was when she needed a minute to put her boobs away before being judged. I'm telling is everything!

Score for blond girl: 8 - 7 - 8

For Pete's sake, who's left? Pam Anderson, Kate Minus One and 85. Three more?! Jiminy Cricket!

Pamela Anderson is up next and she looks all Marilyn Monroe-esque. Sort of... I'm rooting for her to win at this point. I've decided that the fox trot is totally boring. I have no idea why the audience keeps clapping and woo-ing. *snore*

Pam's Score: 7 - 7 - 8

Ochocinco is up next...Ugh, another foxtrot...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wait, what is going on with the top of his partner's dress? There's some sort of weird cuff shelf thing around the left side of her chestular region. The judges hate them.

85's Score: 6 - 5 - 5

The last dancer, FINALLY!!!! Yippee!

It's Kate and she's super whiny. I think it's because she's finally talking to a man that won't take her blahblahblah. So they fight during rehearsal and her partner quits and I just want to get on with my life.

Which it looks like I can because after he quits they cut to a "To Be Continued..." which is sort of anti-climatic because they already showed them all through the show dressed up ready to dance so...Wait, they just came back from commercial and they made up. Well, what the heck did they waste that "To Be Continued..." for? Sheesh. And now they're going to dance. Great.

First of all, she looks MUCH better this week. (Except for that freaky super tight curly banana clip look she's sporting) Too bad she sucks at dancing. Ew, she seriously sucks folks. She's worse than Buzz and I don't know how that's possible.

Score: 5 - 5 - 5

It's over, woo hoo!!! And guess what, Uncle Jesse's going to be on tomorrow night with The Beach Boys! Have mercy!

Thanks for reading tonight's recap folks! Please let me know if you'd like me to keep doing them. I'll be more than happy to stop! lol :P

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toot TV and Mama Gets Her Groove Back

Hello everyone!

First, just want to let you know that there is a vintage swap taking sign ups over at Rice Babies. Click the button to sign up (and maybe get me as a partner you lucky thing! :P)

Second, Toot's big(ish) TV premiere is tonight! There will be a clip of her on American's Funniest Videos (AFV) on ABC tonight at 7PM EST. I hope you'll tune in to catch her! :D I'm not sure how much of the clip they'll use and I can't show it here since it's ABC's at the moment but here is a still so you know what to look for! :D

So exciting!!! :D

And now...a Makeover pictures...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Magical Tin of Mystery! *gasp*

Sometimes an idea for a project comes to you and almost puts itself together and sometimes you have to practically rip your hair out to get anything completed. Lucky for me, the following was the former and not the latter.

Behold, the altered Nintendo DS game tin!

Hmm, not too interesting you say? Ah ha! You've fallen right into my trap! I purposely left the outside of the tin a bit drab all so that you would faint in delight at your first look at the inside! Prepare to hit the floor!

Well, I think it's dramatic anyway. :D Here's a close up of the inside of the lid:

And here's a closer view of the inside of the tin itself:

I was so happy with how quickly this came together. I just love when that happens!!! What's your Saturday looking like?

**Don't forget that Toot will be on America's Funniest Videos tomorrow, 3/28 on ABC at 7:00 PM EST. I'm not sure how much they'll use of our clip but just look for the baby getting the crap scared out of her by a jack in the box (which I'm hoping will break soon so I can alter it. :P)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: I Heart Blogs

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm enjoying and down right loving. You know, sometimes I'm just not at the height of my blogging prowess. Luckily there's a few other bloggers that are there to take up my slack. :D Here are 5 posts that I have loved reading this week, go read them, maybe discover a new blog or two and while you're at it, why not leave a quick comment letting them know you stopped by? Tell them I said hello. :D

1. Turning Fugly Into Fabulous

We all have that ugly scrapbooking patterned paper that we bought while insane or under the power of a "3 Sheets for $1" sale, but Chantal has a solution that is perfect for those scrappers or other mixed media giants that are trying to use up their stash

Please to enjoy her post: How to transform yucky pp into yummy pp! ~ a step-by-step tutuorial and random challenge by Chantal (me!) ~

2. Another Advocate for Growing Sideways

I've talked about Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist a lot on this blog but this time I'm serious.
Yes, her posts have magical pictures and beautiful sentiment but I'm sending you there for a recipe: Sweet Saltines. I made these right after reading this recipe and let me just say: Holy crap. It is awesome. And you are welcome.

You've GOT to go read her post: If I Was a Poet.

3. More Talented Than Me

Nicole from Made By Nicole is a captain of the design team at Gauche Alchemy and this week she posted a graffiti style background tutorial and boy does this girl know her way around a Bombshell stamp.

Make sure to check out her post: Daring Backgrounds: Graffiti Style

4. Part Awesome, Part Selfish on My Part

Theresa from Welcome to My World! always has poetic posts on her blog with a healthy dose of her creative awesomeness and sweet spirit. So part of talking about her here is to tell you to go read her post: The Poetry of Nature that includes some awesome pictures she took and the other reason for listing her here is to rub it in that I recently purchased a One Of A Kind necklace from her Etsy shop, Faerie Moon Creations and it is too fabulous:

(Picture used with permission from Faerie Moon Creations)

Eek, I love it so much! :D Check out her shop for other Marie lovelies as well as some Wonderland goodness and other fabulous creations.

5. My Dream Vintage Kitchen

I recently found the blog Mother's Kitchen thanks to Cat at The Vintage Housewife. (Another great blog to stalk BTW). Anyhoo, over at Mother's Kitchen, she has posted pictures of her kitchen, totally fabulous in pink and full of kitsch and all sorts of vintage glam.

Make sure to drool over: Kitschy Corners #2

And there you have it, another Fab Five has come and gone. Have you read anything not to be missed around the blogs this week? Be sure to gimme some links in your comment! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking Over the World, One Blog at a Time...

Hey y'all!

Well well well, it looks like in my effort to take over the world, I have begun in stellar fashion by taking over Yvonne's blog, Do More With Less. That's right, all of this fabulousness cannot be contained on just one blog! (Well, two if you count my vintage blog...actually with my gaming blog that would make three...oh nevermind, you know what I mean!) Muwahahahahahaha!

To sum up, today I am a guest blogger on Yvonne's blog so if you would like to see more of this:

Get your fab selves over there right now by clicking in this link: Just Add Glitter and Stir. There's Action! *gasp* Adventure! *double gasp* Romance! (huh?) Okay, no romance but it is my first guest blogger spot ever and I'm nervous so pretty please with glitter on top do two things for me?

1. If you don't follow Yvonne's blog already, you need to right now. Her talented is crazy amazing and she's super cool as well.

And 2. Leave an itty bitty comment over there saying hello to me? Anyone? Bueller? *crickets* I'm vulnerable here people!!! :D I'm willing to pay you in cute Toot pics:

First time painted baby toes:
First time trying a yeast roll:
How about the Cheerio with a strong will to live?

If those don't work, let me know - I have a billion others I can post and I'm not afraid to use them! :D

Thanks everyone! And by the way, I may have been persuaded to continue recapping Dancing With The "Stars"...maybe. :D Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Layout Ninja

I've been wanting to play along with the challenges over at The Pink Ninjas for a while now and finally got the chance this month. Their current prompt is "Priceless". You also have to incorporate distressing and pink paint. Here's my layout:

This picture is from Toot's first birthday party and her very first taste of cupcakes. lol I distressed the doily and flourishes with Distress Crackle Paint (love this stuff!) and added some other embellishments. I scrubbed pink paint around the edges of the paper.

I added "1st birthday + 1st cupcake = priceless". And it really was, she scarfed down that cupcake like nobody's business. lol

I hope you are having a fabulous day! :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing With The "Stars" or Why I Am An Awesome Friend

Hello everyone!

You know, I had so much fun writing recaps of Jake's season of The Bachelor and a couple of people asked me if I was going to write recaps for the newest season of Dancing With The Stars. My answer to that question was...well, I can't say what my answer was since we're in mixed company but it involved the letters N and O.

I said no primarily because...well...I've never watched DWTS and quite frankly wasn't really interested in watching it this season, even with Jake being on it. BTW, what is he doing on it anyway? Tenley should have been on it ABC...idiots. Anyhoo, one plea resonated above the rest and it is for her, my fabulousness that is Deb from Sparkling Scrapbooks (and all of you of course) that this post is being uh, posted. (Although Deb really only asked that I watch it not really blog about it but being one to always go above and beyond...You know, I'm just that awesome.)

So for Deb and DWTS lovers everywhere, please to enjoy one woman's view on a show she's never seen before:

"It began 5 years ago..."

Wait, this show has been on for 5 years and 10 seasons?! Holy crap!

Uh oh, 60 seconds in y'all:
My head hurts...

Okay, how bad is it that I don't know who half these people are? And Buzz Aldrin?! Nooooooo! Elementary students and aspiring astronauts everywhere are crying. Hey, you ever get that freeze dried ice cream they sell at museums that are suppose to be what astronauts eat? Yeah, that stuff is gross.

So they introduce everyone and while that is helpful, I'm still stuck on Buzz Aldrin being there and then I got lost somewhere in Pamela Anderson's hair.
Poor guy...remember when you used to be learned about in school? Now you're on a reality TV dancing competition show. Welcome to the new millennium my friend! And what's that I see???
A Bachelor section!!! Wow, that's nice for them to have their own area. You know what would be cool? If there was a "Rock of Love" area and then at some point there's a brawl in the middle of the dance floor between the two sides. Awesome!

Where was I? Oh right, I'm not even through the introductions yet, blurg!

Anyway, Chad OchoCinco (who?) is up first. Wait, we have to watch them practice before they perform? You know, now that I'm watching this, I'm starting to think that this could be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Huh? What? Excuse me, I must have nodded off watching them "practice". Bring on the sequins please! His partner's dress is yuck and if you're just going to raise it the whole time, why wear a skirt at all but if I'm not mistaken, her shoes are glittery. They should win! They name a winner at the end of this episode, right?

Anyhoo, blahdeblahblah from the judges and they send them off to some isolation booth. Geez, now we have to listen to them talk?! This going to take forever!!!

Scores for Chad: 6 - 6 - 6 Oooooo evil!

This is such a weird group of people and just who let Jake wear a friggin' peach bow tie?! Is he going to a 1980s prom with an Under the Sea theme?:
Ooooo Brenda's next!!! Remember the time that they went to prom and her and Kelly both wore the same dress and that night she gave her virginity to Dylan??? Brenda says that she's terrified of judging and if I were the judges, I'd be terrified of her. She scares me.

Hey, is it normal for the audience to "woo" at every little thing the dancers do? It's not like they're doing loop-de-doops or break dancing or anything. She looks like she's going to throw up. She says she's dancing for her dad who had a stroke which is very sweet indeed. One of the judges calls her a monkey. I want that sparkly thing she has in her hair.

Scores for Brenda (a.k.a. Shannon Doherty for you non-90210 fans): 6 - 6 - 6 Wow, this show is pure e-vil!

Hey, even Brooke's microphone is covered in sparkles! I may like this show after all...

Some chick from ESPN is up next. I hope the bra in her performance dress is better quality than the one she's wearing in her intro video. I'm pretty sure she came away with bruises. Anyway, I'm blinded by the banana fringe she's wearing so I'm going to assume she did a good job.

Scores for this chick: 7 - 7 - 7 The cycle of evil has been broken! Wait, does three 7's stand for something evil too? Maybe more evil?

Oh snap, Jake's up in his smart looking peach tie! Oh Lord, he gives his partner a rose. *barf* He says he doesn't think he's a good dancer and he's never been more right in his life. Wait...what are they dancing to? No way, they wouldn't do that..."A Kiss From a Rose"??? Really ABC? How could you allow it, Seal? HOW COULD YOU????????????????????

And what is up with his partner's hair? It's like elegant in the back and then there's some sort of 1990s poof in the front. Bleck. Well, he didn't break her in half with his two left feet so that's something.

Score for Doofus: 7 - 6 - 7

That girl from Clean House is up next. I love the lipstick she has on, very red. Wow, this show is very glittery. She did pretty well and then crushed her partner at the end.

Scores for Niecy: 7 - 5 - 6

Geez, there's really an hour left in this show? Holy Monkees. Some male figure skater is up next. His partner is barely sparkly at all. Meh. Dude, this guy is all arms and legs isn't he?

Sk8tr Boi Score: 8 - 7 -8

Aldrin's up next. Buzz Aldrin. Buzz...Aldrin. Wow. Oh this poor thing will not be on this show long. He's trying so hard counting and everything. To the moon Alice!

Scores for an American Hero *grimace*: 5 - 4 - 5 Our country has sunk to an all new low.

Some girl from the Pussycat Dolls is up next. She looks tiny. I bet I could break her in half over my knee. You know, I was kind of hoping this first episode would be like the first episode of American Idol where all the funny things happen but this is not like that at all. *snore*

Score for the Doll: 9 - 7 - 9

Some guy from "All My Children" is up next. My mom used to watch this show when I was a kid but I don't remember any of the men on that show looking like this guy. Holy crap.

Wait, they're dancing to a cover of "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran??? My adolescent years just burst into flames. Seriously, they got the rights for this? Why God, WHY? *dry heave*

Score for the Hot Guy: 5 - 5 - 5 (Less evil than the first two)

Kate, formerly of Jon Plus 8 is having her turn on the floor and she looks like a lovely pink tree trunk. Note to wardrobe: never give her a drop waist again. Ever. Oh my goodness, that new hair does wonders for her.

Score for the less creepy Octomom: 6 - 5 - 5

Pamela Anderson is up next. She says she's dancing for her Auntie which is too cute. That's it, I want her to win. Hey, when did the Cha-Cha get an extra cha added to it? They keep calling it the cha-cha-cha, has that always been the name? Oh right, they're dancing! She ripped his shirt off...ewwwwww!

Scores for Pamela: 7 - 6 - 8

Andddddd done! I made it through my very first episode of Dancing with the "Stars"! Go me! :D All in all, it wasn't bad. Lots of sparkles and horrible song covers, it really is an 80s prom! BTW, I'm not planning on recapping the rest of the season, this was just for fun (and Deb!) lol

Hey, you know this show and Toot have something in common, did you know that? That common thing happens to be Tom Bergeron who hosts America's Funniest Videos which Toot will BE ON THIS SUNDAY, 3/28th. Check your local listings! :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrapbook Heaven, Restoration Hell

Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all of you that submitted names for my layout title contest! I really appreciate your creativity and it was hard to choose just one title. But the one I chose was "Sugar and Spice" submitted by Tam from Art in Flight. Thanks Tam!!! Please e-mail me your address (justaddglitter at gmail dot com) and I'll get your prize out ASAP. :) Thanks again everyone!

Now, I wanted to share with you a major vintage find (at least for me, lol). On a past trip to one of my favorite vintage haunts, Kitsch-y Cool Vintage I noticed a scrapbook that was marked as being from the 1930s. Being that it was very delicate, I didn't look all that closely at it and left it where I found it.

Sometimes when I find something cool but it's out of my budget or I need to wait to get it for whatever reason, I go by my "Second Time Mine" rule. If it's there the next time I go, I assume that means God wants me to have it. lol So luck was with me when I went back to Kitsch-y Cool the other day as there is was on a shelf: my 1930s scrapbook.

I brought it home, sat down to really look at it and low and behold: it's filled to the brim with clippings of Hollywood celebrities from the 30s/40s. Amazing! There are so many pages with so many pictures, I decided to make a video flipping through it rather than take a picture of every page. :D Even with me talking and flipping as fast as I could, the video is still 4 minutes long (yikes) so please feel free to fast forward, mute my blah blah blah or what have you. lol

As you'll hear in the video, I need your help! I would love to preserve this somehow and I'm thinking my best bet it to "transplant" the images to a new chemical-free scrapbook. Once you see it, please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions! :D

I hope you enjoy seeing this treasure!

P.S.-I'm double posting this on my vintage blog, Circle 7-2099 so don't feel like you need to comment there if you're already commenting here. :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: Stuck On You

EDIT: Thanks to all of your amazing title suggestions for my layout contest, I've come to the decision that I need help deciding my favorite. lol So my husband is going to help me and I will announce the winner this weekend! Thanks for entering, feel free to add more before tomorrow if you want! :D

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things for the week that I generally adore. This week it's all about being crafty. You can only be as crafty as the glue you use to keep everything from falling apart, eh? :D I love finding new adhesives to try but do find myself surrounded by 5 stickies in particular (all photos from

1. Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Aleene's can be used for a variety of projects. I use it mostly on fabric-y type things that are awkward to use with other adhesives.

2. Mod Podge

My mom is the Queen of Decoupage so I was practically raised on Mod Podge.

3. Terrifically Tacky Tape

This stuff is awesome and is a God send for attaching sequins. It comes in different sizes and it is s-t-r-o-n-g.

4. Glue Dots
I'm new to Glue Dots but it was love at first glue. They're clear, come in different sizes and are extra sticky.

5. 3L Tape Runner
Ah, the old tried and true tape runner, my scrapping best friend.

And there you have it for this week's Friday Night Fab Five! What are some of your favorites this week?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Love and Other Fumes

Hello everyone!

First up, don't even try to pinch this blog, it's wearing green see? ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

***Some quick bookkeeping: If you have my blog in your links list or my button on your site, first of all: THANK YOU! Second, please take a moment to change your link to my new URL: so you won't miss anything. :D I appreciate all of my fabulous readers and the people that take the time to visit me and comment. Thank you so much! :D

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you are well aware of my crafty addiction. Part of that addiction is learning new things constantly which I call my Crafty A.D.D. lol Well, now I can cross one more thing off my list: casting resin. Huzzah!

A while back I found a Resin Candy Sprinkle Jewelry tutorial on Etsy, created by the mucho talented Brigitte at Zombukis Love You. I've been circling it like the proverbial shark for months now. I'm going to get it, no don't get it, let's get it, no better not, must have it! No! and so on and so forth until last week when I finally told everyone to shut up and just bought it.
(Picture used with permission from Zombukis Love You.)

The tutorial comes in a PDF file and is full of information and instructions and is very easy to understand. When you're using chemicals such as these, it's easy to get freaked out and reach for the hazmat suit but Brigitte's tutorial made it fun and the first time I tried, I was instantly addicted.
(Resin curing in the mold.)

Now, the tutorial is for candy sprinkles but y'all know I "love finding new places to wear diamonds" so t0 speak so I was all about using glitter. So sparkly...*drool*

(Another step in the process.)

I'd say the only thing frustrating about this process is the waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. But with finished results like these, I'm cool with it.

I even tried to get fancy and stick things in different pieces. It's been so much fun trying out different things, what looks cool, what the resin destroys. lol

Needless to say, this has become a staple crafty project for me. Not sure what I'll do with these babies yet but it's always nice to be surrounded by things that sparkle! If you've been thinking about trying to cast resin, I highly suggest buying Brigitte's tutorial which you can find in her Etsy shop or if you just want some fab resin jewelry for yourself, she is currently having a 20% off sale on all of her resin jewelry so be sure to check that out too!

If you'd like a couple of the pieces I have made, don't forget to enter my "I Can Name That Layout in One RAK" contest, no limit on entries!

What is a craft you've always wanted to try?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Can Name That Layout in One RAK

Anyone else miss those kitschy game shows of the 70's and 80's like "Name That Tune" or that license plate one where you had to figure out what they said? No? Just me?

Ah well, that really has nothing to do with my plea for help. That's right, I need help from YOU fine folk and I'm even prepared to reward you for it. *pause of applause*

I've got a layout I'm working on and I love the way it's coming out so far but it's missing something: an awesome title. Anddddddddd that's where you come in. I need help naming this layout (Click for larger):

What do you think? I like the contrast of the flowers and love birdies with Toot's "Hulk" face. I'm not quite done embellishing it yet but before I can go any further, this fine piece of craftsmanship needs a name!

So here's what I propose: Leave a comment in this post with your suggestion of a title for this layout. I will pick my favorite and the winning title will be used on this layout which is sure to be handed down through the generations. *pause for shocked gasp of awe* Even better, the thinker upper of said fabulous title will win this:

A few fun things from my stash: some sequins and other sparkly things, a couple of sheets of vintage sheet music, some pictures and what nots AND a couple pieces of resin casted by yours truly (I haven't even blogged about these yet, lol).

So put your thinking caps on and help me name this layout! Feel free to come up with as many titles as you want and leave them in your comments. I will pick my favorite and the winner will be announced in my Friday Night Fab Five on Friday, March 19th. This is open to everyone, inside or outside the US!

Thanks everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all my UK mommies!! :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five: Sing...Sing a Song...

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five, this time correctly posted on Friday not like that stupid tricksy Thursday that messed me up a couple of weeks ago. LOL Just in case you're new, Friday Night Fab Five is where I list five things that I find fabulous, adorable or too fun not to share for the week.

Netflix has been featured in a previous Fab Five and as I was perusing the newest additions to the Instant Streaming categories I ran across some of the TV shows I loved back in the day. Those memories brought back something that we've lost in recent television: theme songs.

I don't just mean iconic music like Mission: Impossible or The A-Team. I'm talking real theme songs that lasted almost two minutes and showed every last person in the cast along with multiple action sequences. Not these namby pamby themes they have now that last about 3 seconds. (I'm looking at you Lost and Supernatural!) :P

So I thought, what the heck, here's 5 of my favorite old school theme songs...Enjoy! :D

1. The Greatest American Hero

2. 21 Jump Street (Oh Lord, my first look at Johnny Depp all those years ago...and he's still so dreamy!)

3. It's A Living

4. Full House

5. The Love Boat

Wow, those take me back! lol What are your favorite theme songs?

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Laughter (and Happy Mail) is the Best Medicine

Hi everyone!

So did you remember to come to this new URL? I sure hope you made it here safely! lol

I just wanted to tell you about a couple of fun things:

The first is the fabulous Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist is nominated for Top 20 Art Blogs and you can help out by voting for her fabulous blog. Just click on this link, her blog is listen in the right hand side bar. Thanks guys!

And P.S.-Vanessa is getting ready to announce the date for her amazing Mad Tea Party blog party. WOO HOO!

Second is that Gauche Alchemy has started another giveaway, this time it's some of their fabulous papers you can use to feed your craftiness. :D Just CLICK THIS LINK and make sure and tell them Maggi sent you! :D

Third is Melissa, owner of the Etsy shop Haut Totes. She makes amazing bags but at the moment her shop is closed while she takes time to travel with her 10 year old daughter, Satori who is getting spinal surgery in 2 weeks.

She got an idea, as a way to keep Satori cheery and occupied while in the hospital, that people could send her postcards and Satori could read the messages and mark off on an atlas where all the cards come from and you can send a card to Satori too! Here's the message Melissa posted on Etsy earlier today (posted here with her permission):


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Melissa Lewis & I am Haut Totes.

My 10 year old daughter Satori has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type II) She uses a power wheelchair, can't walk, crawl, etc. But she is a rock star!! She has a super sense of humor, gets straight A's (in academically advanced classes) is a great big sister and daughter and a fantastic person all around.

Because she is so physically weak her body doesn't hold its self up well and she has developed severe scoliosis. Because of the curve of her spine it is now starting to crush her lung, so on March 31 she will have full spinal fusion. They will open her back insert 2 titanium rods, one on either side of her spine, wire the whole thing up and place donor bone in between all the vertebrae. Eventually it will all grow together "fusing" her spine into one long bone.

We are traveling to California to have this done, with an estimated stay in the hospital of 7-10 days. I am hoping to get people to send her postcards from all over. I think that the messages (and pictures) will be fun for her. I also plan to take an atlas and have her mark off states and countries (sneaking in a little geography).

We have great insurance, a FANTASTIC surgeon and a world renowned hospital!!

**She is not in need of anything more than some exciting messages and postmarks :) **

I thought who better than my Etsy and Twitter friends to make that happen!

I am posting this now for those of you who live outside of the US. If you live within the states you should probably hold off sending your post cards for 2 weeks.

This is how the post card should be addressed

Satori Lewis
Surgery date 3-31-10
Davis 7 Pediatrics
UC Davis Children's Hospital
2315 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817 USA

Thanks so much everyone!!!
Melissa "

If you are so inclined, send Satori a postcard - this would be great for you crafty types and non-crafties alike! They will so bring a smile to her face while in the hospital and she'll have fun discovering all of their sender's locations on the map.

EDIT: Melissa has started a blog about Satori's postcards! Check it out here: Postcards For Satori

And now for a little something that I personally think is hilarious and awesome. It comes to us from the Jimmy Kimmel show. A bit they call Handsome Men's Club and it is too funny. Please to enjoy:

Have a great day everyone, I'll see you tomorrow for an all new Friday Night Fab Five! :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Circle Journal: Vintage Recipes

I've got new pages to show you but first: In honor of National Craft Month, Gauche Alchemy is holding a giveaway and the prize is a fabulous piece created by Sherry Goodloe from Got Art? so CLICK HERE TO ENTER and tell them you heard about it from me, eh? :D

Now, on to circle journals! This month I got a chance to work on the journal of Kristen from This Homemade Life and her theme was Vintage Recipes. Um hello, love it! lol I knew immediately what recipe I wanted to include, it's one my husband's family has been making every Christmas for generations and I've mentioned it before in my post, I'm Dreaming of a Blog Christmas: Oladyi (oh-la-zghee), which is basically a yeast pancake. These are amazing...*drool*...I wish I was eating some right now...

Where was I? Oh right, so here's what I did for Kristen's journal!

The papers and felty apple are from a past LPS kit and the bread tags I won from the marvelous Julie at Life with the Tucker and Wolek Clan. Sequins, gems, rhinestones, Thickers - you know, my usual what nots. lol

This was so fun to create for Kristen and I hope she likes it! This circle is spinning right along! :D

Have a great day everyone!

P.S.-Toot turns 17 months today! 17 months already?! *faint*

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Own Little Wonderland

Hi everyone! Well, here it is - I can finally show y'all what I made for Deb over at Sparkling Scrapbooks, hurray! lol

But first, if you haven't been there already, you must see my partner's blog and all of the wonderful things she made for me! Just click the collage to visit Deb!

**This post is mega picture heavy so you've been warned. lol

This box was the first idea I had and one of the last things I finished. It gave me fits from the beginning. It was probably because I was trying to alter a Hannah Montana box and it didn't appreciate me taking away its tween-ness. lol
But I finally prevailed, in your face Montana! (Singer not the State) lol ;)

Here's the top:

And here is the inside. I added some "eat me" cookies I made, some crocheted and some made out of paper.

For the bottom I created an elevated support for the new bottom I made out of sheet music. I also lined the sides with teal tulle and added the sequins. By the way, the new bottom I made for the box was inspired by the lovely box made for me by Yvonne at Do More With Less. Thanks for the inspiration Y! :D

This wall hanging was the first thing I made and it's still my favorite! It was actually a little clipboard but once I removed the hardware to paint it, I decided to leave it off and add wire instead. :D

This is a crown for the Queen of Hearts. Standing among some white roses that those naughty card soldiers have tried to paint red. And boy do I wish I could claim to have created the painting roses red idea but alas, I got it from Lark & Lola. lol
Top view:

Had to add some spray on glitter as well of course. :D

This is a picture frame I made for Deb in honor of her Grandmother. It was a basic wooden frame covered in patterned paper, bits and baubles and of course it was begging for a sequined border. Yes! lol

I laughed when I saw that Deb had made me an Alice in a jar since I had already made this one for her! lol I created a background which you can't really see because of the pink tulle. The tulle was against me! lol

This is the top of the jar:

A "D" for Deb with a Hello Kitty card soldier! :D

I also created this tag for her:

I also made some tags for each thing with a little poem on each with the intention that she could string them together to form a wall hanging but of course, I forgot to take pictures of it. LOL And there you have it! *whew* lol

Thanks for taking a peek at the things I created for Deb, this was so much fun! Thanks for being my partner Deb! Again, for those of you that participated in this swap, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've so enjoyed seeing what you've created. Feel free to leave your swap post links in your comment!

Have a great day everyone! :D