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Dancing With One Less "Star"

Deja vu, didn't we just watch Dancing with the "Stars" on Monday?! Oh right, now we have to kick one to the curb. This should be fun! My early prediction: it will be either Buzz Aldrin or Kate Gosselin.

So this should be a short post, yes?

First of all, why are some couples wearing the same thing and others changed their clothes?

First safe "star": Buzz, color me surprised!

First couple in the bottom two: Pamela and her dancer partner guy. What the what?! I can think of about 8 other couples that should be there in their place. Oh crap, is this show drawing me in??? Nooooooooooooooooo!

Well, not so short of a post, they're starting to flashback again. Crud. Wait, we gotta see them dance AGAIN? Are they showing last night's or are they making them do the same dance again? Holy crap I'm never going to make it through this show. We're what, 8 minutes in? I'd like to go on record as saying that a separate results show is TOTALLY unneces…

Dancing With the Realization That I Will Never Get These Two Hours of My Life Back

Hi everyone!

So, did you see Toot on AFV last night? Huh, didya? Well that makes one of us...

Apparently we were all in danger of major doom because the self-important local weathermen decided to tell us the same info over and over about a tornado no where close to our area and went over their broadcast time by about 5 minutes. And guess whose video was shown in the first 5 minutes of the America's Funniest Home Videos? Bingo. Toot gets on national television and we couldn't watch it. So instead of listening to Tom Bergeron tell us how adorable our child is, we got to see this:

Needless to say, I cried and my husband wrote an e-mail to our local news station that would make Samuel L. Jackson blush. For those of you that watched and sent e-mails or left comments, thank you so much! If we couldn't, we're so happy that you were able to see it! :D

So that's it for this post! I'll be sure to tell you more about...huh? What's that you say? What happened o…

Toot TV and Mama Gets Her Groove Back

Hello everyone!

First, just want to let you know that there is a vintage swap taking sign ups over at Rice Babies. Click the button to sign up (and maybe get me as a partner you lucky thing! :P)

Second, Toot's big(ish) TV premiere is tonight! There will be a clip of her on American's Funniest Videos (AFV) on ABC tonight at 7PM EST. I hope you'll tune in to catch her! :D I'm not sure how much of the clip they'll use and I can't show it here since it's ABC's at the moment but here is a still so you know what to look for! :D

So exciting!!! :D

And now...a Makeover pictures...

The Magical Tin of Mystery! *gasp*

Sometimes an idea for a project comes to you and almost puts itself together and sometimes you have to practically rip your hair out to get anything completed. Lucky for me, the following was the former and not the latter.

Behold, the altered Nintendo DS game tin!

Hmm, not too interesting you say? Ah ha! You've fallen right into my trap! I purposely left the outside of the tin a bit drab all so that you would faint in delight at your first look at the inside! Prepare to hit the floor!

Well, I think it's dramatic anyway. :D Here's a close up of the inside of the lid:

And here's a closer view of the inside of the tin itself:

I was so happy with how quickly this came together. I just love when that happens!!! What's your Saturday looking like?

**Don't forget that Toot will be on America's Funniest Videos tomorrow, 3/28 on ABC at 7:00 PM EST. I'm not sure how much they'll use of our clip but just look for the baby getting the crap scared out of her…

Friday Night Fab Five: I Heart Blogs

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm enjoying and down right loving. You know, sometimes I'm just not at the height of my blogging prowess. Luckily there's a few other bloggers that are there to take up my slack. :D Here are 5 posts that I have loved reading this week, go read them, maybe discover a new blog or two and while you're at it, why not leave a quick comment letting them know you stopped by? Tell them I said hello. :D

1. Turning Fugly Into Fabulous

We all have that ugly scrapbooking patterned paper that we bought while insane or under the power of a "3 Sheets for $1" sale, but Chantal has a solution that is perfect for those scrappers or other mixed media giants that are trying to use up their stash

Please to enjoy her post: How to transform yucky pp into yummy pp! ~ a step-by-step tutuorial and random challenge by Chantal (me!) ~

2. Another Advocate for Growing Sideways

I've talked about …

Taking Over the World, One Blog at a Time...

Hey y'all!

Well well well, it looks like in my effort to take over the world, I have begun in stellar fashion by taking over Yvonne's blog, Do More With Less. That's right, all of this fabulousness cannot be contained on just one blog! (Well, two if you count my vintage blog...actually with my gaming blog that would make three...oh nevermind, you know what I mean!) Muwahahahahahaha!

To sum up, today I am a guest blogger on Yvonne's blog so if you would like to see more of this:

Get your fab selves over there right now by clicking in this link: Just Add Glitter and Stir. There's Action! *gasp* Adventure! *double gasp* Romance! (huh?) Okay, no romance but it is my first guest blogger spot ever and I'm nervous so pretty please with glitter on top do two things for me?

1. If you don't follow Yvonne's blog already, you need to right now. Her talented is crazy amazing and she's super cool as well.

And 2. Leave an itty bitty comment over there saying h…

The Layout Ninja

I've been wanting to play along with the challenges over at The Pink Ninjas for a while now and finally got the chance this month. Their current prompt is "Priceless". You also have to incorporate distressing and pink paint. Here's my layout:

This picture is from Toot's first birthday party and her very first taste of cupcakes. lol I distressed the doily and flourishes with Distress Crackle Paint (love this stuff!) and added some other embellishments. I scrubbed pink paint around the edges of the paper.

I added "1st birthday + 1st cupcake = priceless". And it really was, she scarfed down that cupcake like nobody's business. lol

I hope you are having a fabulous day! :D

Dancing With The "Stars" or Why I Am An Awesome Friend

Hello everyone!

You know, I had so much fun writing recaps of Jake's season of The Bachelor and a couple of people asked me if I was going to write recaps for the newest season of Dancing With The Stars. My answer to that question was...well, I can't say what my answer was since we're in mixed company but it involved the letters N and O.

I said no primarily because...well...I've never watched DWTS and quite frankly wasn't really interested in watching it this season, even with Jake being on it. BTW, what is he doing on it anyway? Tenley should have been on it ABC...idiots. Anyhoo, one plea resonated above the rest and it is for her, my fabulousness that is Deb from Sparkling Scrapbooks (and all of you of course) that this post is being uh, posted. (Although Deb really only asked that I watch it not really blog about it but being one to always go above and beyond...You know, I'm just that awesome.)

So for Deb and DWTS lovers everywhere, please to enjoy one wo…

Scrapbook Heaven, Restoration Hell

Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all of you that submitted names for my layout title contest! I really appreciate your creativity and it was hard to choose just one title. But the one I chose was "Sugar and Spice" submitted by Tam from Art in Flight. Thanks Tam!!! Please e-mail me your address (justaddglitter at gmail dot com) and I'll get your prize out ASAP. :) Thanks again everyone!

Now, I wanted to share with you a major vintage find (at least for me, lol). On a past trip to one of my favorite vintage haunts, Kitsch-y Cool Vintage I noticed a scrapbook that was marked as being from the 1930s. Being that it was very delicate, I didn't look all that closely at it and left it where I found it.

Sometimes when I find something cool but it's out of my budget or I need to wait to get it for whatever reason, I go by my "Second Time Mine" rule. If it's there the next time I go, I assume that means God wants me to have it. lol So luck wa…

Friday Night Fab Five: Stuck On You

EDIT: Thanks to all of your amazing title suggestions for my layout contest, I've come to the decision that I need help deciding my favorite. lol So my husband is going to help me and I will announce the winner this weekend! Thanks for entering, feel free to add more before tomorrow if you want! :D

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things for the week that I generally adore. This week it's all about being crafty. You can only be as crafty as the glue you use to keep everything from falling apart, eh? :D I love finding new adhesives to try but do find myself surrounded by 5 stickies in particular (all photos from

1. Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Aleene's can be used for a variety of projects. I use it mostly on fabric-y type things that are awkward to use with other adhesives.

2. Mod Podge

My mom is the Queen of Decoupage so I was practically raised on Mod Podge.

3. Terrifically Tacky Tape

This stuff is awes…

New Love and Other Fumes

Hello everyone!

First up, don't even try to pinch this blog, it's wearing green see? ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

***Some quick bookkeeping: If you have my blog in your links list or my button on your site, first of all: THANK YOU! Second, please take a moment to change your link to my new URL: so you won't miss anything. :D I appreciate all of my fabulous readers and the people that take the time to visit me and comment. Thank you so much! :D

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you are well aware of my crafty addiction. Part of that addiction is learning new things constantly which I call my Crafty A.D.D. lol Well, now I can cross one more thing off my list: casting resin. Huzzah!

A while back I found a Resin Candy Sprinkle Jewelry tutorial on Etsy, created by the mucho talented Brigitte at Zombukis Love You. I've been circling it like the proverbial shark for months now. I'm going to get it, no don&#…

I Can Name That Layout in One RAK

Anyone else miss those kitschy game shows of the 70's and 80's like "Name That Tune" or that license plate one where you had to figure out what they said? No? Just me?

Ah well, that really has nothing to do with my plea for help. That's right, I need help from YOU fine folk and I'm even prepared to reward you for it. *pause of applause*

I've got a layout I'm working on and I love the way it's coming out so far but it's missing something: an awesome title. Anddddddddd that's where you come in. I need help naming this layout (Click for larger):

What do you think? I like the contrast of the flowers and love birdies with Toot's "Hulk" face. I'm not quite done embellishing it yet but before I can go any further, this fine piece of craftsmanship needs a name!

So here's what I propose: Leave a comment in this post with your suggestion of a title for this layout. I will pick my favorite and the winning title will be us…

Friday Night Fab Five: Sing...Sing a Song...

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five, this time correctly posted on Friday not like that stupid tricksy Thursday that messed me up a couple of weeks ago. LOL Just in case you're new, Friday Night Fab Five is where I list five things that I find fabulous, adorable or too fun not to share for the week.

Netflix has been featured in a previous Fab Five and as I was perusing the newest additions to the Instant Streaming categories I ran across some of the TV shows I loved back in the day. Those memories brought back something that we've lost in recent television: theme songs.

I don't just mean iconic music like Mission: Impossible or The A-Team. I'm talking real theme songs that lasted almost two minutes and showed every last person in the cast along with multiple action sequences. Not these namby pamby themes they have now that last about 3 seconds. (I'm looking at you Lost and Supernatural!) :P

So I thought, what the heck, here's 5 of m…

Laughter (and Happy Mail) is the Best Medicine

Hi everyone!

So did you remember to come to this new URL? I sure hope you made it here safely! lol

I just wanted to tell you about a couple of fun things:

The first is the fabulous Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist is nominated for Top 20 Art Blogs and you can help out by voting for her fabulous blog. Just click on this link, her blog is listen in the right hand side bar. Thanks guys!

And P.S.-Vanessa is getting ready to announce the date for her amazing Mad Tea Party blog party. WOO HOO!

Second is that Gauche Alchemy has started another giveaway, this time it's some of their fabulous papers you can use to feed your craftiness. :D Just CLICK THIS LINK and make sure and tell them Maggi sent you! :D

Third is Melissa, owner of the Etsy shop Haut Totes. She makes amazing bags but at the moment her shop is closed while she takes time to travel with her 10 year old daughter, Satori who is getting spinal surgery in 2 weeks.

She got an idea, as a way to keep Satori cheery and occupied while…

Circle Journal: Vintage Recipes

I've got new pages to show you but first: In honor of National Craft Month, Gauche Alchemy is holding a giveaway and the prize is a fabulous piece created by Sherry Goodloe from Got Art? so CLICK HERE TO ENTER and tell them you heard about it from me, eh? :D

Now, on to circle journals! This month I got a chance to work on the journal of Kristen from This Homemade Life and her theme was Vintage Recipes. Um hello, love it! lol I knew immediately what recipe I wanted to include, it's one my husband's family has been making every Christmas for generations and I've mentioned it before in my post, I'm Dreaming of a Blog Christmas: Oladyi (oh-la-zghee), which is basically a yeast pancake. These are amazing...*drool*...I wish I was eating some right now...

Where was I? Oh right, so here's what I did for Kristen's journal!

The papers and felty apple are from a past LPS kit and the bread tags I won from the marvelous Julie at Life with the Tucker and Wolek Clan

My Own Little Wonderland

Hi everyone! Well, here it is - I can finally show y'all what I made for Deb over at Sparkling Scrapbooks, hurray! lol

But first, if you haven't been there already, you must see my partner's blog and all of the wonderful things she made for me! Just click the collage to visit Deb!

**This post is mega picture heavy so you've been warned. lol

This box was the first idea I had and one of the last things I finished. It gave me fits from the beginning. It was probably because I was trying to alter a Hannah Montana box and it didn't appreciate me taking away its tween-ness. lol
But I finally prevailed, in your face Montana! (Singer not the State) lol ;)

Here's the top:

And here is the inside. I added some "eat me" cookies I made, some crocheted and some made out of paper.

For the bottom I created an elevated support for the new bottom I made out of sheet music. I also lined the sides with teal tulle and added the sequins. By the way, the new bottom I mad…