Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Can Name That Layout in One RAK

Anyone else miss those kitschy game shows of the 70's and 80's like "Name That Tune" or that license plate one where you had to figure out what they said? No? Just me?

Ah well, that really has nothing to do with my plea for help. That's right, I need help from YOU fine folk and I'm even prepared to reward you for it. *pause of applause*

I've got a layout I'm working on and I love the way it's coming out so far but it's missing something: an awesome title. Anddddddddd that's where you come in. I need help naming this layout (Click for larger):

What do you think? I like the contrast of the flowers and love birdies with Toot's "Hulk" face. I'm not quite done embellishing it yet but before I can go any further, this fine piece of craftsmanship needs a name!

So here's what I propose: Leave a comment in this post with your suggestion of a title for this layout. I will pick my favorite and the winning title will be used on this layout which is sure to be handed down through the generations. *pause for shocked gasp of awe* Even better, the thinker upper of said fabulous title will win this:

A few fun things from my stash: some sequins and other sparkly things, a couple of sheets of vintage sheet music, some pictures and what nots AND a couple pieces of resin casted by yours truly (I haven't even blogged about these yet, lol).

So put your thinking caps on and help me name this layout! Feel free to come up with as many titles as you want and leave them in your comments. I will pick my favorite and the winner will be announced in my Friday Night Fab Five on Friday, March 19th. This is open to everyone, inside or outside the US!

Thanks everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all my UK mommies!! :D


  1. why not "toot sweet" a play on the saying (meaning all at once of course) and a funny contrast to her expression being very sour lol

  2. "I'm Done"
    "Really? Another photo Mom?"
    "I can't believe Mom printed this photo - *sigh*"
    "That's Hot!"
    "I do have a better side. Really."
    "Ugh...the camera, again?"
    And right now Miss Maggi...that's all I got for lol lol....and since mine are long titles and if U do decide to use one...I would suggest writing it on its side next to her photo...sideways I!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that photo of her! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Love this LO~!!!

    How do you like me now!!!

    Here She Goes Again with that Camera!!

    I'm Having a Moment!!

    What is that Smell?

    It's Tough Being Me!!! I got up on the wrong side of the crib!!!

    Don't you just LOVE ME!!

    That's it for me to Miss Maggi!!!

  4. Sugar and spice and everything nice? That's the first thing I can think of...probably not that great. I was never a great titler. :) I love the layout! xoxo

  5. how about:
    Even when you pout, you still ~*SPARKLE~*!

    A Pout Upside Down is a Smile!

  6. hehehe

    Inside I'm smiling.... REALLY!

  7. She is super cute Maggi!

    How about...

    The art of smirking..?


    "Enuf is ENUF!!!!"

    "WILL YOU STOP!!!"

    "Just wait until I get OLDER!!!"

    This is an awesome layout Maggi!!!!

  9. Love the layout! Will have to think on a title!

  10. LOL! I know that look sooooo well!

    How about ~

    She Who Smelt It...

    You Talkin' To ME?

    Model Bahaviour

    Camera Shy

    This would be easy if it was one of mine. When they go in a strop they are said to be a Stroppy Flipper! *g* It came from when Phoebe was younger and said she was sorry for being a stroppy flipper. Not sure what she was actually trying to say but it stuck! LOL!

  11. And Then The Wind Changed!


  12. Oh Maggi,

    What a darling photo, seems you've got some good suggestions. I've often said that she has the best expressions, I think she's "Divalicious"

    Have a fabulous week!


  13. That is just the cutest photo! It is far too late for me to be creative tonight though:)

  14. This reminds me of the doilies and other supplies that you used to be able to find at drugstores, back when there were drugstores, around Valentine's Day... so, "Drugstore Chic" or "My Retro Valentine"

    Stopping by from SITS --- please visit me at

  15. Such a great way to store memories...I love color combinations - so much fun! Well, when it comes to the title for the picture of that beautiful baby I would suggest "Worlds Most Photographed Superstar!!!" :-))))

  16. this is such a great layout... OK.. not feeling very creative, but here we go...

    Not again with that thing!

    3,2,1 Meltdown

    I Ain't That Sweet

    Here We Go Again

    Who did that?


    now back to our regularly programed schedule...happy Tuesday to you and Miss Toot!

  17. Ah, I wonder if you have had to deal with the same thing as me with
    Love that little pic of Toot with the pout, adorable :)
    *kisses* HH

  18. grrrrr

    funny face

    move over hulk!

    okay, that's all i got! love that photo! when are you gonna do a toot fan page on FB? ah hah hah hah!!!!


  19. Angel in are so sweet yet when they get tired, gotta watch out! lol

  20. Angel in are so sweet yet when they get tired, gotta watch out! lol

  21. How cute this is. Hmmmm... a title:

    "Got candy? Where my candy at?" That's all I can think of with that look on Toot's face - like maybe she wants something. LOL I know, it's goofy!!!

    ♥ Theresa

  22. I scanned through and I don't think this one was up there.... How 'bout...

    "What YOU lookin' at???"

    ...said in my most "Different Strokes" kind of voice. Maggi, you're probably to young to remember that show but there was a very famous line that was similar to that! Anyway - adorable pic and layout - as always!! Love your new resin art too!! :)

  23. In total contrast to the cutsie and a nod to the hulk face...about "Something Moldy this way comes"

  24. This is from Katelyn my dd........

    Well again you do have to say I do have a way with things but i don't feel so good.

    what do you mean NO?

    Any way i am getting ready when i grow up to be a fashion model thanks MOM ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh SNAP!!!!!!!


  25. hi, well.. This is my only entry as I am lacking in true inspiration but..
    taking from the very cute toots, and the wording.. I would say


    from the chitty chitty bang bang film.. truly scrumptious you're truly truly scrumptious.. oh please don't make me sing it hehehe

    love the flower layout and the pressies look fab, probably stuff I can't get here in the UK lol

  26. lol I adore that layout....i will have to think of a title :)