Friday, April 23, 2010

Circle Journal: Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! My Friday Night Fab Five will return to its usual schedule next week. Not feeling very fab this week so instead I'm going to share with you my latest circle journal layouts. This journal belongs to Jacque of Detailed 4u Collections and she picked a theme called, "Home Sweet Home".

At first I thought her journal was going to be about the home you live in or your state or something like that. Then I found out that she had created a house shaped journal and was requesting us to create a "room" in the "house". This was such a fun concept but I admit to having no clue what the heck to do...initially anyway. :)

Then I thought, well heck. Should I ever get the pleasure of meeting Jacque in person, I could see us just sitting around, drinking coffee (if she drinks it, lol) and dishing. So that thought turned into:

It's a dream of mine, to have a "vintage" kitchen (shock, right?) so I used that for my inspiration. For the left side, I Mod Podged vintage kitchen images to the page and accented the pictures with Stickles and various pieces from the following Gauche Alchemy's Mixed Media Color Kits: Scarlet Fever, Wedding Night, Pink Parts and Blue Streak.

Here's the right side:

Here I Mod Podged the background using tissue paper from Gauche Alchemy's Wholey Sheet Kit and then used white acrylic paint and a paper towel roll to add texture with additional circles. I added a doily from the Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit, (as well as pieces from the color kits mentioned above), the housewife image, believe it or not, was on the envelope of something I bought from Art Deco Dame (I'm telling you, I throw nothing out! LOL). I accented here and there with Stickles and used Thickers for the title, "Jacque & Maggi Dish". (Get it? Cause we're in the kitchen and we're talking so "dish" could mean eating or talking...see how clever I am? ;) lol.)

And there's another line in the circle journal complete. I can't believe there's only one journal left and our little group will be finished! Thanks for taking a peek, I hope Jacque likes her new room! :D

**Don't forget: You have until Midnight on Sunday to link up your layout/project/thingie do for Gauche Alchemy's Ad Inspiration Challenge! You could win the Wholey Sheets kit which is AWESOME. Go here to see more projects from the DT and more details!

Have a great weekend everyone! Do you have any fun things planned?


  1. You are too amazing!! I just did one of these but using the computer and mine was, yes you guessed it Julia Child inspired!!!! I love yours it's a dream!! ox

  2. very very cool collage/assemblage. love all the stuff on there!

    if you love vintage kitchens, you really should enjoy seeing the photos of Marilyn's retro kitchen/collection - it's pretty amazing. check out
    and read down through a couple posts to see all the photos.

    enjoy your weekend

  3. Hi Maggi! You did such a fabulous job - I'd be personally happy to sit in that kitchen and dish and drink coffee. I'm sure Jacque will adore it!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend. Theresa

  4. maggi, this is awesome girl! wow! I'd love to sit and have coffee with you- Jacque will just LOVE what you have done!!!!!! I hope you are feeling FAB soon- sending you lots of hugs.....d

  5. WOW MAggi! that is one awesome CJ, and I LOVE what you did. Jacque is one lucky girl.

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love love love love this maggi .... and I wanna dish with U too!!!!! Sooooooooooooo very vintage soooooooooo very cool!!! And U and me both...I am feeling very under the weather today too....feel better! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Hey Maggi,
    This is seriously cool....dishing with you would be one super fun time..I know that for sure!
    Happy Weekend and perk up there chickie...thinkin bout ya xOxO

  8. MAGGI,

  9. I really think you have true talent for putting this things together. You somehow feel every side of this art and it makes your collages so authentic, almost as if it was done by the person who lived in that time! You should try yourself creating collages for TV shows like "Mad Man". What a fantastic job!!! Wishing you wonderful weekend.:-)

  10. Oh Maggi....this is amazing...what a great page!!! Love the vintage kitchen!!!! I would love to come share a cup of coffee with you girls!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!! :-)

  11. How amazing does that look! I love it! I have 3 girls and three scrapbooks that are....(whispers) *empty*. I have tons of stuff saved and ready for that magical time when I could even think about getting started. Great cute! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! =)

  12. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see us now just sitting and "dishing" - and yes I love coffee!!!!! I even have my grandmothers vintage coffee pot that we could use to make the perfect perked cup!!!

  13. thanks for the comment on my blog, from what i can see you have plenty of interests and keep yourself stimulated. so that counts as me time even if you are with toot. i think that is the point i was trying to make. it can be done and you are doing it.btw have you seen the hyperbolic crochet coral reef project? if not google it, so awesome. i want to start doing some!

  14. I think a vintage kitchen would be very fun to have! I love your collage, too!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  15. yikes hope you are back to feeling fab soon!
    but boy you are good with this craft thing.
    me, i find applying bandaids challenging...
    :p hug a toot for me wont ya? (unless youre germy, then dont)
    xoxoxox Roo

  16. Love it! I love all of the vintagey stuff you make - its so fab!

  17. Love it Maggi! You are so creative! You could think of anything:) ANd you know I love Stickles on ANY project!!

  18. What fun! If anyone can pull a vintage kitchen its you! You have a special talent!

  19. Oh I just love this one, vintage kitchens are the hope you get one .. one day :)

  20. Ooooh I hope there will be room in that increasingly crowded kitchen for me too! It's gorgeous Maggi! Lucky Jaquie and what a FUN idea for a circle journal!

  21. Lovely Maggi darling, the {Maggi & Jacque Dish} was a nice touch. Wishing you a lovely week and praying that your fabulousness returns quickly.

    Love & Hugs
    Sleepless Duchess

  22. its great maggi you done great work

  23. way to go Maggi, this turned out great!

  24. great vintage pics and love the "dishing" :D


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