Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dancing With My Disappointment in America

Well well well, weren't we just here? Yes, it's time for another "thrilling" episode of Dancing With the "Stars", this time we're kicking one "star" out on their sequin covered backside. Yes! Please be Kate please be Kate please be Kate...

Let's get right down to it, the first "Stars" safe are...that guy from All My Children and that girl from ESPN. Meh.

Then they flashback to last night's show and make me watch Sk8tr Boi's dance and since I saw it the first time, why I needed to be reminded of past pain is beyond me. Then Reba McIntyre comes out to sing and some sort of slutty cowboys and cowgirls group come out and dance.

Finally some actual results! Another safe "dancer" - Niecy Nash.

Oh great, another dance number...

After that's over, the judges issue the challenge for next week. Something about two scores and tension, whatever. The next safe couple safe - The Pussycat Doll. Well, duh.

Then Reba sings again. With more slutty dancers. Seriously men, if you're not going to button your shirt, just dance without it. For the love of...

Oh geez, Melissa Rycroft is back *eyeroll* and sent amongst us bottom feeders to ask them what they think about the show. Are they serious with this crap? I could not care less about the warm-up act for Pete's sake. This show S-U-C-K-S. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The next safe dancers - Sk8tr Boi and Ochocinco.

Now we get to hear what all of the dancers think of each other. I'm this close *holding up thumb and forefinger up* to running screaming into the night. This is so MIND NUMBINGLY re-freakin'-diculous. Just TELL ME WHO'S GOING HOME! TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Next safe dancer - Pamela Anderson. Good.

All that's left is Jake the Bachelor, Buzz Moon Man and Kate Minus 9. They finally get around to announcing the bottom two: Buzz (no surprise) and Jake (Really?) and Kate is safe. Noooooooooooooooooooo! All right America, I'm coming for you.

Jake looks like he's going to puke and Buzz and his partner look resigned to it all. Long story short (yeah right) they kick Buzz out on his moon walking rear.

So there are your results. I'm off to visit my mom for a couple of days so I'll be checking e-mails but will be MIA from the blogs unfortunately so no posting about cool stuff till I get back!


  1. Enjoy your visit with your MOM!!!! Love the recap and Kate somehow keeps staying in..what is with that?

  2. guess we are gonna have to go punch some noses??!!!??? LOL!!! bummer....i was hoping to read that she was kicked off, her makeup was smeared from the bawling and she could maybe actually go be a MOM???? lol!!! have fun with your Mama!!! see U soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Enjoy yr visit with yr Mom, Maggi, & look forward to *seeing* you again on yr return!


  4. I don't watch it but SO enjoy listening to your recap! It's hilarious!!

  5. You the only one I'm visiting today, just cuz you are sweet to do this! Jake needed that slap, his ego is bothering me. (So are a lot of peoples lately actually!) Kate needs to goooooo! And should have before Buz, she was actually worse than him. So happy Pam is safe, and Charo was back, OMG! She's still got it at 60 something, good for her!
    I am glad grandma is coming home! Thank God! Have a good week hun, love deb

  6. Blimey - talk about draw it out. You need that live telly that all the posh people have that you can fast forward through all the cr@ppy poo poo. Oh wait - you do have that, it's called just not watching! MWAAHAAAAHAAAAA! Your recaps do make me laugh!

  7. the nose punching begins! i'm your backup maggi! did kate have that painful smile on her face while dancing???? he he...when you get back be sure to visit my blog cuz i have a giveaway going on at my blog!!!!

    have a great week!


  8. I can't really watch that show. I'm bitter that it's on two nights per week.

    I do want Kate gone though. But I think they'll keep her around for ratings even if she IS voted off.

  9. Interesting results...I guess folks like "dancers" who need to count their steps. Very classy! I also heard on the news that Kate's "charming" ex-husband is suing her for full custody of their eight kids because she is spending too much time away from them because of DWTS. Isn't America great? LOL Have a wonderful time with your mom! Theresa

  10. okay...nothing beats your bachelor commentary but the "dancing" is a close second.. Love your brilliant sarcasm!! I hope Mr. Jakey hangs around for awhile. He sure is nice to look at!! :)

  11. Maggi darling just wanted to pop in and let you know that your new profile photo is gorgeous. Of course, it takes a gorgeous girl to produce a photo like that and that you are my Lovely friend. Thank you for visiting me and for the sweet comment.

    Love & Hugs

  12. Have fun!! And.. I think Kate is here to stay for awhile. I think she'll have an overwhelming amount of calls pouring in for a couple more weeks at least.

  13. Oh yeah...
    a blog award for you...
    my blog...

  14. Me again!
    btw didn’t include you in the current awards list over at my place cos it’s just for recently discovered blogs and I’ve known you ~ and yr wonderful blog ~ for oooh ages!!
    Must rush now- am off on business! Have a lovely day!
    In haste

  15. new here. I found you while wondering around alterna-paper-crafting blogs. I am adding you to my blog-roll of goodness. You look like fun.

    Re: terrible Kate- I actually live in the same county as her and she IS as stuck-up and stan-off-ish as they report. We have seen her out and about with her boyfriend... erm I mean body guard. He comes out of a store first and then she follows. My husband gets his hair cut next to e place where she tans and the hairstylists said the tanning place has a bunch of rules regarding Kate. Gag.

    I don't usually watch DWTS, but I have checked in to see Kate fail... unfortunately while she is the worst dancer, America is stupid.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

  16. Ugh, I was watching last night's show at the gym. I'm rather happy that the sound was turned off! :-) I'm a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance--do you watch that as well?

    Alison (