Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Flower, A Forum and Thee

So I'm finally feeling better! In your face mucus! Ha! But I've come to realize that I'm so behind on reading your fine blogs I'm never going to get caught up. Ugh. So to make amends, Toot would like to offer you a flower:

Okay, maybe not:

Nah, you can have the flower, I'm sure Toot's cool with it. :) At least under my cloud of disease I was aware enough to check the mail and boy oh boy...I got my awesome Gauche Alchemy goodness. You know, I was a customer of theirs before I ever made the Design Team and I have to say that one of my favorite parts of buying from Gauche Alchemy is their presentation. Even their wrapping is usable for all sorts of creative what nots.

How pretty is that? I loooooooooooove using sewing patterns when I'm being creative, hurray! I got a ton of fab stuff:

Color kits, paper kits, punchinella, plastic canvas, ouchless cardboard, on and on (all of which is available in the Gauche Alchemy store by the way) and I just finished my first project which I'll show you here sometime next week once it hits the GA blog. :)

But until then, you can check out my very first post on the Gauche Alchemy blog, I would love for you to stop by and say hello, I'm super nervous about my first real post over there! :D You can see it here.

I have another mega super fun announcement:

Visit Gauche Alchemy

The very first Gauche Alchemy Ning Network is open and waiting to be a bad influence uh I mean waiting to inspire you and it's going to suck if you're not there so why not join us? You know you want to. :D

I promise I'm going to get 'round to your blogs soon!!! Have a great day everyone!

EDIT: The amazing Yvonne made a layout of Toot! What a fabulous surprise!!!! You can see it on Yvonne's blog HERE. Thank you so much Y!!!


  1. "in your face mucus" that is too funny!!!

  2. Thanks Toot for the flower!!!! Hope Mama feels better soon!!! And went and left ya some love over on their blog Maggi...I loved your post! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Thank you Toot for the is so pretty!!!! Hope you are feeling better Maggi and that is awesome!!!

    I am off to check you out, wishing you a great day sweet friend!!!

  4. Wow - love the goodies!!! Your blog rocks btw!!! :D

  5. Good to know you're feeling better, Maggi! And I'm trying to resist temptation by clicking on the Gauche Alchemy link but I'm not sure I'm strong willed enough!

  6. Oh goodies!!! Thanks for the flower Toot! Glad you're feeling better!!!

  7. aaah, what a sweet little girl you have!!! i saw a picture/lo of her on yyam's blog cute!!!
    wow. all those goodies,super!!!
    i'll visit gauche alchemy blog, i'm very curious!!!

  8. Awww, okay, I forgive you for your snotty ur feeling better!!!

  9. Fab post as always!

    btw Thanks for all lovely comments - am so busy just now with assignments,deadlines & travel I won't be able to visit/stop by yr great blog for a little while! Sorry! :o(


    PS do hope you're much better!

  10. ahhh look at Toot with the flower! what a cutie she is!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  11. So happy that you're better Maggi! :)

    And glad you like what I made...;)

    Toot is so cute!

  12. Glad you're feeling better! Toot is soooo cute, I love the pictures!!!

  13. Glad you are feeling better!

    Love the goodie bag!

  14. Toot! How big she is getting, OMG!

    And congrats again on Gauche Alchemy, so happy for you! You're the perfect girl for them, no one does vintage like you do girl! xOxO

  15. Look at all your fun goodies!! You are going to be busy! On my way now to read your blog post on Gauche Alchemy! Congrats girl your so creative:)

  16. Wiping the dribble away at that package! :P Have run over and signed up to the Ning site check and check :P As for the blogs, I missed a couple f days and it's taken me 2 weeks to catch up. Unless it's something seriously important (like getting your cheerleading gear on and doing some star jumps over at my weight loss blog) then I would say wipe the slate clean and start from fresh. I will be next time. Nothings got done, no housework, the family are starving filthy wrecks, the dogs have gone unwalked... seriously! Took forever to catch up ;)

  17. what a great bunch of goodness you got in the mail :D

    saw toot at yvonne's - gorgeous :D

  18. Yes, I am actually reading posts backwards! I am most happy you are feeling better. Toot is so adorable - I swear she will grow up to be a movie star. :) Can't wait to see all the goodies you'll be crafting! Theresa