Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday Night Fab Five...On Saturday...In the Morning...

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five on Saturday in the Morning. :D We got back in town late yesterday and I was just too wiped out to come up with anything brilliant so I decided to wait until today to stun you with my wit and vivacity...or something like that. :P

1. AFV

So you all know by now that Toot was on America's Funniest Home Videos and that we were unable to see it due to a stupid tornado watch. I ended up writing to the show and telling them what happened. They were nice enough to send us a copy of the show! You know, seeing someone get hit in the groin with a baseball bat or watching a cat attack a baby was already good enough for me but now that they've sent us the show Toot was on, I will be a faithful, devoted follower of AFV for life.

2. Speaking of Toot...

The other day Toot was playing nearby while I was straightening up and when I turned around to look at her, I found her decked out in an old Halloween wig of mine:

3. New Ways To Wear Resin

I've been playing around with my resin molds lately and have made a couple of bracelets:

I see arms full of glitter in my future. Yes!

4. Interesting Pictures

Now, I am not a professional photographer by any means but I took this picture while at my mom's and I think it's interesting. (It's a close up of a telephone pole that people have stapled a massive amount of signs and what not to it.)

5. Letters

When I was around 11-12 years old, I must have had about 10 different pen pals from all over the world. It was amazing. I had this big box of stationary and just adored writing (real) letters to people and getting them in return. Most recently since getting to know some bloggers better, I have gotten back into letter writing, the above picture being my very first letter received! So far I've got two awesome pen pals and look forward to getting more. Let's get some real letters back in the Post Office, eh? :D

So that's my Fab Five for the week! What are your favorites this week?


  1. Happy Saturday SITS Day doohicky! Can't remember the actual words I"m supposed to use! HA!

    Cute post!

  2. Couple of things:
    1) Audrey looks like she could be Little Orphan Annie! If she only really had hair...

    2)I so want a bracelet! I like the one with the cookie sprinkles. :-)

    3)Hope you had a great time at your mom's! We'll have to catch up soon!

  3. I love the picture of Toot in the wig! I have some pictures of my oldest when she was just about 1 with some wigs! So funny!
    So Cool of AFV to send you a video! Yeah!

  4. I love that picture of Toot wearing the wig-lol!

  5. Once again - toot is perfect!!! Love the pen pal idea - via post office of course,, I had pen pals growin up too,,, :-) I suck now,,, writing cramps my hands,,, so I'd rather be scrapping!!! ;-). And those bracelets,,, wicked,,, I loooooooooves!!!! Nice job missy - have a great weekend!!
    {xoxo} ally

  6. 1) How cool is it that AFV sent U a copy????? LOVE IT!!! :)
    2) Toot as a red head is tooooooooooo CUTE! :)
    3) I am in loveeeeeeeeee with those bracelets! :)
    4) That photo is just the coolest....AMEN! :)
    5)I miss real letters.....AMEN! :)
    6) As always....U ROCK! AMEN! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Maggi, I have to be honest, once I saw a picture of Toot wearing wig I culd not consentrate on anything else. What a beautiful baby she is.:-)))Simply wants me to have another baby of my own.:-))) Wow!Did not feel that way in the past 10 years!:-)

  8. I looove AFV, love the pic of much adorableness can one kid generate?
    That bracelet is so cute, makes me want cake for some reason. lol

  9. OH, as you know we missed it too! I am so glad you got a copy!

    Toot is just ADORABLE!!! She is going to be famous one day - I can already tell!

    I agree - we need more letters! I know when KT gets one in the mail - her entire face lights up. That is what it is all about!

  10. Toot is adorable!

    Love the telephone pole pic.

    I am a die hard Swap-bot girl. Artist trading cards rock! The feeling of getting a little hand made something in the mail is nice! xoxo

  11. Loving Miss Toot...she is sooooo cute!!!

    That bracelet is awesome!!! LOVE!!!

    Love all the pics!!!

    Have a great weekend sweet friend!!

  12. Hi Maggi! Hope you enjoyed your time with mom. That was so wonderful of America's Funniest Home Videos to do! Very classy and thoughtful! Toot looks so cute in that wig. I remember having pen pals when I was young. Gee, that was so long ago! I miss letter writing!!! :)
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!! Theresa

  13. I came over because of SITS. I love the bracelets and Toot. So cute.

  14. great bracelettes, love the telephone pole pic - made me stare to try to figure it out at first, totally cutie pic of toot :D

  15. What a super cool blog you have!!! Love it and am now a follower! Thanks SITS!!!

  16. I love that red wig and the photo. And that ring, that is super cool. Thanks for the smiles.

  17. That is so cool that Toot was on AFV....I love that show! And I love the braclets they are super cute!