Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

Hey y'all!

Okay, a follow up to yesterday's post about vlogging and being me and whatever whatever so here it is: my very own You Tube channel. I already have a channel where I put Toot's videos but this one is just me vlogging about random stuff that will more than likely teach you zero while entertaining you with zilch. lol :P

Anyhoo, I was thinking to just put my videos up and not "announce" it per se on the blog, I don't want anyone to feel pressured to watch and then pressured to say things like, "OMG it's like soooo good and stuff!" but I thought I'd at least tell you once so you know. :P

Then I ended up taking a quick video of my craft space so I thought I'd go ahead and throw that up here at least:

So there it is! Me and my crafty space. :D If you'd like to join me on You Tube, you're more than welcome! I just have a couple of videos up at the moment, more will follow, most probably shouldn't. lol :P

And that's all from me for now! See you tomorrow for another Friday Night Fab Five! :)


  1. Maggi, that was so fun to watch! My cat Pumpkin even sat and watched with me, I'm so serious. :-)

  2. First, your blog post title has that SONG stuck in my head! Second, you are soooo cute! Love your area and loved seeing your personality instead of just reading it. :) THANKS so much for sharing. Hugs, Tam

  3. That was so cool Maggi! You did a kick ass job! How did you film yourself girl? If I tried that, I wouldn't even get my head in the shot! lol
    I feel like I know you even BETTER after seeing your crafty space!!!!! Very cool! You have some neat stuff- I want to raid those bookshelves of yours! And steal the dolls! No, I'd give them back.......maybe! xoxo

  4. U rock!!!! Loving the video...and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm when can I come over and play?? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. That's a lovely space you got there Maggi! It must be nice having a room for all your fave things! :)

    P/s: I scrap in my bedroom on my bed! :(

  6. fun video - love the flamingo - cool Alice table - what is that predominantly green pin up cutie plaque sorta thing?

    I'll check out your other videos

    Here's the only one I've got of me up on youtube:

  7. Great video!

    Have a fabuloussss weekend, dear Maggi!


  8. you have a boat load of supplies!

  9. Love this beautiful video and you know I am such a sucker for any creative space.:-) Yours is simply fabulous, no wonder you come up with such an amazing designs!:-)))
    Thank you for your wonderful comment under my "Atelier" post. I put so much effort into creating it and it warms my heart to read about your impression of it. Every word is a treasure to me. Hope to have you as my guest one day. :-)

  10. hi Maggi,
    I have a utube channel too, will have to subscribe to yours.
    luv the vid.

  11. love love love your :
    art room
    your voice
    all your collections
    cool style you have
    what a creative room to create in
    super glad to be your friend
    thanks for sharing this vid
    viva la Maggi

  12. love your space, lots of fun stuff to look at and inspire :D

    love your accent too :D

  13. Oh Maggi, you are soo darn cute! I just love your accent! And I feel like I just came back from a visit to your house. Love love love your snarky cupcakes and that handmade Alice in Wonderland table set for the dolls. I love that your creative space is full of fun stuff in every nook and cranny! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

  14. Oh you not adorable!!! I loved this one and wow what a great space!!! Loved all the goodies!!!

  15. I will be over in just a play of course!!!!

  16. All Maggi all the time...a channel just for you! Hurray! :) Thanks for the preview here. Theresa