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No More Blogging Guilt...EVER!

I'd like to preface this post by saying that it's going to be all over the place and I'm writing off the top of my head so you've been warned and God help us all. :D

You know, I've been really banging my head against the dreaded blogging block with no end in sight. Although I don't get paid to keep up this blog, I do feel a certain responsibility to those of you that are kind enough to visit with me. Is there anything worse than finding a cool blog and then have it go dormant? I hate when that happens! lol

Some people blog to show off their creative genius, some blog to share recipes, post pictures of their dogs, cats, kids, etc etc or rant at the world and some people blog just to feel like they're not alone. The internet is an infinite blank canvas that you just can't help adding your footprint to it and hope someone notices it before the Ocean of Everything Else drags it away.

There's nothing better than the knowledge that you have a couple of…

And The Mother of Year Award Goes To...

Hey everyone!

First of all, I want to wish my husband (and myself I guess, lol) a happy anniversary as today we've been married for 3 years! Go us! lol :P

You know, being a first time mom (and now being of course an expert at raising children in the 22 months I've been doing it), I have discovered that there are 2 types of first time mothers:

The first type writes down every feeding, every pee-pee, every bowel movement (with a description of its consistency and color). They pack everything but the kitchen sink when they go out on a 20 minute trip and can tell you down to the second how old their child is and where they fall on the averages of height, weight, etc.

The second type is lucky if they remember their baby is with them before they go into a store and will hopefully run into another mother they can borrow a diaper off of when something unexpected happens.

I am the second type. Now I love Toot more than life itself and know without a doubt that if someone tried to hurt he…