Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And The Mother of Year Award Goes To...

Hey everyone!

First of all, I want to wish my husband (and myself I guess, lol) a happy anniversary as today we've been married for 3 years! Go us! lol :P

You know, being a first time mom (and now being of course an expert at raising children in the 22 months I've been doing it), I have discovered that there are 2 types of first time mothers:

The first type writes down every feeding, every pee-pee, every bowel movement (with a description of its consistency and color). They pack everything but the kitchen sink when they go out on a 20 minute trip and can tell you down to the second how old their child is and where they fall on the averages of height, weight, etc.

The second type is lucky if they remember their baby is with them before they go into a store and will hopefully run into another mother they can borrow a diaper off of when something unexpected happens.

I am the second type. Now I love Toot more than life itself and know without a doubt that if someone tried to hurt her, I would be able to literally tear them in half with my bare hands...but let's look at the evidence, shall we?

1. At 3 months old: "Maggi, she's so beautiful! How much does she weigh?" Maggi says, "Uh...43 pounds?" (I hadn't weighed her since her 2 month check-up when she was 10 lb something or other so I've got no clue...she was 7lb 15oz when she was born)

2. We went to the Renaissance Festival for my birthday and after she started screaming I discovered that I remembered her formula but forgot to bring a bottle and of course there was no where to buy one...stupid Renaissance period, no stupid bottles invented yet...

3. At her one month check-up, they were weighing her (naked of course) and handed her back to me. The nurse says, "She pees!" and I said, "Well of course she does!" to which the nurse replied, "No Ma'am, she's peeing on you right now!" So after wiping their carpet, I go to put a fresh diaper on her only to realize that I had not brought her diaper bag...*sigh*

4. On our first stroller ride through the park, I stop to take a picture of a beautiful turtle basking in the sun. I hear a noise beside me and when I turn around, I see my baby rolling down a hill towards the lake because I had forgotten to put the brake on...But hey, I got the picture so that counts for something, right?

I've learned so much in the past (almost 2!) years that I feel like I've got a good handle on things.

Of course, just when you think you've got it all figured out...

Just when you think you've got nothing left to master...



  1. what a sneaky little ending!!!!

    first, happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

    second, congratulations!!!! how exciting! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I love your post...Toot is SO adorable and your stories are so funny. Can't wait for the adventures with two kids! :)

  3. What....are you trying to tell us something in code *wink...CONGRATULATIONS!

    Happy Anniversary to you both too :)

    This is all pretty exciting stuff!!!

  4. AHHHHHH....I thought it was coming soon!!! I am so super excited for you and I can't wait to see pregnancy posts!!! I am leaving it to you to tell me what it is like to be pregnant with one and chasing the other. Oh and by the way I am probably half way between those two types! Is that possible? I would forget my head at home if it wasn't attached to my body:) Yay soooo super excited for you Maggi!!!

  5. heeheeheehee
    ...a HUGE congratulations to you both Maggi! You know how excited I am for you guys! SO happy!!! I wish you all the best. LOVED this post- ahh, the Maggi I know and love is back in her full glory now!!!!! Love you girl! xoxoxo

  6. What a sneaky way to break the news my friend!!!! :)

    Congrats to you!!!

  7. O

    CONGRATS!!!!! That is AWESOME!! And if it makes you feel ANY BETTER ... lol lol gets easier the 2nd time around!! LOL!!!!! AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TOO! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. First off. May I just say I laughed so damn hard when I read this, and then I had to read it to my husband, because when I got to the end, I just started to cry.
    Happy Anniversary, and Congratulations. How exciting, and what a 2 year blast you sound like you have had.
    Toot is precious
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from wonderland

  9. OMG, congratulations daaaaaahling. I am so happy for you and your husband, what a fabulous anniversary gift you've given him.
    :D :D :D :D :D
    *kisses* HH

  10. Awesome Maggi - CONGRATULATIONS!....and Happy Anniversary too!!! So happy for you!! :)

  11. Congrats twice over dear Maggi!!


  12. I literally have tears streaming down my face Maggi! SO funny and guess what? So me! Just Monday I had to walk Ruby to a clothes store in just a jumper and pull-ups because - like, who takes spare trousers with them on a day out when trialling knick knocks without a nappy? Pshaw. She was most disgusted with me I can tell you :P

    And on my 3rd bubba - I still didn't remember anything!

  13. And goes without saying CONGRATULATIONNNNNNNNNNS!

    Toot! Sweet! Toot! Sweet!

  14. CONGRATS sweet friend...This was the best post and I loved reading every single word!!!

    I am so very happy for you!!!!

  15. O.M.G.

    HOW AWESOME!! 2 is good, really it is. I tell myself that every day for the past 5 yrs. works for me and should for you too!!

    Oh and happy anniversary!

    *squeal* :-)

  16. Happy Aniversary!!! *sigh* that means my anniversary is only a few weeks away, and I'd forgotten all about it till you mentioned yours! I'll be married 19 years (which is weird because I'm 25). *double sigh*

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Another baby!! And your timing is insanely awesome! My kids are 2 years and 8months apart, so yours will be close, and it is a great time difference. It will be totally aweosme!! Congrats so much!! Your an awesome mother! And now, you will be again! Just look at all you've learned! Now, You will keep a spare diaper in your purse, just in case, and that pesky stroller lock will always be put on.

    Fabulous news! Hugs and smooches!!

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  18. soooo super funny!!!! im an inbetweener! mahoosive congrats toot is super cute and you totally rock momdom! xx

  19. Awe! How exciting! Congrats! This post is one of my all time FAVES of yours - kudos!

  20. This is awesome! XD

    First of all, congrats to you & your hubby! May you have many more years of happiness with each other! ^-^

    And congrats on your second baby!!! ^-^ I'm so happy & excited for you!

    Oh yes, and I know you'll remember the brake next time around. ^_~

    Glad you like the Warpaint video! =D

  21. WOW - Congratulations first on your wedding anniversary! And congratulations on your excellent good news! I'm thrilled for you!!!! {{{Virtual Hug}}} Thanks for sharing your recollections with Toot - you're a great mom. And now you'll have all this experience to work with once your new little one arrives. Oh, I'm doing a happy dance for you!!! :) Theresa

  22. Maggi, you are an awesome mom! Congrats to you and Chris! Toot is going to be a great big sis!

  23. Lots of congratulations on all these exciting events, Maggi and you definitely deserve that award!

  24. Oh my goodness, CONGRATS!! I am like you...the 2nd type ;) My 3 girls are lucky little ducks considering, tee hee!

    Jamie :)

  25. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! I got goosebumps! Hooray for you, mama! That's so exciting!

    And what a brilliant post! I rather think I'll be Mommy two too.

    Congratulations a million times over!

  26. Congratulations!!!
    How exciting!!!!
    Everyone always told me..."You aren't a mom until you have 2"..."pshaw, I would say...Do you know who I am?
    I can handle it."'s kinda true.

  27. OMG!! How could I have missed this anouncement!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toot is going to have a sib!!! WOOT! WOOT!!!!!!!!

  28. Woooow, congrats Maggi!!!
    I can't visit your blog, because I had visited some foreign countries last month.
    Now,I just read this post!!!

    OMG...I became sooo happy to read your fabulous news<3


  29. Congratulations, Maggi.

    What wonderful news. I'm so excited for you.

    Happy Anniversary too. What a wonderful bunch of things to be celebrating!

    Wishing you a most uneventful pregnancy.

  30. Well said Maggie!! Love your blog! Happy belated Happy Anniversary and a BIG CONGRATS one your new bundle of joy, how exciting!! Loved your mom story, the true grit that makes a great mom because you know how to improvise during lifes moments!!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

  31. CONGRATS......that is awesome news!!!!


  33. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodnesssssss! Maggi, honey, I couldn't be more overjoyed for you and husband! Huge congrats, sweet friend!!!

    Please know that you're in my thoughts and that I'll be wishing the best pregnancy possible!!!!

    Endless hugs & support,

  34. you totally cracked me up with this post :D

    i thought we'd all been without the diaper bag several times, esp when there is a poo-mergency! i've also been the mom to lend diapers and wipes so it evens out eventually :D

    soooo excited for you :D

  35. Wow! I am sooo behind! A Happy belated Anniversary! And I was loving and cracking up with your post of your momma memories...You have a wonderful sense of humor! But then how exciting! You finished your post with wonderful news! ...congratulations!!!! (I can't wait til we get news of when we are grandparents for the first time!)

    Blessings & aloha!

  36. congrats Maggi!!! What a super fun time it will be for you with two in tow. My two girls were two years apart (about 20 years ago..LOL). SHaron

  37. Wow! Funny story with a heart warming ending. Congrats Maggi! Can't wait to hear the adventures w/ 2 little ones.

  38. I'm reading along and laughing because almost every single thing you describe has also happened to me in some form or another then you put in that last bit and I cheered. What a great blog post! The baby is already here and very healthy I'm sure- having fun perusing your blog. :)

  39. Ok, so I am a year and half late seeing this, but holy crap, Maggi! This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read. ;) I love you!!!

  40. So funny! We all have those moments and they are so much funnier in retrospect right?!? Happy SITS Day!

  41. This...made my day :) I am a mom of three...I get it.