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Being a Hooker Pays Off

Hi everyone!

I was getting ready to write a post about our Thanksgiving but was too excited about my newest crochet obsession so that will have to wait. I hope everyone had a great holiday and that you survived the Black Friday rush (if that's your thing). :D

I've mentioned Twinkie Chan before, she's one of my crochet idols. I've been stalking her blog and Twitter for quite a while now so when she announced she was coming out with a book of her original crochet patterns, I just about hit the floor.

Cut to months and months later and her book is FINALLY out and FINALLY mine!

I love to create "quirky" things and most crochet books out there right now are your standard potholders, afghans and mitts with a few amigurumi thrown in for good measure. Now, I'm not complaining, none of the above are bad or anything but for a goof like me, I need some crochet quirk and there's just not that much to be had. Plus, how could I not buy a book that has its own rap v…

NSFW Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!

As some of you may already know, my Mom L-O-V-E-S to cook, especially when she gets a chance to play around and create something completely new. I recently bought a bag of Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses which gave my mom an idea to create a new spicy cookie a la those peanut butter cookie where you press the chocolate Kiss down in the center. And check them out!

Don't they look awesome? Yummy, delicious, pumpkin-y goodness in every bite of these amazing...

Wait a minute...

Something doesn't look right...

My exact words were: "They look like Summertime at a nudist colony."

My husband's first words, upon reaching for one and being told by my Mom that they were still hot were, "Really? They look pretty cold to me..."

So on that classy note, allow me to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with good times, good food and cookies that cannot be arrested for indecent exposure...

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Naps

Happy Sunday!

I have to admit that I've been blessed in that Toot isn't terribly hard to put down for a nap. She talks or sings for a while but then she usually konks right out. Well...normally anyway. There's been a period of time where I lay her down and then hear strange things coming from her room.

Like the one time I went to check on her and found her with a tutu on her head:

Thankfully there are times when I think to grab the video camera and am lucky enough to get in on the real action. Please to enjoy...

What Toot Does When She Should Be Napping

This first video is one I still can't explain. After Toot was down for a while, I could have sworn I heard laughing coming from her room. I grabbed the camera and went to investigate and lo and behold, there's my baby laughing to who knows what. I still have no idea what was so funny...

In this video, I heard banging coming from her room and found your typical kid jumping in the bed scenario. Still can't belie…

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi everyone and welcome BACK to Just Add Glitter and Stir! :D

I've been a busy little bee since we last talked: still pregnant and growing a mile everyday (we find out the sex next month!), crocheting my fingers off, started my Christmas shopping and let's see...what else?

Oh right, earlier in October Toot turned 2 years old. Here she is with a birthday cake her Great Grandmother bought her. Granny was hoping that Toot would dig into the cake and make a big mess but Toot just liked looking at it:

I would show you the video of us singing "Happy Birthday" to her at her party but she was in a FOUL mood and I was totally off-key so I figure who needs to see that, right? lol I also had a birthday in the latter part of October, here I am with Granny (I'm the one on the left):

I've been missing the old blog lately so I'll be getting back in the swing of things soon. :D I might even get the lead out and put up a Friday Night Fab Five tomorrow. *gasp* Hopefull…