Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drumroll Please...

Hi everyone!

Today we took Toot to see Santa Claus and get her picture taken! She was all dressed up, so sweet and cute. Anddddd here's her picture with Santa!

Great, isn't it? *sarcasm* Yep, after building it up for weeks, teaching her to say "Santa Claus" and watching Christmas shows since November, she would not look at, go near or be in the same general area as Santa. Booooooooo! We tried twice and it was a no-go both times. Grrrr...

And in other news....

We went in for an ultrasound today:


Toot is having a...



That's right, two girls in this house (3 including yours truly). Pray for my husband. ;)


  1. Congratulations Maggi!!! How exciting. Do you have names picked yet?

  2. Poor Chris is totally going to be outnumbered... isn't your mom there too? Congrats on the news!! how exciting!

  3. Don't feel bad that Toot didn't go a picture with Santa this year... she will next year as..a.. BIG SISTER!!! Congrats on another girl! Chris will love it at least until they are teens! LOL

    Mwah! Chris!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D
    So happy for you daahling! Congrats!!!!
    *kisses* HH

  5. Yay! I love girls!!! Congrats Maggi! Sorry Toot wasn't up for a Santa Photo :( And yes, poor Hubbs!


  6. Congratulations on your good news.

  7. Gee,at first I thought your photo hadn't loaded. LOL Maybe next year Toot will give the jolly old soul a chance! :) And congratulations! I'm happy you're having a girl! Theresa

  8. Congrats on having another little girl in the family! :)

  9. Bummer about Santa!! But yayyyyyyyyyyyy for a little sister! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. Congratulations!!! Sorry to hear about Santa - it's funny how some kids just are like, no way, not happening. LOL

  11. Congratulations Maggi!!! How exciting. Do you have names picked yet?

  12. lol @ the toot "photo" lol. Poor Santa, Ava hates going anywhere near him too!!!

    and CONGRATS on another girl!
    whoo hoooooo (sorry daddy!!!!!!)

    So happy for you! I miss me!!!! xOxO (I give better phone than computer!!!!)

  13. =D
    Excitement!!! A little sis for Toot... Yay! ^-^

    And as for her not wanting to go near Santa, at least she doesn't trust strange people! ^-^ Smart girl!

    My last night at work went wonderfully, now all I have to do is finish studying for my chem final, take the test this afternoon & I'll be home free! =D

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  14. Awe! Congrats! That's super exciting :)

  15. Maggi, I am jumping up and down on my chair!!! Congratulations, darling! Baby girl! This is just too exciting! Oh, what a true blessing and joy!!!:-)
    Well, you have a smart kid. Who needs Santa after all!? There are more important things like elfs, maybe? :-)

  16. I thought the photo didn't load! :D Crafty Maggi!

    Am so chuffed Toot is having a sister - Craig is stuck in a house of 4 girls - 5 if you count Lucy the doggy. Am sure that's why he came home with Cooper the doggy. A lone male to support him ;)

  17. My first day back making blog rounds after an autumnal blogging hiatus - and what news I find sparkling here!

    Many, many congrats!

  18. OH poor Toot! Kendall wasn't a fan of the big man this year either. Doesn't look good for our future with characters:( YAY for Toot on having a little sister that is so exciting!!! Hope you are feeling alright!

  19. CONGRATS!!! That is awesome a little baby sister :)

  20. LOL that Toot-she's a girl after my own heart. Don't go near big stranger dudes wearing red suits who call themselves "santa"!!


    Girls rule! Heh (says the LONE girl in a household where even the dog is male)

    Your links down there=awesome...
    and maybe you should SELL your scarves in Etsy? They are too cute to just give away!!!!

  21. Just popping by to wish you Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! And congrats!

    Off now - *see* you again in the New Year!

    XOXO Lola & Nora