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Friday Night Fab Five: Totally Rad EDIT: And on Thursday Apparently

EDIT: for the love of Pete y'all. I totally thought today was Friday and posted this today instead of tomorrow. Holy crap. Well, here's a treat for you then I guess! LOLOLOL Enjoy! :D


Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm currently obsessed with, adore or otherwise am in love with. As I was thinking about what 5 things I would feature this week, I started thinking about my childhood and what I loved then (then being the 1980's). So this week's Friday Night Fab Five are five things I loved in the 80's. As I was writing this, it occurred to me that I was waaaaay too young at the time to like some of these things so keep in mind that the dates are when these first came out but I didn't catch on until a couple of years after. :P

1. 1985 - North and South
(Image from

The story of two unlikely friends, one fighting for the South and one fighting for the No…

Toot By The Barrel Full!

Whew, what a morning so far! I like to keep things positive around here but I have to tell ya: this morning has just plain sucked. LOL But that's okay, I know when I'm having a bad day, I can come here and make all of you look at baby pictures with me! :D

I may be a slacker when it comes to finishing Toot's scrapbooks (I figure I'll teach her to scrap when she's older and then she can scrap her baby pictures :) but I am still taking TONS of pictures and figured I would share some with you fine folks since they should be shown somewhere, right?

Toot l-o-v-e-s hats. Not sure where she gets that from though. Must be from her father's side...hmmm... ;) Anyway, I'll find her wearing some random hat she finds:

So one day I find her wearing this hat that obviously no longer fits (she wore it as a newborn). Think that stopped her?! Not my my daughter!

We have packed up the mobile and changing table part of her pack and play. I thought I had put the pieces safe…

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Dry Heaving

Hello everyone and welcome to The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special recap! Just in case you don't know, every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette has a reunion special the week before the finale. They used to bring everyone back except for the Final Two but then they wised up and realized that we could care less about the rejects that were kicked out on their butts in the first episode so now they just bring back the (theoretically) most interesting folks out of the bunch along with our Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Now, I have to say for my part that most of the time, these Tell All things turn out to be a bunch of Tell Nothing and they are pretty boring. But recently they've added bloopers and I love a good fall or boom mike hitting someone in the head so I keep watching. Plus, we got this from Chris Harrison's Twitter earlier today:
Oh they do, do they? Well, we'll just see...But first, I'm sure they're going to bore me with an entire season recap complete…

You're The Inspiration (Board)

I mentioned in my previous post: Getting Inspired and Board with Cinderella and The Monkees that I wanted to create my own inspiration board for my crafty space. Right now that board is a box where I toss odds and ends I want to use so I thought I would share a couple of awesome finished boards that have caught my eye recently. :D

(Image from artjunkgirl)

(Image from Anything Goes)

(Image from A Fanciful Twist)
And the fabulous Anya from Couture Millinery Atelier recently wrote a post with pictures of what is currently on her inspiration board. Check out her post My Inspiration Board for 2010.

If you have an inspiration board or know of a groovy one I need to see, I wanna know! :D Just leave me a link in your comments. :)

**side note: the Wonderland Swap is in full swing! And if you missed out this time, I have a little surprise for you coming soon that is for you crafties AND non-crafties. Yes, it's another swap but for right now the theme is Top Secret. Wonder what it could be?…

Friday Night Fab Five: Rewind

TGIFNFF! (That's "Thank God It's Friday Night Fab Five!") :D

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I am currently obsessed with this week. You know what, I'm going to rewind this week and repost a Fab Five I wrote last year. I thought this would be a great way to share a little bit more about me with all of you that may have missed it the first time (or I'm being totally lazy about writing a new Fab Five, you decide!) :P

Anyhoo, this Fab Five comes to you all the way from April 2009. *shocked gasp* Oh yeah, I went back all the way to April of 09, snap! This was originally titled "This Happened, I Swear!" and includes some humiliating things I experienced that I thought I would repost for your continued enjoyment. :D

So get in your DeLorean, fill up your tank with plutonium (please tell me someone gets that reference) and let's get started! :D


Originally …

Revenge of the Sushi...With Yarn!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am SO excited because my entry for the contest is FINALLY finished and submitted! The contest is open to knitters and crocheters and you have to make something based on a t-shirt design from (some of the coolest t-shirts around FYI). Here's the design I chose, "Revenge of the Sushi":
(Photo from

The one thing that concerned me about this project was how I was going to get these little guys to actually hold each other up but in the end it hit me: Make a sushi mobile!

So what do you think?

There are so many amazing entries already submitted but I sure would love to have a shot at the prizes. lol But even if I don't win anything, this was a lot of fun to do and I've been wanting to enter some creative type contests and really push myself out of my comfort zone this year so here's one thing I can mark off my list! :D If you would like to see my entry along with the other entries, you can…

The Bachelor: On the Wings of The Dread Pirate Jake

Here come the overnight dates! Remember when the magic booty card from Chris telling the couple they could get it on in the Fantasy Suite was a surprise? Yeah, not so much anymore. Well no matter, after tonight we will be down to the final two girls and then next week is the Women Tell All reunion special.

But that's not tonight so let's see what happens. Last week we got a preview of Ali calling Jake in St. Lucia to supposedly come crawling back but I'm thinking it will come to nothing. I've been burned by ABC's promos before (remember the one of Jake kicking a chair over? That's never even been shown so thanks a lot ABC.)

Anyhoo, let's get started.

First we get a retrospecticus on the remaining three women and we get to relive all of the moments that were boring the first time around so you can imagine...I'll spare you and yes, you're welcome. I'm sure they're going to replay part of Tenley's dance from last week and no way am I w…

Layouts in the Mist

The fabulous Yvonne from Do More With Less is holding a challenge contest. Basically you create something inspired by the layout in this post and there you go! Here's what I did:
This is one of Toot's one year old portraits. I made a layout using plastic canvas as the backing instead of cardstock (my thought being to hang this on the wall so I left the little display hangy thing on the canvas). I used some old sheet music for behind the picture and button. (P.S.-this sheet music is some I got from the 2-3 lb stack of sheet music I found at a thrift store for $1! *drool*)
The patterned paper is Basic Grey (go me for remembering), Lemonade line I think and I wired on some buttons. I misted with the one lonely mist I have. This is only the second time I've used this mist, the first time being on my Jimi Hendrix ATCs and then after that I lost it and have been "mist-less" since July 2009. lol I recently found it again in a box of scraps (thank goodness I neve…

Friday Night Fab Five

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I am in love with this week. Five things posted on Friday at 5:00. Not quite night but you get the point, yes? Excellent, let's get started!

1. Netflix
Getting a DVD in the mail is okay but come on, this is 2010 and Netflix is all about streaming...for me anyway. On your computer, Xbox 360, PS3 or now on the Wii you can stream TV shows, movies and documentaries and I love it! Not everything is streamable but they have a huge collection of stuff to watch and thanks to Netflix I have discovered Dexter, 30 Rock, Doctor Who and oh yes...number 2 on my Fab Five list...

2. BBC's Robin Hood
This show only lasted 3 seasons apparently (Gee, thanks a lot BBC) but the first two are up on Netflix stream and this is the cutest show ever. (Okay, "cute" was probably not what they were going for but whatever) Excellent take on the story of Robin Hood with comedy, drama, action and a cutie …

Circle Journal: Why I Like Being a Girl

First some news:

-Thanks to your votes, Zachary's teacher came in second place in the contest, that is awesome! Thanks again for taking the time to vote for Ms. Moree!

-I'm sorry if my visits have been lacking as of late, a friend my husband works with wants a crochet Katamari Prince to give his girlfriend for Valentine's Day and since my husband doesn't crochet he thought I was perfect for the job *eye roll* Good thing I love my husband...and crocheting. lol So anyway, I've been crocheting like a crazy person to try and get this done before the weekend. Pray for me. LOL ;)

But I wanted to share my latest circle journal work with you real quick. :) This entry is for Carrie's journal and her theme is "Why I Like Being a Girl". There were tons of reasons I could name including some that are not appropriate for mixed company (lol) but in the end I went with this:

Left Side:
I used pieces of cardboard to back the pictures and to create a journaling bo…

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Unpaid Leave

Well we're packing our bags and heading off to the hometown dates! The final four, Tenley, Gia, Vienna and Ali are squealing to bring our Bachelor Jake home to meet the family. First stop is New York and Maxim Model Gia:

They go on a boat tour around the City and we're treated to their photo shoot (it'll give Gia something to look at while she cries after Jake sends her home, eh?) Also while on the boat, Gia tells Jake that one boyfriend cheated on her with all of her friends and her most recent ex didn't communicate and they fought a lot. Jake assures her that he doesn't resolve conflict that way and we're off to see her family. (Believe me, that part of the date was as boring as it sounds.) I'm not too worried though because I have a feeling they're going to rush us through the home towns to get to the supposed drama that happens after Jake is finished touring Boredom U.S.A.

Jake meets Gia's mom, stepfather, stepbrother and half brother. Gia t…

Friday Night Fab Five: Surprise!

Welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things/people/places or who knows what that I have found fascinating during the week. This week is all about surprises. I like to be surprised if it is something good. Bad surprises not so much. (But really, does anyone like bad surprises? lol)

1. Swap Surprises

I have gotten a great response for my Wonderland Swap and I am surprised and touched! So many people are in love with this story and yes, it is so inspiring for artists of all mediums! If you haven't signed up yet, you still have time! Click the button to find out more! (And yes, this is both a surprise and a plug, so there. lol ;)

2. Blog Hopping Surprises

And just where has this book been all my life? This is First Book of Sushi by Amy Wilson Sanger. I discovered this book after coming across the most delightful post on Rice Babies. I so love sushi and now I have a way to introduce it to Toot as well. This book will be on her book shelf ASAP. Do…

You're Late For a Very Important Date...Uh, I Mean Swap!

Welcome one and all to an exciting new development in the World of Wonderland!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is hitting theaters on March 5th and what better way to celebrate the release than with glitter, glue, paper, fabric, stamps (pick your creative poison) and of course...tea! :)

Huzzah! I am hosting a Wonderland themed craft swap and sign ups are now open! I'm so excited to see the newest version of this magical story and I'm hoping I'm not alone! lol This swap is a chance for you to share your fabulous little creations with someone else and it's all about Wonderland!

You will be paired with a swap buddy and send them a box of Wonderland themed creations. You can use people, places or things from the story, that is entirely up to you. You can make jewelry, ATCs, layouts, cards, altered art, boxes, bags, frames, crowns, jars, whatever Wonderland inspires you to make - the possibilities are endless! Just make sure that the box contains thin…

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Boredom

Well here we are, back for some more drama (and theoretical love) from our squeaky clean Bachelor Jake. It's the Battle of the Blondes (and Gia) and these girls are taking no prisoners. Sort of, I guess...listen, the real competition is between Vienna, Ali and Tenly. Corrie and Gia might as well go home now, they ain't gettin' picked in the end.

But let's back up. The crowd heads off to San Francisco. Vienna thanks her lucky stars that they are no longer roughing it and she can be treated like a princess. Although how you can feel like a princess while sharing a suite with 4 other girls is beyond me. Anyway, Jake leaves the first date card with them and Tenley is the lucky recipient of a one on one date. She also becomes the first (I think) of the girls to say how this has "become real". As real as any relationship can be while surrounded by cameras anyway.

Jake and Tenley hop a trolley and talk about how much they like Rice-a-Roni. Okay, they don'…