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Dancing With The Waxed Stars

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Dancing With The "Stars" recap. This week we get to behold the Argentine Tango and the Sexy Samba...Didn't we do the Tango already? Bah. And there's a Swing dance marathon? This is going to be a looooooooong night.

I can already tell this night will be painful as The Bachelor Jake has already waxed up. Let's compare and see if I'm right. Last week:

This week:

Speaking of which, Jake is up first with the samba. They do okay, the judges talk about his pelvic thrusts and connecting to the music. I feel dirty.

Score for Wax Man: 7 - 7 - 7

The figure skater guy is next and he cracks his crock (literally) during rehearsal. They have this big to do about going to the doctor and after all this drama we find out he's totally fine. What's up with that? (Kidding of course) They dance to a slowwwwwwww version of a Black Eyed Peas song and I'm so distracted by his partner fluffy fluffy hair that I don't eve…

Toot on the Water...and Fire in the Sky...

Hi everyone!

No real significance to the title, I just love Deep Purple. :P I hope y'all had a great weekend! Things have been nuts around here lately but I managed to squeeze some creative time in there somewhere! :D I created this layout of Toot, she loves to take a bath and generally play in water no matter where it is, even if it's in the dog's water bowl. *sigh* But this picture is of her in the bath:

The paper is Beach House from the Fancy Pants Summer Soiree line. I also used three different pieces of punchinella behind the title from Gauche Alchemy's Punchinella Variety Pack.

The title was created with Thickers (I would never want to live in a world without Thickers. *dreamy sigh*) but I had a problem with the title blending into the background. Bah. So I just accented the letters with Stickles.

Everything else comes from the following Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Color Kits: Wedding Night, Envy, Banana Hammock and Blue Streak. I love how versatile these kit…

Circle Journal: Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! My Friday Night Fab Five will return to its usual schedule next week. Not feeling very fab this week so instead I'm going to share with you my latest circle journal layouts. This journal belongs to Jacque of Detailed 4u Collections and she picked a theme called, "Home Sweet Home".

At first I thought her journal was going to be about the home you live in or your state or something like that. Then I found out that she had created a house shaped journal and was requesting us to create a "room" in the "house". This was such a fun concept but I admit to having no clue what the heck to do...initially anyway. :)

Then I thought, well heck. Should I ever get the pleasure of meeting Jacque in person, I could see us just sitting around, drinking coffee (if she drinks it, lol) and dishing. So that thought turned into:

It's a dream of mine, to have a "vintage" kitchen (shock, right?) so I used that for my inspiration. For the left s…

Dancing With The Jiggly Flashers

So this week's Dancing With The "Stars" theme was "Movie Night", every couple had to dance to iconic songs from the movies. *sigh* This is going to get ugly quick. As long as they don't use any music from any of the movies I love, I'll be okay. What the heck is Brooke Burke wearing? She looks like a piano threw up all over her.

Any chance they'll kick more than one couple off this week? This show is super dragging out here...Anyhoo, I can already tell that this week is going to be scarring, Tom Bergeron mentions "Pulp Fiction" and that ESPN chick is trying to look like Uma Thurman. Well, there goes my high school angst up in flames. Thanks a lot, Dancing With The "Stars".

Niecy Nash is up first and she reacts to last week's judging of her being boring: "Boring?! Oh-hah, nobody calls me boring!" Um yeah...see Niecy, you've been pretty boring lately so I'm sorry if you think you're not boring and …

Guns, Glue, Glitter and Glory

Happy Monday everyone! :D

There's a brand new challenge waiting for you on the Gauche Alchemy blog: Create something fabulous using this ad from Vintage Scans as inspiration:
Oh my, this doll is driving fast and packin' heat! Here's what I made (click any pictures for larger view):

My original thought was to cut a piece of cardboard from a box but when I cut the side off, it formed this three sided billboard-y thing so I just went with it. :D Here's the left side:

I decided to keep the color scheme from the ad so it's entirely black and white. I gave my new Bombshell stamps a whirl (I stamped the pin-up onto a piece of foreign newspaper from the Wholey Sheets kit) and used a menu from my favorite sushi joint and a measuring tape from IKEA. :D Close up of the middle section:

I used a TON from Gauche Alchemy's Black Out Mixed Media Color Kit and Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit. The right side:

Don't forget to visit GA to drool over what the DT made and t…

Friday Night Fab Five: Clean and Dirty

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I talk about 5 things I'm digging at the moment. Let's get it going:

1. Spartacus: Blood and Sand

(Image from the Starz Spartacus site)
This original show from Starz has everything! (If you're a Smarty McTarty with Netflix, you can stream all of the episodes) And when I say "everything", I mean blood, guts, boobs and other things I didn't think you could even talk about on TV, much less show it. Warning: this show is ultra violent and ultra naughty. Things I've said out loud said while watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand (not all at the same time of course):

"Oh SNAP!"
"Is that his...EWWWWWWW!"
"Kick his butt!"
"Oh my..."
"For Pete's sake, just die already!!!"
"Where is her underwear for crying out loud?!"
"Fade to black! Dear Lord in Heaven, fade to black!!!"

Yes, I watch this show like a 12 year old boy.

2. Pledge Fa…

A Flower, A Forum and Thee

So I'm finally feeling better! In your face mucus! Ha! But I've come to realize that I'm so behind on reading your fine blogs I'm never going to get caught up. Ugh. So to make amends, Toot would like to offer you a flower:

Okay, maybe not:

Nah, you can have the flower, I'm sure Toot's cool with it. :) At least under my cloud of disease I was aware enough to check the mail and boy oh boy...I got my awesome Gauche Alchemy goodness. You know, I was a customer of theirs before I ever made the Design Team and I have to say that one of my favorite parts of buying from Gauche Alchemy is their presentation. Even their wrapping is usable for all sorts of creative what nots.

How pretty is that? I loooooooooooove using sewing patterns when I'm being creative, hurray! I got a ton of fab stuff:

Color kits, paper kits, punchinella, plastic canvas, ouchless cardboard, on and on (all of which is available in the Gauche Alchemy store by the way) and I just finished m…

Dancing With Who Knows What

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your well wishes, I am feeling a little better today. Hurray!!! :D

I've decided to combine the DWTS weekly episodes into one post so each dancing episode and then the results show will be in one post from now on. :) Ready to get started? Me neither.

Last week it was Buzz Aldrin, second man on the Moon that was sent packing and ABC decided to really respect him and send him off in grand style:

Yep, I freakin' kid you not. ABC took an all-American history maker and shot him off the show like a space shuttle, complete with rocket fire and smoke. *face palm*

So this week it's the "DOUBLE SCORE SHOWDOWN" (emphasis ABC, not mine) which means it's one score for technique and one score for us for watching this show another week. Just kidding, the other score is for performance or something. They're dancing the "raunchy rumba" and "tempting tango" so I've got the Pepto handy, I'm pretty sure I'l…

Hooked Up

Hi everyone!

We spent a few days at my mom's house and we had a blast despite Chris not feeling so well. He decided to share the love as I've gotten sick and am so miserable. Ugh. lol But I wanted to come out of my fog of disease to share some fun news: I've been published!

A couple of months back I discovered the most fab crochet magazine, Crochet Today and fell in love. They mix old and new crochet patterns that are easy to understand and it's just an all around fun magazine. It's hard for me to find mags that I find interesting enough to read cover to cover, much less ones that I read cover to cover every issue. Enter Crochet Today. I just love it and if you're looking for a good crochet magazine, this is the one I recommend.

So I am so enamored of this sweet magazine that I wrote to the editor and basically told them what I just told you and gushed for about a mile about how much I adore them. Well guess what? I'm in their current issue!

(Image f…

Friday Night Fab Five...On Saturday...In the Morning...

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five on Saturday in the Morning. :D We got back in town late yesterday and I was just too wiped out to come up with anything brilliant so I decided to wait until today to stun you with my wit and vivacity...or something like that. :P

1. AFV

So you all know by now that Toot was on America's Funniest Home Videos and that we were unable to see it due to a stupid tornado watch. I ended up writing to the show and telling them what happened. They were nice enough to send us a copy of the show! You know, seeing someone get hit in the groin with a baseball bat or watching a cat attack a baby was already good enough for me but now that they've sent us the show Toot was on, I will be a faithful, devoted follower of AFV for life.

2. Speaking of Toot...

The other day Toot was playing nearby while I was straightening up and when I turned around to look at her, I found her decked out in an old Halloween wig of mine:

3. New Ways …

Dancing With My Disappointment in America

Well well well, weren't we just here? Yes, it's time for another "thrilling" episode of Dancing With the "Stars", this time we're kicking one "star" out on their sequin covered backside. Yes! Please be Kate please be Kate please be Kate...

Let's get right down to it, the first "Stars" safe are...that guy from All My Children and that girl from ESPN. Meh.

Then they flashback to last night's show and make me watch Sk8tr Boi's dance and since I saw it the first time, why I needed to be reminded of past pain is beyond me. Then Reba McIntyre comes out to sing and some sort of slutty cowboys and cowgirls group come out and dance.

Finally some actual results! Another safe "dancer" - Niecy Nash.

Oh great, another dance number...

After that's over, the judges issue the challenge for next week. Something about two scores and tension, whatever. The next safe couple safe - The Pussycat Doll. Well, duh.

Then Reba sin…

Dancing With The Cheese

Well, here we are at the second (Second? Third not counting the results show? Tenth? I'm so lost) episode of season 10 of Dancing With The Stars!!! *crickets* Yeah, me too. I'm late with my recap because things have been nuts around here. I am sooooo behind on getting to all of your wonderful blogs, we're leaving tomorrow to go see my mom for a couple of days and we had plans to celebrate Easter with my Granny but on Saturday she had a heart attack and had to have emergency surgery. She is doing okay and will hopefully be released today, thank God!

So with all of that going on, I just assumed that the "Stars" could wait one day and didn't even bother watching last night. lol Last week the "Stars" were issued a challenge: their dance had to tell a story. Well they tell a tale most foul already so I'm not sure where else they can go from here but let's hope it's up. I can see from the dancer introductions that most of the stories …

Friday Night Fab Five: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hi everyone! :D

First some business: Thanks to you all that stopped by yesterday during the Gauche Alchemy blog hop! I so appreciate your support and sweet comments! The winner of my Color Kits grab bag is....Jacque4u2c! Yay! I'll be sending out your prize next week! :D

And so now I can welcome you to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things this week that I adore. You know, today has been kind of yucky. Toot doesn't feel well, I don't feel well and the whole day has been blah. So for this week's Fab Five, I wanted to highlight 5 things that make me happy. :D

1. This Ad
I so enjoy reading Tristan's blog, Enchanted Revelry and he included this vintage ad in his post, "Things You Need to See, Things You Hope to Never See..." and it makes me happy.

2. Sunshine

(Picture from GiaGia's Flickr)

Spring has come and although looks like it's already headed out since it's over 80 degrees today, I so love bright warm-but-not-too-hot …

Stick a Fork In Me, I'm Gauche

Back in September of 2009, Gauche Alchemy asked me to be a guest designer for their Hot For Teacher kit. I said back then how smart they were for picking me as a guest designer ;) but now they really have proven their smarts because they have decided to give me a spot on their awesome design team! Not only that but I will be functioning as a DT Captain so how about them Gauche apples? :D I'm so thankful to have been picked for this amazing team. I love GA!

Actually, they've got a whole new gauche Design Team and today we're having a "Gauche Girls Open Up" blog hop so that you can get to know us all! So hop on back to Gauche Alchemy's blog to start at the beginning if you haven't already. If you have already started on the hop you should have come from Nina's blog Creating in Solitude. Some of the chicks are giving away RAKs and other fun what nots so make sure you comment on each of the Gauche Girls blogs for a chance to win.

To make it even more…