Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Night Fab Five: Top Gear, Cross Stitch and Bears, Oh my!

Hi everyone!

First I'd like to say a "Hello!" and a "Thank God you're here!" to my newest followers. Thanks for visiting me and if you have time to say hello back, well that would just be super! Thanks for being here. :)

And with that, welcome to this week's Friday Night Fav Five where I list 5 things that I cannot live without this week. Let's jump right in:

1. BBC's Top Gear

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a car person. All I need to know about my car is where the gas pedal is located. My husband got me hooked on Top Gear and I am in L-O-V-E with it. I am in love with hosts and the various challenges and races they do have had me in tears from laughing so hard. Did I say "love" already? Please note: watch BBC's Top Gear NOT the American version. Trust me...

2. ilomilo

ilomilo was released this week on the Xbox Live Arcade and it is super cute and a great puzzle game. I've already ignored Toot twice while playing it. :P And at only 800 MS points, it's a great deal. I also want to go off and crochet ilo and milo for myself. So cute!

3. Cross Stitch

The last time I cross stitched anything was this birth sampler for Toot. Well, now that I'm knocked up again, it's time to take out the needles and thread and get to work on the new baby's birth sampler. (This one is going to have fairies on it, yay!) Actually, since I've been working on her sampler - it has led me to thinking of what else I can cross stitch...hmmm...

4. Care Bears

I just love the Care Bears because...wait a minute...I don't like the Care Bears, Toot does! She's been messing with my Fab Five again. I used to like the Care Bears until I was forced to watched the movies on Netflix over and over...and over and over...and over. *shudder*

5. Chocolate Milk

What? I'm pregnant, what do you expect? Chocolate milk is yum...Just "hook it to my veins!!!"

And there you have it, this week's Friday Night Fab Five! What are your Fab things this week?


  1. I love Top Gear too, not for the cars because as long as my car gets me from A to B that's all that matters to me too. Sure I'd love to be able to afford one of those gorgeous sleek sports cars they get to drive but I'd have to win the lottery a few times to do that!

    People hubby talked to were surprised he didn't watch it so he decided to take a look and of course I knew Richard Hammond was a presenter so I agreed to watch it with him, ulterior motive of course was just to ogle little Richard. Don't care for Clarkson at all, May is quite interesting but not good looking. It amazes me that Hammond actually lived to tell the tale of the crash he was in!!!!

    We've watched all the repeats now and keep an eye out for the new series coming on - in fact they showed some over the Christmas period but it's disappeared again.

  2. Hi Maggi,

    I must be living in a hole because I have never heard of Top Gear or ilomilo...however I have heard of Cross Stich, Care Bears and Chocolate Milk...I guess 3 out of 5 is not bad. Have a fabulous weekend Sweet Friend!

  3. We are all Top Gear fans in this house and none of us is into cars. It just makes us roar with laughter. Though the car crash one above - I cried at. The poor Hamster! I think my favourite is James May - he does make me laugh!

    Cross stitch is gorgeous! .... and I still have my Funshine Bear :P

    Fab things this week - seeing the trailers for one of my favourite programmes about to come back on! Yay! (Being Human! Vampires and werewolves and ghosties! Oh my!)

    Winning my first win of the year today and it's a fabby crafted item! Yay!

    The sun being out today and it actually being quite mild for an hour today! Could spring be round the corner??

    Painting my stu-stu-studio... that enough to be getting on with? :P

  4. Okay, my Friday Fab Five:
    1) Top Gear - yes, you've got me hooked!
    2) Malibu Rum - What?! I'm not pregnant! This can totally be on my list. :-P
    3) Butter Rum Lifesavers - I love these!
    4) Fuzzy socks - nothing better than wearing those on a cold day!
    5) Snow days - I really, really want a snow day so I can play hooky from work - guilt free!

  5. I had a dream about the care bears the other night. Now your talkin bout them, how odd! :) That ilomilo looks adorable, will try that! I did a just for fun friday thing on my blog...trying to post everyday...running out of things to do people do it? hehe Hugs!!

  6. Loveeeeeeeeeeee this list Maggi!! I love love love love cross stitching too!!! And YAYYYYYYYYYY for choco milk as Brookie calls it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. I love cross-stitching. And I love the Care Bears...just the toys! I'm always happy to see them at the store. I have one but it's so drooled on by my nephews...I don't touch it

  8. Your fab five always make me laugh out loud. This weeks was one you ignored Toot while playing on the Xbox. I have NEVER done that to Kendall, OK maybe just once;) You are so funny Maggi!

  9. Wow, you stitched that? So awesome, so much patience...
    Try stitching some delicious pixel geekyness if you want to try something else~ ;3 I might even dare to try doing something like that myself someday... XD

    ilomilo: So cute... even the music sounds cute. And man, the graphics look so neat even for a puzzle game *-* (argh, my poor Wii isn't impressing me lol)

  10. congratulations on being pregnant maggi!!!! :))))) lenna

  11. My hubby is a huge fan of Top Gear! I've seen a few episodes, and can see the attraction, although I'm not a huge car fan. I am so inspired by your list of favorites, I've done a list of my own on my blog. Your blog is definitely one of my favs!

  12. Happy Fab Five! I do love chocolate milk - haven't had it in ages. Must indulge again sometime. Theresa

  13. Chocolate milk is one of my favorites least you have a excellent reason for drinking it . I feel guilty guzzling it down - lol.
    I do try and limit it though but you please enjoy... it makes baby feel so good too .