Thursday, January 27, 2011

Intelligent Conversations Married People Have

Hi everyone!

I know that normally I stay on the lighter side of things but today I'd like to get serious...

It's time for an intelligent, thought provoking conversation by two mature adults who are married with kid(s)...

Scene: Watching Disney's "Cinderella"
Time: Evening
Day: Don't remember

Me: You know, as far as Disney Villains go, the wicked Stepmother got off pretty easy.

Husband: What do you mean?

Me: Well, knowing how nice and crap Cinderella is, she probably ended up giving Stepmother a bunch of money anyway, plus Stepmother doesn't get in trouble or anything for abusing this chick.

Husband: Wait but doesn't she fall off a cliff and die?

Me: No, that's the Queen from Snow White.

Husband: Does she hang herself in vines?

Me: No that's Tarzan.

Husband: Fall off a castle?

Me: That's Beauty and the Beast.

Husband: Cursed to live in a lamp as a genie?

Me: That's Aladdin.

Husband: Eaten by hyenas?

Me: That's The Lion King and don't think I don't know what you're doing.

Husband: What? *innocent look*

Me: Whatever, wise acre.

Husband: *pause* Well, I still think the Fairy Godmother should've given Cinderella bags of cash to get the heck outta there rather than a three hour party.

Me: What I don't get is why the mice and birds couldn't have helped her clean the house. I mean, they can make an entire human sized dress in an afternoon but can't help her clean the house?

*Rest of conversation not recorded in interest of audience safety. Seriously, it went on like this for about an hour...*


  1. ha ha that was so funny, you both crack me your fly on the wall post :)

  2. You made me giggle this morning!!! Love you!!!!

  3. Lol! That is truly a great conversation! My hubby and I have discussions about random things and they usually go like that!

  4. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!! You are CRACKIN' ME UP this week!! LOL!!!! I loveeeeeeeee that photo of the two of you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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  6. Hey, these are important issues that must be discussed! It's good to have intelligent people like you guys to tackle the topic. :)

  7. Me and beloved can discuss important topics like this forever... It's awesome XD
    And yeah, those mice should have helped her with the cleaning!

  8. that's awesome! love the pic too, although I wish I could better see what you have in your hair!

  9. I just wish i could get my boyfriend to watch a Disney film of any kind!!

  10. Maggi,
    at least you two are talking. I ask my hubby to chat with me at times and he says he doesn't have anything new to say :(
    just a old married couple .
    ( well not always this bad )
    LOVE those vintage glasses 2 cool

  11. Exactly, real women want help with the housework! Then, we will have time to make or buy our own fabulous dresses and rescue our own selves. If Prince Charming wants to come along for the ride, cool! I have one of the princely ones and he runs a mean vacuüm. Thanks for the laugh!

  12. ...thanks for that laugh, I needed it girl!!!! xOxO

  13. Classic! This is SO awesome. LOL I've had conversations like with this with the hubby, too. Theresa

  14. Interesting. We talk about TV and movie characters like they are real too. We have been married 36 years.
    judee0624 from Swap Bot

  15. Hee!

    The BabbyDaddy and I end up having SO many conversations about Disney movies nowadays. There are so many ridiculous plot points that don't matter to kids, but we pick up on them!

  16. Hahahahahah Absolutely brrilliant!! I have these convos too with my bf lol!! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! Super cute blog btw! I love the name!! xxx

  17. I'm so glad to know Alpha Hubby and I aren't the only ones who have these conversatons Ours are all Pixar related and we DON'T have kids at home anymore. We end up quoting stuff all the time. Visiting from Sits - this is a GREAT post!!

  18. Hilarious! Sometimes you can't look for logic in kid's movies. Haha. Great blog! I'm following you here and at Twitter because I love all things crafty. Hollychihuahua from SB

  19. Pretty entertaining adult conversation! ;)

    Would have loved to hear the rest of

  20. Too damn funny!!! Hug that hubby- he rocks!