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My Lasso of Glitter...I Mean Truth

Hi everyone!

Remember my post from yesterday, "Turn Your Flats From Flat to Fabulous"? Well I'm back today to show you what else I created using the glitter shoe tutorial posted over at We Are Not Martha.

Now, so the shoes turned out great but I had TONS of blue and silver glitter Mod Podge left over. I couldn't possibly let that dry out and go to waste...right? Enter the tweens!

This is a box I altered for my Wonderland Swap and when they went on clearance, I decided to snag a few more so it occurred to me that this box was dying to be glittered up, yes? So I started here:

My fab friend Callista sent me a Wonder Woman pin and since Wonder Woman is AWESOME, that pin became the inspiration for my glitter box. This is the front:

Here's the top of the box with the pin:

And as for the inside...KA-POW!

Wonder Woman herself, circa my childhood when I would get into my closet, spin around and jump out ready to deflect bullets with my bracelets and catch the baddies with my lasso of truth. Oh yeah!

Be sure to check out this tutorial at We Are Not Martha for an easy, inexpensive method of blinging up your day!


  1. How cool is this box! Love the Wonderwoman! :)

  2. OH YEAH!
    Wonder Womannnnn!
    I am singing the song as I write this. I loved her. When I was about ten. I was a mini wonder woman with an older teen wonder woman and then my mom as the actual wonder woman herself. I still have the pic of all three of us posing with our red, blue, and gold outfits.
    I absolutely LOVE the box. So Great!
    Wishes and Whimsy

    Wendy from Wonderland

  3. ahhhhh I love this!!! Takes me back to my mother showing up to a school halloween party dressed as wonder woman. Of corse Wonder Woman being an improvement to the Daisy Duck costume the year before.

  4. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this one...You are the Glitter Queen!!!

    Wishing you a great one...I am looking at snow falling!!!! Pretty...but I have a hair appointment this afternoon....that stinks!!!!

  5. That. Is. AWESOME!!! My mom had a Wonder Woman poster on our refrigerator when I was little. I'm totally loving that box. Well done!

    kate (from swap-bot)

  6. Dude! Wonder Woman is so much cooler than Hannah anyway!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! And.....

  7. I love it! Such a fun pbox to have. Now, wouldn't it be fun if the Wonder Woman would jump out in all its glory every time you open the box? And wouldn't it be even more fun if she could make your every wish come true!?Suc a fun box, Maggi. :-))) And I absolutely LOVE your Blog makeover!

  8. You rocked that box Maggi! So glad I sent you that pin! LOL!! And I can totally picture you as Wonder Woman. You go girl! *hugs*

  9. Definitely picture you as Wonder Woman - you have the perfect bazoomas for the job :D :D

    Loving the box!

  10. OH ya! You are so super cool. I'll join you as the bionic woman. cha cha cha cha...that's the slow mo bionic noise! :)

  11. What an awesome box! I love that wonderwoman is in it! So cool!

  12. Wow, those are all so awesome! I wish I was more creative and crafty. Perhaps one of these days that side of me will crawl out :)

    Found you via SITS/Blog Frog. I'll be sure to stop by often to see what else you're up to. I could always use a little motivation/inspiration in completing several projects I currently have in the works....

  13. great job Maggi, that box is so much better now!

  14. TOTALLY question...whats modge podge?? :-P

  15. I love it. I am a big fan of glitter.

  16. Maggi, this is so glitterific! :) Or - as Miley Cyrus might say (at least on Saturday Night Live) "that's pretty cool!" Theresa

  17. Ah, now the box's looking much better than before~
    So awesome and sparkly, love the photo inside! Now what to put in it? ^-^


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