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Sad Sack of Scrap

Hi everyone!

When I was pregnant with Toot, I wasn't doing that much "crafty" type stuff. I was working full time, cross stitching her birth announcement sampler and that was about it. I started to notice my fingers getting numb as I frantically tried to finish her sampler before she was born. Luckily it went away sometime after Toot arrived.

Well, now I'm at home expecting our second daughter and "crafty" is one of the regular parts of my day. It's probably needless to say that the little bit of numbness in my hands I had with Toot has been magnified times a bajillion with this baby. I'm crocheting, scrapping, gluing and sewing more than ever, especially now because I'm trying to get finished up and have some projects I can't put on hold.

All that to say that I'm lagging behind...My fingers stay swollen most of the time now and they're pretty painful so my crafting and blogging time have been suffering and for those that know me, you know that I think this s-u-c-k-s. LOL You'll also know by now that I'm stubborn and refuse to stop so with that in mind...

May I present, the most boring layout in the world!!!

Ta da!

Okay, so maybe it's not too bad. I got the Lola flower image from a Charlie and Lola book that Toot ripped to shreds the other day. I was picking everything up off the floor when I thought, "Wait, why am I throwing these away? I can totally glue them on something! :P

But all in all, this layout is pretty blah and boring so I'm going to blame it on the new baby messing with my hands and not on any lack of talent on my part. LOL I'm going to revisit it at some point and see if I can't make it up any better.

I was hoping I could come back to scrapping in full form because I've gotten the cutest Toot shots lately (not like I don't have enough of her to get in a book already, lol)

Of course, my husband is always telling me I'm way too hard on myself so I've come to a conclusion: Whether any future layouts turn out to be something I could hang in the Louvre or not, when Toot is older and I'm gone she's not going to look at this and say, "Ugh, my mom was so boring, why would she use this paper with this picture?!"

She's going to look at this and say, "Wow, my mom must have loved me an awful lot to make something so great for me." Well, at least I hope that's what she'll say...LOL.

So messed up hands or not, I'm carrying on-scrapping, crocheting and blogging when I feel like it. I may just be a little slower in visiting you and getting things done. :) BUT I will be back on Friday for another Friday Night Fab Five so take that stupid pregnancy induced hand problem for jerks!

Have a super Wednesday everyone!


  1. I don't think that's boring at all. Cute! I'm also inclined to think that Toot will think the latter in later years when she looks at the scrapbooks. She has a great mom to be putting all that work in, even with swollen fingers!

  2. Your husband is so right. Everything you make, is made with love, its so obvious!
    *kisses* HH

  3. So cute! Love the scrapbook page!


  4. It's better than my layouts...I actually get laughed at when I go on scrap retreats. NO KIDDING! So now I still go on the Creative Memories retreats but they let me paint instead of scrap. They took pity on me. You always do good work. :)

  5. Hi-LaurieZ from Swap-Bot here! Oh, how could ANYthing with that cute little mug on it be "boring"?! Your Toots is such a sweetiepieface! What a fun blog-can't wait to read more! Take care-happy swapping & blogging!

  6. Love her little toothy grin .... and the MegaBlocks bag is a hit! She's a fashion trend-setter!

  7. I don't think it's boring at all! love it. and oh my gosh, look at how much she has grown!!!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, she is just SO ADORABLE! You're right, she will see these scrapbooks in the future and see how much you loved her to do all that for her (and you) AND she will say that you are super talented too, even with numb hands and fingers! :)

  9. Oh my gosh, she is just SO ADORABLE! You're right, she will see these scrapbooks in the future and see how much you loved her to do all that for her (and you) AND she will say that you are super talented too, even with numb hands and fingers! :)

  10. Aw look at TooT! And shut up!
    You definitely are too hard on yourself! Any woman with a toddler, who is about to pop and is STILL crafting away is Wonder Woman to me. Boring - um, NEVER Miss Maggi!!!

  11. I like the page! And I'm so little miss Toot will appreciate all the hard work you've done when she is older. :) See you on Friday for your Fab Five! Theresa

  12. I think that lo is ADORABLE! I love love love the sunflowers!!! And ADORABLE photos of toot too!! And she WILL LOVE her pages when she gets older! I promise! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. Heck yes she'll love it. :) Super cute layout and post, that daisy is adorable.

  14. Hey M! It's okay to go clean and simple's a sweet layout! :)

    She's adorable! Want me to scrap some for you? Let me know!

    P/s: Hope all the swelling subsides soon...

  15. You are most definitely too hard on yourself!! You do an amazing job being a mum and a wife and throw in some cute crafts too!! I'm so far behind my crafts and I have NO excuse what so ever!! Your daughters will love your scrapbook and admire what you have done, i can feel it in my bones ;-)

  16. UMMMMM Hello Miss are terrific.....momma to a toddler and another baby on the way and you are scrapbookig....KUDOS to you sweet friend!!

    I love the is just perfect...great colors and I adore the flowers!!!

    Have a great day today!!!

  17. gosh maggie, that really sucks! well, i hope you can still get lots of crafty stuff done! how bout some voice blogging instead?

  18. LOLA! I personally love this page! Craig says the same about me - I think we are our own worst critics.

    Rest up woman!

  19. awww Toot is so cute, I love the pictures! She is getting so big!

  20. She just makes me laugh! I love the layout!

  21. The pictures are adorable! BUT....You may have carpal tunnel syndrome...which can cause hand and finger issues, it is not just the wrist, as it is pressure on the main nerve going into the hand.

    If you can get wrist braces and sleep with them on, and try to wear them when at least on the computer and see if that makes a difference. I would suggest keeping them on for needle work, but that is tough, scrapping isn't too bad...I was casted for 7 months when my wrist was injured and then infected with MRSA, and I was still able to scrap. (I also had carpal tunnel which had been released long before that injury bilaterally) I never had pain or swelling anywhere but some swelling in the lower thumb area and wrist but the pins and needles feeling was awful, my friend has it and gets the pain all the way into her fingers yet is refusing surgery (That I do not get) The docs even told her she will end up with permanent injury to that nerve, if she keeps putting it off. I put if off longer with the left hand than the right, and had some permanent nerve damage...NOW that wrist is totally Effed up...missing 3 bones, missing 4 ligaments, some cartilage, a little muscle, and has permanent nerve damage.Thanks to the MRSA settling in, which now I am MRSA free-Amen)

    Thinking good thoughts and sending healing energy your way!


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