Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Fab Five: Random-osity!

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm digging for the week. This week is all over the place (I do so enjoy random ramblings) so we'll just get started and see where we end up!

1. The Glitter Connection

The Glitter Connection is a sparkly Etsy shop specializing in all things vintage. Uh, you had me at "glitter" and I'm your best friend at "vintage".

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Because I Always Have to Complicate Things...

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago we took Toot to see The Wiggles, live in concert. We had an amazing time and Toot even got to meet Sam Wiggle! One of the things they encourage you to do is bring gifts for the different characters like roses for Dorothy, bones for Wags the Dog, etc.

Most people bring artificial roses (or real ones) and some of The Wiggles will go out into the audience to collect them, which is how Toot met Sam. So you know, I couldn't just go buy roses and have Toot hand them over because that would be too simple and easy, right?

Monday, July 25, 2011

101 Crochet Squares For the Rich and Famous

Hi everyone!

My fingers decided to cooperate and let me hook for a little bit the other day, huzzah! It actually all started with a book I've been stalking for months now:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tradition, Mixed Media Style

Hi everyone!

No Friday Night Fab Five this week because I couldn't wait to show you my newest creation. :) Believe it or not, I have something to show you that is NOT crocheted. Well actually there is a little bit of crochet on my newest project but just a little I promise. :) This is the first mixed media piece I have done in AGES. And boy, it was fun to create. Presenting "Tradition":

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Practical Side of Hooking

Hi everyone!

Amidst the cuteness of amigurumi and granny squares, there is a side of crochet that is practical, functional and not half as boring as the words "practical" and "functional". I'm furiously trying to hook up projects with the yarn that I have on hand rather than buying more yarn. I figure that if I hook up my stash, my husband couldn't be opposed to me getting new yarn, yes?

Luckily there's plenty of practical and functional patterns to hook like the Biffer Shrug:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Night Fab Five: All Kinds of Stuff

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm loving this week but before we get to that, we've got a winner to announce! The winner of Emma Wallace's new CD, Love Songs and Lullabies is...

*drum roll*

Sarah Gomes! Congrats Sarah! Please e-mail your address to me at: justaddglitter at gmail dot com. :D

Now onto the Fab Five!

1. Instagram

Instagram is a free app for your iPhone that allows you to take pics and make them look all fun and vintage-y. See my picture up in the left hand corner of the 'ol blog? That was taken with Instagram. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I've Flipped My Flop

Hi everyone!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway of "Lullabys and Love Songs" by Emma Wallace! You have until 4:00pm EST on Friday, July 15th so be sure to get your name in for a chance to win!

Summer is in full swing on my side of the globe. This season is full of sunny days, cold fruity drinks and bugs the size of your head. It's also the time of year when your feet cry for freedom. Pedicures become a necessity of life and with that comes a big responsibility: finding cute Summery shoes to show off your cute Summery feet. What's a simple gal like me to do?

Crochet her own! Oh snap!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love Songs, Lullabies and Giveaways

Hi everyone!

I'm super excited because today is the day I get to announce a new giveaway! And this giveaway is special to me because it features an amazing talent (I am a HUGE fan of hers) and she just happens to be one of the most darling gals you'll ever meet (I've bragged about her before here at Just Add Glitter and Stir), Emma Wallace.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Night Fab Five: I'm Literate and Stuff

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm currently enamored of. Wait, is it "enamored of" or "enamored with"? Eh, whatever...I'm too lazy to Google it right now...At any rate, I just like this stuff, so there you go.

This week is all about books. I'm a big reader (well, I was a big reader before video games, marriage and that order) but I still read when I can find the time and lately have read some real gems. Summer tends to be the season when a lot of people read more so I thought that this week I would share 5 awesome books that are brainless. And by "brainless" I don't mean that they are brainless, I mean they are just pure fun and you don't need to use your brain to enjoy them. :)

As I was writing this post, it occurred to me that all of my picks have way bad potty mouth so be warned of that. Right-o, here we go:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FedEx Thinks I'm Fat

Whenever I experience bad customer service, I'm usually not one to write or call the company to complain. I might tell a friend or two sure, but as a rule I'll just chalk it up to someone having an off day. After all, I've worked in customer service and the last thing you need is some jackwagon yelling at you for something you either can't control or didn't do in the first place.


That was before FedEx decided my house didn't exist, actually that no house on my street existed and that I needed to lose the baby weight. It all started with this book:

(Image from Amazon)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Wiggles and Toot the Dinosaur

Hi everyone!

If you've been hanging around my blog for a while, you already know of Toot's obsession with The Wiggles. I admit that I started her on the road to Wiggles addiction as I had had some experience with them during my days working at a day care. I actually met them before they hit it big in the U.S., they were in my town in the early 2000's, opening for Barney. I was babysitting the weekend they were in town and took my young charge down to a music store where The Wiggles were performing to promote the show.

Cut to present day, now that I have kids of my own The Wiggles have integrated themselves in our daily lives and we're cool with it. Hey, it could be worse (I'm looking at you Dora the Explorer and to a lesser extent, Yo Gabba Gabba).

Anyhoo (Geez louise I can ramble on, I'm even boring myself...), when we found out that The Wiggles were coming to our town, it was a no brainer that Toot HAD to be at that concert and see them in person for herself. The concert is next week and a couple of months ago I decided that Toot had to have a costume for it. I thought of making an outfit as an homage to Dorothy the Dinosaur, a character friend of The Wiggles:
(Image source: Wiggles Wiki)

And here's my own personal Toot the Dinosaur:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Momentarily Lucid...with Yarn

Hi everyone!

So now that Zippy's here, I'm lucky if I can get in a couple of crochet stitches or glue something to something else before motherhood calls. Ah well, I wouldn't trade it for anything so it's all good. :) I've got 1,000,000 crafty ideas swimming around in my brain and I'm determined to get at least one of them out before the end of the year. lol

But in the mean time, a designer over at the Crochetville forums needed a pattern tester for a new play set and I was lucky enough to be able to try it out for her. Please to present, Minne Mermaid play set:

I had something clever to write here but for the life of me can't remember what it was. I have to be honest: my brain is fried from Newborn Baby Crying/2 Year Old Getting Ready To Jump Off The Kitchen Table Syndrome. So if you think of something clever to write about mermaids, please e-mail it to me. I'm sure I'll forget what you wrote about 5 seconds after I read it but I promise to laugh uproariously and stand in awe of your wittiness in that precious 5 seconds of lucidity...