Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Because I Always Have to Complicate Things...

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago we took Toot to see The Wiggles, live in concert. We had an amazing time and Toot even got to meet Sam Wiggle! One of the things they encourage you to do is bring gifts for the different characters like roses for Dorothy, bones for Wags the Dog, etc.

Most people bring artificial roses (or real ones) and some of The Wiggles will go out into the audience to collect them, which is how Toot met Sam. So you know, I couldn't just go buy roses and have Toot hand them over because that would be too simple and easy, right?

First of all, I made a birthday card for The Wiggles (since this is their 20th anniversary). I'd like to apologize in advance to all the card makers in the audience for this card. It's not great but in my defense: I made it last minute...also, I suck at making cards.

So yeah, a bunch of stickers and stuff. :P BUT I just HAD to have SOMEONE around there see Toot in the dress and hat I made so I attached a picture of her on the inside. Shameless, I know...

As for the roses for Dorothy, I of course went the complicated, time consuming route and made her a crown. They call her the "Queen of the Roses" so that's where the inspiration came from. I didn't go all nuts on it because I figure, realistically they just toss all the stuff they get so there you go. I spray painted a wooden crown gold and then added some sparkly things.

I also crocheted a rose and cushion for it to sit on. Sewed them together, glued them to the inside of the crown, ta da!

I figure, they must at least look at everything before it gets tossed, right? So here's hoping someone saw this thing before that happened. lol But it's all good, Toot had a great time and that's all that matters...


  1. That is really really cool! I loved the Wiggles in a bit bummed my boys seem to have outgrown them (they say they have, but they still hum along with the songs when we hear them ha ha!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those wiggle are DARN lucky! How great and clever are you? As always, I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing...xoxo

  3. I bet they looked at your rose and said we CAN'T throw this away!! I am going to be watching PBS Sprout for a picture of Toot in that outfit because I bet someone caught her in it!! YOu are so cute:)

  4. Too cute! Surely they have a place to keep all their super sweet fan treats!

  5. you are an amazing mom Maggi. And you totally make everything 1000x more fun!!!!! Toot's going to remember that day forever!!!
    BTW the ATC's went out today in the mail. xoxo

  6. It sounds like it was fun for everyone! You would have to believe they might notice all that cool hand-made stuff!! I would do the same thing.
    Thanks so much for your visits & comments, Maggie, much appreciated!

  7. I am hoping those Wiggles KEPT their card and the crown with the rose... cuz they are BOTH AMAZING!! You TOTALLY ROCK my friend! :):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Aww! You're the lovingest mama ever!

    I suck at making cards too, btw.

  9. Just look at Toots picture in the card!!Sooooo cute!!Excellent idea with the rose!!You are such a great Momma!!Hugs,Cat

  10. Adorable, I get the feeling the guys don't toss anything, I bet nothing ends up thrown, if anything they may forward it onto others less fortunate... Must admit my brush with fame (well there's been a few but I won't go into almost running over Mel Gibson in a car park) but I went to school with the blue wiggle's sister (he's Anthony) and they are such a sweet family, actually she got me to buy his first single when he was in a group called the Cockroaches & she did the artwork! True story, and they really do love the kid's & love to entertain!! My girls are 14 & 17 now but we have done the Wiggle's concerts when they were toddlers :) Pleased you guys had fun!!

  11. How sweet! I'm glad the Wiggles are still going strong. My granddaughters loved them when they were Toot's age! I'll be willing to bet they've never received a rose like that before!

  12. Oh how sweet is that! Glad Toot had a good time. My mom just had me pick up a few CDs of the Wiggles for my nephew, Tommy, who loves them. That was some gorgeous rose you made!!! And the card is adorable. :)


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