Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Practical Side of Hooking

Hi everyone!

Amidst the cuteness of amigurumi and granny squares, there is a side of crochet that is practical, functional and not half as boring as the words "practical" and "functional". I'm furiously trying to hook up projects with the yarn that I have on hand rather than buying more yarn. I figure that if I hook up my stash, my husband couldn't be opposed to me getting new yarn, yes?

Luckily there's plenty of practical and functional patterns to hook like the Biffer Shrug:

This pattern was super quick to work up which was a bonus. And hey, if I make something reusable, that means the money that would go to Swiffer pads naturally comes to me to do with what I will, right? My logic is sound, yes?

I also found this pattern for a yarn stash basket at The Purl Bee. Another great pattern that is fairly quick to hook and is of course, practically functionally useful...and uh...stuff.

I'm taking a short break from crocheting or at least hooking as much as I have been. Unfortunately my fingers no longer want to keep up with the pace so I need to give them a rest. Never fear, I'm currently working on some new mixed media pieces and you never know, some scrapbooking layouts might just pop up here and there. :P

Have a great day! :)


  1. hehehehehe...all I could think of when I read your post title was...."What KIND of hits is this title gonna get??" lol lol lol.. sorry... must have a dirty dirty mind this morning!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the projects you have been doing... loving the yarn holder! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I snorted milk out my nose when I read your title this morning.... LOVE the projects. I totally agree with your logic about the yarn. My MIL always made her project then immmediately used up the rest of her yarns in crocheted dish cloths. She was like you and wanted a lot of new yarn. It was always her Christmas gift!

  3. I love that term, "hooking", it makes me want to get into crocheting just so when people ask me what I'm doing, I can say "hooking, daaaaaahling" LOL.
    *kisses* HH

  4. OMG I love the stuff you crochet. ALMOST makes me want to learn....nah...I'll just admire your awesome talent. :)
    p.s. your logic re: money saving on practical things equals $ for crafts, etc is 100% sound :)

  5. Those are the prettiest darn practical purposes I ever did see! You rock...and your thinking is sane as sane can be! Go get more yarn. ;)

  6. lol I have made some of those swiffer pads they work great. And then I just plop them in the washer and voila no more buying refils! They are AWESOME!! And I really adore that yarn tote :)

  7. I <3 you Maggi! This was such a great post and yes all that money you save on swiffer pads should be yours. I soo NEED to learn to hook!! LOL! These are great projects!

  8. Awesome title for your post! I'm definitely going to have to make one of these. I wonder if it would work on the wetjet model as well. Those darn things are spendy.

  9. That was some post title! LOL I love projects that are pretty and practical. That is what I love so much about knitting, too. These are totally cute, Maggi!