Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Wiggles and Toot the Dinosaur

Hi everyone!

If you've been hanging around my blog for a while, you already know of Toot's obsession with The Wiggles. I admit that I started her on the road to Wiggles addiction as I had had some experience with them during my days working at a day care. I actually met them before they hit it big in the U.S., they were in my town in the early 2000's, opening for Barney. I was babysitting the weekend they were in town and took my young charge down to a music store where The Wiggles were performing to promote the show.

Cut to present day, now that I have kids of my own The Wiggles have integrated themselves in our daily lives and we're cool with it. Hey, it could be worse (I'm looking at you Dora the Explorer and to a lesser extent, Yo Gabba Gabba).

Anyhoo (Geez louise I can ramble on, I'm even boring myself...), when we found out that The Wiggles were coming to our town, it was a no brainer that Toot HAD to be at that concert and see them in person for herself. The concert is next week and a couple of months ago I decided that Toot had to have a costume for it. I thought of making an outfit as an homage to Dorothy the Dinosaur, a character friend of The Wiggles:
(Image source: Wiggles Wiki)

And here's my own personal Toot the Dinosaur:

I started with the hat. I was going to crochet the entire thing but luckily found this hat on clearance at Target and decided to alter it instead.

I single crocheted around the brim and then sewed the zig zags on the hat. I crocheted the rose using the Big Rose tutorial from Bethintx1.

So the hat was the easy part, now on to the dress:

I crocheted the dress using a pattern from Hooked for Toddlers: 20 Easy Crochet Projects and this dress hooked up surprisingly quick. I improvised Dorothy's yellow spots, added white trim and red buttons. Done! This is the first piece of clothing I've ever crocheted so I have to admit, I'm freaking proud of this! :D

Toot's looking forward to the concert next week, I'm sure I'll be back to post pictures of it so consider yourself warned. Muwahahahaha....


  1. OMG Maggi! Just... Fantastic. Toot is lucky to have such an uber cool Mummy.

    The Wiggles have bypassed my lot - it's all Charlie & Lola, Horrid Henry and Tracy Beaker here :P

  2. That is ADORABLE! You will love the Wiggles...we took our boys to see them and it was seriously like one of the top five concerts I've seen. So fun. All the parents are singing along with every song. Also I didn't know this, but you can take a rose for Dorothy...the dancers come through and collect them. Have fun!

  3. Crap. My. Pants.

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. AMAZABALLS!

    And Toot has excellent a taste in music. I'm rather fond of Elmo myself, but the Wiggle's "you make me feel like dancing" esp with the interlude in Greek, is a masterpiece. Go Dorothy the Dinosaur!

  4. My boys were almost to old when the Wiggles hit it big. How lucky you got to meet them before they were big. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the concert for Toot!

  5. This is the cutest thing EVER! OH MY GOSH! You are freaky talented and I have no idea where you find the time to do these AMAZING projects. Toot is absolutely ADORABLE!

  6. You are AMAZING! That outfit is adorable. I would wear it just 'cause it is cute.

  7. You are a genius girl! I love it! And Toot looks so happy!

  8. OMYGOSH!! Maggi!! You ROCKED IT!!!! Toot looks adorable!! She looks better than even the real Dorothy! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. My nephews were into the Wiggles about the time you were doing daycare so I remember them.

    What a great outfit.

  10. Clever you - that outfit is amazing.

    Well done.

  11. Absolutely fabulous dress, Maggi! That is just sooooo cute. I hope Toot has an amazing time at the concert! :)