Thursday, August 25, 2011

101 Square-A-Thon: Squares 4 and 5

Hi everyone!

I have a couple more squares to show you from my 101 Square-A-Thon. Squares 4 and 5:

This was a pretty easy square to do once I figure out which way to hook the petals.

I was dreading Square 5 because you hook a daffodil and then sew it onto the square. Luckily it was quick and easy...

Not sure how comfortable this square would be on an afghan with that big flower poking up out of it but it's cute anyway.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. cute!!

    I have given up my goal of learning how to crochet. I read about crocheting on Tip Junkie and I thought, I give up. No way I can do it. :-(

  2. ohhhh I LOVE the squares! hmmmm I'm thinking I might have to pick up this book :)

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  4. Your squares are looking so good Maggi! I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  5. I like how you put your square with the picture in the book.
    Nice job with those.
    I am with you on the daffodil square. Not sure how I would feel about an afghan with all those sticking out. But it is beautiful none-the-less.

  6. They are just fabulous, Maggi! I so love the daffodil, especially. Hope you all have a safe and good weekend. :)

  7. Those are gorgeous! When I saw you initially post about it I thought it would be neat but now it's perfect.
    And I need to find the book...thanks.
    : )